Aquarius ~ Giving Back

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Crystal Wind Oracle Card Deck, by Antonio DeLiberato: Aquarius ~ Giving Back

Aquarius ~ Giving Back

Aquarius ~ Giving Back: “Life giving waters are poured with impartial benevolence.”

Card Meaning: “Your love and knowledge is to be shared with everyone at this time. You may be asked to lead in a group project. Learn to be open minded and consider all points of view. You will start to lead a contributive life. Consider getting involved, on a grass roots level, with social projects. You are a go to source of original solutions to any problem!

Interpretation of the Card: “Water is a universal image dating back into prehistory. The association to the age of Aquarius is that of the servant of humanity pouring out the water of knowledge to quench the thirst of the world during a time of spiritual drought. The symbolic waves of water share the dual expression of vibrational waves of electricity or parallel lines of force. This is the age of self-realization. In this age, dogmatic types of religion will cease to be taught, and all dogmatic forms will disappear. Science and religion will merge and people will begin to comprehend that spirit and matter are derived from the same source, and are only modifications of the One Universal Energy. It is the desire to pool and merge the time, efforts, and resources of the individual with those of the larger society in order to create something new for the benefit of everyone.”*

We are in a very important transitional time in our Universal consciousness. There are those of us who are ready to transform to our higher conscious, those who are drawn to the metaphysical, the angels, the mystical secrets of energy and healing. We are here to spread love and teach people the importance of our connection to one another and also our connection to the Divine; which runs through all of us, whether we are able to realize it or not. This is a time of sharing positive knowledge, of shedding old, negative thinking and of spreading wings. We can fly together, using the power of love.

This is not a time to be caught up in the material realm; to be swayed by the bias of the media; or to be comparing yourself on a mundane level to those around you. This is a time to reach for the connection to your higher self; finding your strength to surpass the ego that holds you hostage here on this Earthly plane. We can live without fear, we can raise the vibration of those around us, and we can access a higher knowledge and Universal Wisdom that has been lying dormant within us.

That feeling of fear, insecurity and doubt? Those sinking feelings of loneliness and isolation? That nagging feeling of something missing in your life? It’s not the mansion of your dreams or a Bentley. It’s not a Prada purse or a pair of Chanel earrings. It’s a connecting with something so simple, yet so profound, that it can fix everything. It’s not in a church, or a temple, but it is in you. You can make the connection with the Divine, through your heart and mind, whenever and wherever you like. You are the vessel, you are the light, and you are the connection to everything else here on this planet. When you can see that, you can raise your consciousness, knowing that you are not alone. You can raise your vibration, helping those around you just by being around them. You can draw the like minded people to you and feel the connection in the material world. That is why we see so many unhappy people surrounded by riches yet missing something; often filling the void with violence, alcohol and drugs. Rise above your patterns and see the bigger picture. Ask your angels and guides to help you remember why you are here, and get ready to share that knowledge with a world that is finally ready!


* Crystal Wind Oracle Card Deck, by Antonio DeLiberato


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