The Blue Lady

The Blue Lady

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Oracle Of The Dragon Fae Oracle Card deck, by Lucy Cavendish: The Blue Lady

The Blue Lady: “Nothing is impossible.”

The Blue Lady Speaks: “Nothing is impossible. Nothing. Those who tell you now that what you wish for, that what you yearn for, that the road you take is too hard, too difficult, too challenging… that is not for you, for yours is not of the adventure of the dream, yours is of compromise and slow heartbreak… I am here to tell you that they are wrong. Do not be angry with them; they are only speaking with the voices of the others who also feared…their true voices they have forgotten and buried because to remember them now hurts them so, as they feel the distance between who they really are and who they have allowed themselves to become. Do not fall into their illusion…their resistance will grow stronger, so be prepared…but the strength that is within you, if fed and supported, will grow til the seemingly impossible is made rel. Nothing is impossible…and your dreams have a chance of coming true…most of all you have a chance to be truly yourself, rather than the cut-down-to-size version others wish you to be. there is no safety in diminishing who you truly are. Be yourself. Follow the dream and listen to your own clear, calm inner voice. Be guided to do the impossible…now.”

Divinatory Meaning: “People may be speaking to you from their fear; they tell you that what you wish for and hope for cannot be…and it’s not about the mundane, it is about precious jewels of hope that form our existence and our identity. The question truly is: who do you wish to be? An amalgamation of the fer and conditionings of others? Of do you wish to bravely be yourself and risk the falls that may come? Because The Lady Of the Blue Rose tells you that falls will come, as will resistance, but she also tells you that breaking through to the other reality is your role this lifetime: to carve out a path for yourself and to light the way for other travelers. You are unlimited – do not allow the fear to bind you and burden you. You are free, and as such, the impossible is simply an act of magical will and self-determination.”*

I have spoken about this before and I am actually glad to see it rise up again. Who is driving your bus? Are you in the drivers seat, taking consistent action towards your dreams and desires, manifesting the life of your dreams? Or are you swimming up stream; fighting to keep on track, compromising yourself and keeping yourself smaller than you would like? Who are you compared with who you would like to be, and who is stopping you from being that? Starting right now?

There are many people in our lives who “want the best” for us, and it’s usually based on their own past experiences, or them seeing us as if we are trapped in time, never learning from our own mistakes. Truly supportive friends will allow you to be yourself, while fully believing in your ability to chase your own dreams and create your hearts desire. They will be there to dust you off and pick up the pieces when it goes wrong, but they will not stop you from learning your lesson and they will never be intimidated by your success.

Set your intention to follow what you know is best for you, no matter what the nay-sayers are saying! Take some time in quiet contemplation every day to form an action plan, guided by your Angels and the Divine. Live from a state of gratitude, expecting only the very best for you and your loved ones on your path.

Thank you Angels, for showing me the path to my dreams.

Thank you Angels, for surrounding me with your protective love and light; shielding me from negativity and low vibrational energy.

Thank you Angels, for sending me like minded and supportive people to help me on my path to higher consciousness.

I am loved. I am strong. I am fearless. I am on the right path. I am a high vibrational magnet to all of my desires and dreams.



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