Angel Amatiel ~ Hope

Angel Amatiel ~ Hope

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Ask An Angel Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno: Angel Amatiel ~ Hope

Angel Amatiel ~ Hope: “Hope is one of the most powerful of all human emotions. It awakens within us the strength, courage and inspiration to do almost anything. But it is the experience of ‘grue’ hope, the hope that comes even after our struggles, even when things seem pointless, hard or hopeless, that gives us new eyes to see with. This allows a new perspective to emerge from our being and we are reborn.

It is through this burst of clarity and inspiration, that we become able to manifest a new life for ourselves. We take a renewed attitude with a renewed action and become able to attract the people and opportunities we need to create new beginnings and a new life.

If you have found life’s struggles overwhelming recently, if you have felt confused, frustrated or defeated, it may be time for you to let go and surrender to the natural cycles of life. Just as nature has seasons and cycles, so do we. You may have been experiencing a “winter” within your psyche. Sit, breathe and allow yourself to connect to your deeper self.

If you are willing to take the time to connect, you will notice a change taking place within you. New life, new courage and new seeds are being sown within you. A new phase of life is beginning, so be conscious and use this time well.

Allow yourself to really feel that spring of hope bubbling from the depths of your being.

Become open to the worlds of possibility that lie waiting, open to you now. Take courage and take flight!”*

Every day I write there are themes that come and go, but really it is all very similar. I am writing to help us all raise our vibrations. I hope to inspire; to help heal and to help you be willing to see the limitless possibilities open to you every day. There is so much to life that we don’t see; we get blinders on that make our worlds micro-cosmic and often we can only see what we worry about. Divine Guidance is about removing the blinders, trusting in the benevolence of the Universe and knowing that you play an important part in creating the peaceful existence that we crave. It’s about being clear on what you want, and taking consistent action steps to get closer to it. It’s about using the Law Of Attraction; turning yourself into a magnet through positive high vibrations. It’s about using your emotions to draw what you want to you. Joy begets joy; peace brings peace; love brings more and more love. And yes, worrying brings even more crap to worry about so kick it to the curb right now using hope and faith.

The world is changing around us and to keep up, we must change too. We are at a cross roads; we have the choice between the old and the new. We have the chance to reinvent ourselves, right here and now, into what we have always dreamed of being. Turn off your TV and tune into your self. You have the answers you need within you. You are powerful and wise, but yet you had forgotten; and are only now just starting to remember. Leave the fear and propaganda behind, stop wishing you were a celebrity and know that what you have is infinitely more valuable than designer clothing and fancy cars. You have connection, you have spirit, you have limitless abundance (and that doesn’t mean all material stuff!). You have a gift, you have a reason to be here, and you are getting ready to share it fearlessly with the world.

It’s time to remember, and to heal. Hope is here ~ it is within you. 


* Ask An Angel Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno


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