Archangel Raziel ~ Divine Mystery

Archangel Raziel ~ Divine Mystery

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Ask An Angel Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno: Archangel Raziel ~ Divine Mystery

Archangel Raziel ~ Divine Mystery: “Life is mystery. The spark that ignites ad propels existence is the greatest of all mysteries. No matter how much scientific knowledge we acquire, it only serves to further prove the divine mystery of life.”

“As humans we are programmed to try and make sense of things. Our intellect races to interpret, to find logic and reason for all that we experience and encounter in our world. The truth is that life, death and the divine are larger concepts than what we can ultimately comprehend and no matter how many ideals, philosophies and beliefs we may discover to explain these mysteries, they will still only ever remain but a mystery.

To experience life and the divine, we must use our heart, not our mind. The mind, in particular the intellect, holds no answers when it comes to understanding the overwhelming nature of life and the Divine. Only the heart has the capacity to feel and experience the ecstatic truth at the core of all tragedy and beauty because only the heart can experience true unification with the essence of all things, through being able to directly connect us with the Divine. The heart knows and accepts all things as perfect.

This is a time for releasing yourself from the binds and limitations of the mind. Things may not make sense at this time but that may be because you are looking at them through a logical filter as opposed to filtering things through the heart. Not all sense is logical sense. Life, the Divine and our own psyches have rhythms and it is only in connection to the heart and the gut senses of the body, that we can make any sense of them.

This is the time to release yourself from intellectual burden, accept and embrace diving mystery as you connect through the deeper wisdom of your heart and the silent space within.”*

It’s time to move away from the “how’s” of life and into a state of deep faith, trust and belief. Belief that is so strong it turns to conviction; that which can never be swayed. We spend too much time trying to dissect how something can come to be, and Archangel Raziel, who knows the secrets of God and the Universe, is urging us to set our intentions and power them by love, inner strength and faith. We don’t need to know how the Universe can bring our desires to us, we only need hold that desire close to our hearts, knowing that the Divine will provide. It’s so easy to be influenced by those around us asking skeptical questions: “so how are you going to pull that one off?” and we lose belief in ourselves, we lower our expectations, we doubt and fear sets in.

This is a time to know without a doubt your angels have your back! You know the path that is right for you, so follow it and know, with conviction, that knowing “why” instead of focusing on “how” is so much more powerful! Then, if you really want to put things into action? Get excited about it! Sing, dance, smile, laugh, and feel that thrill of anticipation giving you butterflies! That feeling? That’s you, raising your vibration to attract all your desires to you. Pretty simple huh?


* Ask An Angel Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salernoy


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