Lily Angel ~An Angelic Presence

Lily Angel

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Crystal Wind Oracle Card Deck, by Antonio DeLiberato: Lily Angel ~An Angelic Presence

Lily Angel ~An Angelic Presence: “An angel offers a lily, a symbol of purity.”

Card Meaning: “At this moment, much love surrounds you. Someone deeply cares about you and is sending much love your way. Someone feels heavenly when you are near. Send flowers as a means to communicate and surprise someone with a bouquet. You may receive flowers yourself! See if lilies appear in your surroundings – this could symbolize a time of rebirth!

Card Interpretation: “The combination of an Angel, the lily and purity is an energy that surrounds you, providing peace, love and joy. This is one of the most beautiful energy cards in this Oracle deck. there are multiple interpretations that you will intuitively perceive, based on your situation. The lily represents a diving greeting, majesty, beauty, purity and innocence. The angel stands for guidance, love and harmony. Feeling the calm and protection of an Angel’s presence is one of the most profound and precious experiences that exists. The Lily Angel brings peace, consolation, encouragement and an affirmation of your spiritual nature.”*

What a visually beautiful card this is! You can literally feel the peaceful presence of this benevolent and loving angel. When we think of manifestation, we are often stuck in the material world, working hard to bring about physical changes and desired objects into our reality. Yet the most important things we can wish to manifest are joy, peace and harmony! When we are joyful, we see the signs, synchronicities and opportunities around us; we have a broader perspective and in turn, become magnets to our desires. When we see ourselves as Divinely protected and guided, we let go of fears and trust in our intuition, knowing that this is how our angels communicate with us.

This card is letting you know that your angels wish to send you messages of love in beautiful ways. Look for signs and messages; look for flowers, feathers, rainbows, beautiful clouds and vibrant colours, a favorite song or poem, you will know when the sign is for you as it will have that special and ethereal feel. The angels have their work cut out for them in sending us signs, even the most obvious and beautiful ones can be doubted by us! Open your heart and allow yourself to receive the wonderful gifts of signs and messages from your angels, and be expected to be astonished by their simple beauty and creativity. No one but you need to know, there is no need in validating what you know is right by telling someone who won’t believe you; share with those like minded individuals who share your joy. Like me! I’m always happy to hear about your angel signs, as I have so many myself!

Know that you are surrounded by love and protection, and that you are Divinely guided. Know that your intuition is your guiding light, that if you are feeling light and good, that you are going in the right direction; if you are feeling wary, there is usually a reason. Know that you are worthy of all the love in the Universe, and as you let this love in, you will raise your vibration. When you raise your vibration, you help those around you to raise their vibration, and you help to heal them and also our beautiful planet Earth. Plant yourself in the now and really look around you, all of your senses on heightened awareness. Thank the angels for sending you clear, simple and beautiful messages of love, peace and harmony.

You are called to look at any negative patterns in your life; acknowledge your part in them and consciously decide to let them go. This is a turning point, a sign of wonderful things to come. Turn away from lack and step into hope, faith, trust and belief. Work up to conviction and you will draw miracles to you.


*Crystal Wind Oracle Card Deck, by Antonio DeLiberato

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