Lady of the New Buds

Lady of the New Buds

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Oracle Of The Dragonfae, by Lucy Cavendish: Lady of the New Buds

Lady of the New Buds: “Nurture tenderness.”

The Lady of the New Buds speaks: “See how my garden has grown about me? See how my children, the darling buds, clamor for my attention? They cry at night and can be so touchy during the day I must shelter them from harshness and keep them in a safe place, til they are strong enough to branch out… even then, my watchful eye will look out for their care.

You see, so may people see the beauty, and do not understand where it sprang from; the rich loamy soil. The sweet water poured from the Water-Dragonfae into this earth, the minerals of the natural realms, the light of the Sun and the shining sweetness of the crystal moon have all anointed my garden with their blessings”.

And then there is me. So many see my garden, and wonder at it, but they do not see the work and the care that has preceded my domain. Its beauty is a result of love, care, natural growth and attention to each and every one of its inhabitants. When your growth and attention to each and every one of its inhabitants. When your growth appears around you, from the seeds you have planted, take time to tend this garden. Enlist the assistance of like-minded souls, and just as you would not feed these tender buds poisons and pollutants, do not feed your ideas the opinions and energies of those who are not in integrity. Stay true to the vision of your creation and truly take a little tie each day to tend this garden, be it of love, ideas, little ones or creative endeavors, until they are robust and begin to grow into their own energy. For now, it is the tender time, the time when the buds are at most risk from the frost of rejection, the poison of judgement, and the choke of cruelty. Be vigilant, and you too will have a garden for all to enjoy and love. Many will feel you are fortunate indeed to have created such a beautiful Eden, but they will not see the care you have taken to grow this. But I have seen. I have seen it all”.

Divinatory Meanings: “An affinity with flowers and gardens. Projects need tending. Care every day for small matters, and the large will care for themselves. Resisting change is resisting the life force itself. Look at everything in nature. The seed does not remain a seed. The seedling grows. The tree seems unrelated to its origins, but at the moment, by holding on tight to the person you believe you must be, you are running the risk of denying your own life force. Change is positive. Stasis, as a resting point, can work well. As a life choice, it can be a kind of slow death”.

The emergence will come at the right time, because the bud will be forced to flower at some stage – do not allow yourself to wither in the bud. Divine guidance needs practical application and work. Action teamed with inspiration will create a beautiful, bountiful paradise. Work hard at what it is you love.”*

Polluting your mind with negative self talk is the same as poisoning the water. You can’t be healthy and reach for your dreams if you are held back by fear and doubt. You are heading into a major metamorphosis; a transformation that is the first of many, but yet may be the most profound you have experienced yet in this lifetime. Now is the time to believe in yourself. Now is the time to plant the seeds of your desires and nurture them to fruition. Now is the time to mindfully adjust your vibration to match the frequency of that which you wish to draw into your reality.

In this transformational time, there is no room for those who are not fully supportive, loving and like-minded to squash your dreams; or shoot them out of the sky. If you find yourself surrounded by those types of people, or any negative people, you must ask yourself what you are gaining from these relationships. Have they run their course, yet you are still holding on, due to security, obligation or false premise? Are you able to distance yourself from these people, until your dreams grow roots and can’t be killed so easily? You don’t have to physically remove yourself from this person; obviously if it is a parent, a child or a spouse I am not suggesting you pack your bags. What I am suggesting is that you mentally take a step back. Concentrate on shielding yourself, on standing your ground, and on speaking your truth. Practice the art of “allowing” these people to be as they may, using your discretion as to how much of your life you are willing to share if you know that the feedback is always going to be negative. Intend to surround yourself with like minded people and look for them as you attract them into your life. Hold council with your angels if you feel lonely or lost; asking for Divine Guidance along the way.

Nurture your dreams with love and tenderness, knowing that seeds will come to bear fruit with nurturing, time, attention and patience. Your time to bloom is closer than you think!


*Oracle Of The Dragonfae, by Lucy Cavendish


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