The Crane Bag

The Crane Bag

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Oracle Of The Mermaid Oracle Card deck, by Lucy Cavendish: The Crane Bag

The Crane Bag: Sacred ocean medicine, clutter, de-clutter, choice.”

“The Corrbolg, The Crane Bag, is a sacred oceanic medicine bag that holds and protects items that have been bonded with your own energy, that symbolize your very essence, and from which energy can be redrawn or deposited when needed. Now, with this card, we mermaids wish to tell you of its origin! The first sacred pouch came from the Sea, and was made by the Sea God, Mananaan Mac Lir, from a beautiful Crane who had once been a human woman he loved, Aoife. Within the first Crane Bag, Mananaan kept safe great treasures, and from this bag many blessings poured forth. To this day the Crane Bag continues to offer the healing gifts of art, music, solace and love to us. Symbolically it is a bag that contains the needs of the soul, and it was fashioned out of a lasting love. It may have a keeper, yet it belongs to no-one. And we sing to you of this bag now, as your soul is not being reflected in the things you have in your strange bags. We wish you to examine this, and consider what you keep, what is a treasure to you, and how long it ought to stay with you.

Every Crane Bag has its own unique personality, energy and relationship to its keeper. They hold everything and nothing, inspiration, knowledge and wisdom. They come to use, and leave us, and are re-found again; in the legends they pass through the hands of many Gods. This tradition extends way beyond the shores of the sea kingdoms of Britain – think of the medicine bags, the sacred pouches of the Mayan and Incan people, the deerskin pouches of the Lakota even the super-expensive handbags of the fashion conscious are in a sense their medicine bags – their crane bags, holding portions of their soul – and what they believe their soul to be.

Divination: “Crane bags hold great healing and energetic power; it may be time to begin to look out for the sacred “ingredients” which will make your crane bag sing it’s magic song. Time to go through wardrobes, bags, cupboards and all those places where you hold objects that may or may not be empowering you and possibly even dis-empowering you – it is time to clear and consider what it is that is aligned with who you are at a soul level, and what is it that is actually truly represents you. Some objects may need to go, or be redistributed and recycled. Everything has beauty and purpose, but some may no longer be in energetic alignment -a good match for you and your beautiful soul! You may also feel that some other symbols and items may need to be brought in! Begin to see the world as a living crane bag… the people and the creatures and the objects, your car and home and yes, your bag, all hold energy and power! From your pockets to your purse – go through everything. Know what you are holding, energetically. Then shift it, realign it, and feel the ease that comes with this action.”*

Spring is the time to clear out the old and bring in the new! De-cluttering is cleansing to the soul; removing old energies and unblocking the path to abundance. This is the time to clean and clear; purge your house, polish your car, do a nutritional cleanse for your body! When you clear out the old, you amplify your energy and lift your spirits; thus drawing new opportunities, people, objects and creatures to you that will help you along your journey. I find that crystals will come to me when I have cleared my energy, either as gifts, or very affordable (like way cheaper than they should be!!). They are healing tools that I can carry with me or wear, and they help me to keep my own vibration high as well as heal those around me, and they always come to me when I can benefit most from them! Certain crystals such as selenite, shungite and tourmaline help with clearing and absorbing negative energies also and can be placed around your house to absorb unwanted energies either regularly or when needed. Rose quartz, and clear quartz will also help the flow of positive energy, keeping it flowing harmoniously. Your intuition can help you with placement of crystals, as usually where it feels right to set them down is often the most beneficial spot!

Take some time to clear our your spaces; your car, office, home and yard will all benefit from some TLC and de-cluttering! Fung Shui is very helpful in helping you to arrange your house in a harmonious way, helping to clear out old energy blocks and create the optimal flow of energy throughout. Smudging is also highly effective, as is asking Archangel Michael to help you clear your space with his bright violet vacuum, see my previous blog post on Clearing with Archangel Michael.  When you are clearing, keep the Law Of Attraction in mind, and make sure you are ridding yourself of any and all old, stagnant, low vibrational or negative energies that you no longer wish to attract.

Lastly don’t forget your body! Drink lots of water, and try starting your day with a mixture of pure water and lemon juice, and some exercise, which will raise your vibration; keeping in mind what it is that you want to attract into your life at this time. 

Abundance is headed your way, so make space for miracles in your life starting now! Spring is in the air!


*Oracle Of The Mermaid Oracle Card deck, by Lucy Cavendish


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