Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Psychic Tarot For The Heart Oracle Card deck, by John Holland: Master

Master, Key Words: “Fear, identify, release, negativity, freedom, love.”

“Fear and doubt often prevent a relationship from flowering or from manifesting. In matters of the heart, they can restrict and confine They prevent you from opening to the joy and love that is waiting for you. A fearful heart closes in upon itself and sees only negativity and doubt. Your fears can even make you question your own value, causing you to wonder whether you are worthy of being loved or if you will ever find love. These thoughts, if not controlled, will manifest more of the same, continuing in a never-ending, destructive cycle.

It is time to take action! To master your fears, you must first identify them. What fears about love have you allowed yourself to believe? Are you concerned about being unlovable? Are you uneasy about giving up your freedom in order to be in a relationship? Do you find it too difficult to spead up abotu yoru needs and ask that they be met? Sit quietly and uncover what may be holding you back. By the very act of facing your fears, you will recognize them for the deceptions that they are, and you will discover the power to master and eliminate them.

The absence of fear is unconditional love. Please take some time to look at your fears and doubts so you can release them. This will free you to manifest joyful and loving relationships. Know that you can have the relationships you desire. Act now to release your fears and open your heart!

I now release my fears and open fully

to a loving relationship with myself and others.”*

Often fear of feeling vulnerable will hold us back in relationships, causing us to put up walls of defense around our emotions. When this happens, we give ourselves a false sense of security and bravado, thinking that we are “in control,” of the relationship itself, and of our feelings toward the other person. We don’t realize that instead of being on the defensive, we must love and accept ourselves fully, and when we do, it is actually much harder to get “hurt” in a relationship. This is because you are loving from a soul perspective, not an ego perspective, and you can remove fear from the equasion.

This is the same when using the Law Of Attraction to bring the mate of your dreams to you. You must emanate what you would like to attract; not rely on someone else to save, rescue or complete you. We are so influenced by TV, movies, and songs about finding that certain someone who knocks us off our feet and fixes everything, yet anyone who has done a little work on raising their consciousness realizes that salvation is not out there in someone else; it is inside of you. When you can unconditionally love you, you can then radiate that love out to others. If you are feeling the lack of someone special in your life, ask yourself what you need to work on; meditate on it and ask for Divine Guidance. When you are complete, and can stand in your power, you can attract a mate of equal  measure; one who compliments you and who accepts themselves and you. There is no need to “fix”!

Seeing others as projects or people who would benefit from the changes you can bring into their lives is a dangerous way to see relationships. This mentality bases the relationship on need, and often moves to unhealthy control issues, co-dependance or resentment. When you are confident in yourself, you can appreciate the other person’s need for some freedom of expression without seeing everything they do as a threat to the relationship. Strengthening your own self esteem will allow you to rise above old patterns and compromise to a valuable and respectful relationship. You deserve it!


*Psychic Tarot For The Heart Oracle Card deck, by John Holland


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