The Magic Of The Cohellen Druith

The Magic Of The Cohellen Druith

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Oracle Of The Mermaids, by Lucy Cavendish: The Magic Of The Cohellen Druith

The Magic Of The Cohellen Druith: “Caution, secrecy, wary.”

The Mermaids Sing: “It is well known amongst those who have loved or lived amongst the sea maids that Ireland’s unique mermaids are the Merrows. Not so many know that we have a magical object that allows us to move between the land and the sea. this is the Cohellen Druith: a red cloak and a red cap. Some Merrow-seekers whisper these are no cloak and cap at all – the cloak was the long scarlet waterfall of our red hair, the red cap, our scarlet hair bundled up on the head. Whatever the true origin, our red cloak and red cap are part of our legend. This wearing of the cap and cloak allows the Merrow to shift seamlessly from sea to land creature – so, keeping their Cohellen Druith safe is paramount for our ability to return to the sea.

Merrows in human form never leave the ocean for long… they sing to the waves, and those of us who have been stolen often cry at the shore, wondering why they feel they are nver home, trapped by the loss of the Cohellen Druith and their memory of Tir fo Thoinn. If a Merrow chooses to wed a human for love, she will sometimes cut off her long red hair, and dye it, and secret her Cohellen Druith away in a safe sea cave where no one can find it. If her man breaks her heart, or betrays her to taking her cloak and cap, she will find them, and she will return to the depths to heal and allow her salty tears to merge with the sea. Sometimes, greedy men cut the Merrows’ hair, or steal their Cohellen Druith late at night while they rest on the beach under starlight after rescuing some sailors from the Soul Cages, or sleep deeply on a rock after shepherding the precious leatherback turtles into warmer waters.

This happens more often than it should, as a Merrow bride is much sought after, not only for her beauty, voice and compassionate nature, but because she is said to bring great treasure – gold, pearls corals, great catches in nets will come to the one who gains her as their own. But those who seek her, and take her, without loving her, against her free will, will never truly benefit. And those who steal her Cohellen Druith can never keep them for long. Some who have stolen the maid of the sea mysteriously become captives of their own Soul Cage… and no Merrow can, or will, hear their cries for help.

Divination: “It is time for you to create a symbol of who you are in your heart – it may be that you wish to dye your hair or transform your appearance in some way. You may wish to lose weight, or to shape your body via healthful exercise, using weights and swimming. It may be that you have adopted a more conservative appearance of late to suit better your “age,” your “job” and what your conditioning may be telling you is suitable. But the Merrow and her Cohellen Druith tell you that it is up to you to determine your appearance and your wellness, your body and your style… it is also tie to consider the dolphins, as Merrows are strongly aligned with the dolphins – including Funghi, the famous dolphin of Dingle Bay… it is also time to choose more strictly who you will interact with – the Merrows wish for you to signal to others who you are through your clothing or your jewellery, so that you may find your soul family more easily. Symbols, of which appearance and clothing are one, can do this for you.”*

How would you express yourself creatively through your appearance if you never had to fear judgement ever again? Would you grow out your hair, even if you feel like you are “too old” for long hair? Would you go get a funky, bright coloured dress or shirt? Would you (or is this just me?!) wear all your favorite jewelry… all at the same time? (yes, I do that!). Would you spike up your hair, wear a crazy hat or grow a huge beard (yes, men I mean you too!!). How would you look… amplified? And really, other than the scrutiny… and jealousy of others, what’s stopping you?

OK, so you don’t have to go get a purple mohawk, or pierce your nose, or get a big tattoo… well unless you want to cuz it does sound kind of fun… but you could come up with something! Even something really subtle, something special that makes you feel like you are finally really expressing YOU. A piece of hand made jewelry, a beautiful scarf, a funky pair of boots. Get creative with it and don’t let anyone stop you! I’m not suggesting cosmetic insanity (plastic surgery, any kind of invasive procedures.. yikes!!) I am talking about fully accepting yourself on the inside, and showing that love and acceptance on the outside. Instead of focusing on how you would like to fix yourself, celebrate your uniqueness and your gifts to the world in a fun and creative way! Whatever makes you feel free, whatever makes you happy, and whatever feels like you is right!


* Oracle Of The Mermaids, by Lucy Cavendish


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