Speak Your Truth ~ St. Bernadette

Speak Your Truth ~ St. Bernadette

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Saints and Angels Oracle Card Deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D: Speak Your Truth ~ St. Bernadette

Speak Your Truth ~ St. Bernadette: “This is a strong message for you to speak up and tell the truth. Give any fears or worries about others’ possible reactions to God, St. Bernadette, and your angels. You can speak honestly in a loving way and still stay in integrity. No matter how other react, you must give voice to the truth as you see it. Heaven will protect you and will guide your words as you say them.

As you do so, some people will agree with you wholeheartedly – they have been waiting for someone to voice this information. Yet, others may disagree with you. Stick with what you believe, regardless of how people react. You are a truth teller, and as long as you speak with love and conviction, you have got nothing to fear.

St. Bernadette is a wonderful example of someone who followed this guidance, even when she was threatened with imprisonment for doing so. At the age of 14, she had her fist of 18 visions of the Blessed Mother Mary near her home in Lourdes, France. Mother Mary instructed Bernadette to dig in the dirt, and the hole eventually became the healing springs of Lourdes.

While receiving these visions, the saint and her family were threatened and harassed by government officials, who accused her of lying and insanity. Yet Bernadette consistently and politely spoke her truth. Today, more than five million people annually visit the healing waters of Lourdes and benefit from St. Bernadette’s courage.”*

When you speak your truth with courage and conviction, people take notice. You can release any fears and doubts that your words will be met with disbelief if you first ask assistance from your angels and guides. Ask them to send like minded people to you, who will aid you in your journey. Often we know what is right, but we are held back by fear of judgement from others around us.  It may be that they really need to hear what we have to say, and their fear and judgement comes from the simple fact that they just don’t understand us, yet, and that is what causes them to fear what we have to say.

I found myself using a filter when I spoke to people about Angels, readings, crystals or really anything metaphysical or “new age” or what I would consider to be higher consciousness. Starting this blog wasn’t easy as far as me wondering what people would think when they read it, or how people I know would receive the information. I had such a nagging feeling that I just had to get on with it and write, that I decided that I would just try it and see what happened. I started out on an affiliate blogging site that was recommended to me by a friend, and since I knew nothing about blogging. I thought I would give it a go, but it just didn’t feel right to me; it was too linked with the company itself wanting to benefit from the people who were reading my information. So I gave it up and started this blog; my very first WordPress blog and I had no idea really whether or not it would work out in the end, but I knew I had to have faith and make the leap. I have never missed a day, and I have never been happier!

My filter is going, almost gone! All my friends know, and those who don’t want to know or don’t get it have fallen by the wayside. Family members have adjusted and me taking time to write my blog is an expected every day task, with no one complaining or commenting, in fact they are usually interested, even my 6 year old, to see which card is “for today”. Mom’s at school know, my extended family of “in laws” know and everyone seems quite OK with it. I was thrilled to have positive input from a sister in law on my husband’s side. It makes it all worthwhile to know that you are accepted. But the acceptance came from me first; if I had not made the decision to live what I dreamed of doing, and gotten through the rough bits at the start, I would not be where I am today! I write these every day because I want to help the people that are drawn to reading the messages. I make jewelry because I dream of crystals helping people heal themselves and raise their vibrations. I make angel boxes (soon to be announced!) because they help people manifest their dreams. These things raise my vibration and help you to raise yours. That is what gifts are about.

So then, my question to you is: What is your gift? What is your truth? And when are you going to share it with the world? How about now?


* Saints and Angels Oracle Card Deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D


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  1. Star lite says:

    This is wonderful thanku!

  2. Creator8 says:

    You are an absolute Godsend, as all are. The Angels speak through you for sure, there is no doubt about this. God bless you!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Many blessings to you, Dee

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