The Green Lady Of Y Ddraig Goch ~ Chosen One

The Green Lady Of Y Ddraig Goch ~ Chosen One

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Oracle Of The Dragonfae, by Lucy Cavendish: The Green Lady Of Y Ddraig Goch ~ Chosen One

The Green Lady Of Y Ddraig Goch ~ Chosen One: “I hereby declare that the future of the planet and its green spaces, over which I preside, are in your hands, Earth Child! yes, your hands… do no deny of defy this, as you have within you to take a look around at the wild things of your environment, and to purposely and purposefully bring to birth the green world again. With each breath out and each breath in, the forest and you keep breathing together, you are breathing in what the tree-beings no longer need, and what you breathe out, these tree-beings take in. Can you not see the perfection of this? Please understand that no matter how small your part may feel, you are in deed and word and in energy a Chosen One of the Green World.

I, who am of the secret forests of the heart, know that every small planting you take and make will bring to birth more beings. I am within each forest, at its very heart, and my heart grows lighter as you plant the seeds of my forests future. Undertake to crate more of this green world today, and know that you and I are one. Through our origins may be vastly separate in time and space, we are one, we live as one and know as one, and this green world is our serenity and bliss on this planet. I love you, and will remember you, and tell your take to my kin, so we can all be peacefully together again. You are so precious. You are loved.”

Divinatory meaning: “Environmental concerns will soon be of meaning to you on a very personal level. Taken from the pages of newspaper and media reports, something close to home will alert you to the risks we run with Gaia’s health, and you will decide to become a person who actively brings about well-being and goodness, rather than destruction and wanton materialism. You may wish to become active in your own way and devote some energy, in the form of time and money, to a cause. Please reduce the energy you burn, and support carbon-neutral programs.

“When this card comes up, spend time with the energy and beings of the Trees, the old and wise ones of the planet, and please, plant a new tree and nurture its growth. Health concerns of your own may come up with this card. If so, nature will bring you solace and healing, but know that we are all part of the web of life, and that the Earth’s healing and your own are symbiotic. Care for each other, breathe sweet air and tread lightly on the Earth. Your empathetic powers may be reaching new heights: take time to be with the trees. They will calm you and ease the bombardment of auric energy you may be experiencing.”*

It’s time to reestablish our deep connection to our beautiful planet, Earth; Mother Gaia. She needs us as much as we need her, although we seem to have forgotten that important connection. We simply cannot keep taking without giving back, relationships are not healthy when this happens. We need to support her as she supports us, we need to nurture and protect her and her creatures as she provides for us. We need to create a balance, a new stronger relationship built on equal trust; unconditional love, trust and support. Abundance stems from our spiritual connection, the roots of our creation, not our materialistic status. We must see our world differently, with love and respect over all else.

We can do it. The seed is planted; now to take action… as always, fueled by love.


* Oracle Of The Dragonfae, by Lucy Cavendish


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