The Selkie & Her Skin

The Selkie & Her Skin

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Oracle Of The Mermaids Oracle card deck, by Lucy Cavendish: The Selkie & Her Skin

The Selkie & Her Skin: “Reclaiming your authenticity.”

The Mermaids Sing: “To receive this card is to receive a message from the most wise and kind of mermaids that you who are now reading this must return to th eform in which you are free. Because the tale of the Selkie is that of a creature who has been captured, who has had their deep wildness tamed, who has in some ways fallen into an amnesiac state simply in order to deal with the loss. It seems that if you remember all that has been taken from you, your heart could break, and your will could die. The Selkie’s is the story for all of us who have forgotten our strength, our freedom, our right to choose again and again our delight in life.

The Sekie story speaks very deeply of the divine feminine – and the innate need for women to be free in choosing who to be with, to be free even in raising their children, to have sisters to dance with and to worship beneath the moon. It speaks of the crime of seeking to possess, and to capture anything that is free, and of keeping us from the element of water – from our womb’s sanctity, from our emotional, watery selves, to keep us on land, rather than in the flow. It is true that this love of the feminine brings bounty and balance, fortune and favor to men as well as women. We are all robbed, if She is stolen from. Likewise, we are liberated, when she is sovereign and made sacred.

Divination: “IF this card has come to you, it is time to dance, to be free, and to join with groups of women who wish to simply Be – free to dance under the moonlight, free of dogma and even of political correctness. A time without children, without relationships and without other couples around you. The joys of being “single” or of being free. A time to leave family and partners for a while, to claim you sea skin back. Choose safe environments. Do not trust people who come to you at this time and want to “take care of you.” This may be code for wishing to capture you. Go to a place where you are among your own gender, where you can be nurtured by contact wit you own kind. Find a sacred place to visit and commit to a regular “time out” in that save haven. It is now time for you to support and encourage the freedom of other humans and creatures. When we do this, our own freedom becomes more natural to us. Make a donation for seal conservation. Do not support practices or companies that benefit from the seal hunts that still take place. Visit the lands of Selkie lore and legend – the Orkney isles in the far north of Scotland, Iceland, Scandinavia, Nothren Ireland and her cold seas. Or travel in visions, past life memories, and dreams… and set your Selkie self free.”*

Yesterday you rose up from the ashes, a Phoenix, experiencing life from a totally different, and much higher perspective. Today you are urged to set yourself free. This has been an ongoing theme and it is because you have been molded for so long; by society and civilization; by your parents, and friends; by the media; and most importantly, by your not always accurate beliefs about yourself and who you are “supposed” to be. It’s time to reclaim your inner Divine feminine (guys who are reading this, you must also attain balance through freedom of self expression, no one is getting off the hook here!!)

It’s time to dig really deep. Discard the old, outmoded and totally archaic crap that you have been fed about who you are supposed to be, how you are supposed to behave, how you are supposed to express yourself creatively. In fact, let’s just toss out the whole “supposed to” thing once and for all… who needs it anyhow?? Now, keeping it all very positive and high vibrational, while holding your personal power and speaking your truth… who are you? The options are Divinely limitless…

That should give you lots to think about… or you could keep it simple and streamlined… get rid off all that should have, could have and would have and get on with the most amazing life imaginable… up to you! And thank God for that!!!


* Oracle Of The Mermaids Oracle card deck, by Lucy Cavendish


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