Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Oracle Of The Mermaids Oracle card deck, by Lucy Cavendish: Dreams

Dreams: “Vivid dreaming, dream messages, dream teaching.”

The Mermaids Sing: “What do we mermaids dream of? Like you, sometimes our dreams are move vivid than our waking life… and within them there is a great deal of freedom, exploration, symbolism and messages. At some times, our dreams are our spirit calling out to us, wishing us to take heed of what the soul is speaking of, and asking us to live more in a mystic realm, where we can have time alone, where we can create and dream into life our self-expression, and where we are very, very clearly being given messages, from the realm of the subconscious – the flowing, the watery, the underworld deep of or very heartselves. Mermaids cannot always reach you when you are on land – you may not be at the beach, ans many people are not dreamy enough to be reached – they are hard focused and hard wired into their right brain. When you cannot be reached through the song of the waves, you will be told what it is you need to let go of, what it is that fascinates and drives you, and what it is you yearn and hunger for. Dreams are another life, and our sleeping life is as profound a reality as our waking life. It is mysterious and deeply moving and influential – but many people have given no time and no thought to what their soul is describing to them, teaching them, and experiencing with them each evening.

When this card shows up, it is a sure sign that the mermaids are reaching out to you through the oceans of your sleep time. Within this time period please do “feel” your dreams – not so much analyze them, although this can be helpful and wise. It is time to feel them, ans to allow their wisdom and guidance to seep up into and join with the waking world. Be a little more “dreamy,” a little more in-between and a little less sharply focused, just for a time, and listen to the deep messages of the soul. The mind will try to make sense of what the mermaids are sharing, but it truly cannot – it can only observe. So, watch, feel, experience, and live the dream throughout the waking day – their wisdom is potent, powerful and can change lives – and awaken you truly to the callings and the song of the soul.

Divination: “When this card appears, please go deeper into the world of the dream… it may be time to keep a dream journal, or to spend even just five minutes each morning meditating on your sleeping life. It is unlikely that your mind will have a great deal of information that will be valuable for you – there details and imagery, poetry and symbolism in your dream, and it is a creative, flowing, imaginative and surreal world you enter when you sleep. Spend some time each morning or day “feeling” the dream, then musing on its meaning… do not try to pin it down or it will fly free, eluding you. Have long baths or warm showers prior to bedtime, and visualize yourself i a pool before drifting off to sleep. Allow the waters of sleep to take you, and the mermaids of dreams to sing to you.”*

Your angels and guides are sending you messages in your dreams. These messages may be hard for our conscious minds to decipher if we put too much logical thought into it; instead we must feel our way through them. That is why dreams are often the vehicle of choice for our guides, and also our higher self, it gets the conscious mind out of the way and lets you lead with your intuition.

Think of the symbols you see in your dreams and what they mean to you. The symbols may be animals, places, people, shapes or colours. If you are having trouble with your dream recall, don’t worry, do some journalling and ask your angels for help in retaining the information shown to you in your dreams. Also, you may try to wake up in a more gentle manor, staying in the same position and taking a few moments to pull the dreams back to you before you get up and go about your day. If you have a jarring alarm clock, you could try opting for a more soothing sound to wake you up, setting a backup alarm just in case the new one doesn’t work for you!

You can consult dream books if you like, but you must realize that your dreams have special meaning to you and if you can spend some time contemplating what you have seen or felt, the meaning will come naturally to you. Dreams are a time of freedom and beauty; we can learn to become lucid during our dreams and fly with the angels if that is what we desire; anything is possible! Listen to your dreams to see what Divine Guidance you can glean from them, you just may be surprised how clear and simple it is to hear your angels!


Thank you Angels, for sending me clear signs and messages in my dream state;

and for helping me to remember my dreams.


*Oracle Of The Mermaids Oracle card deck, by Lucy Cavendish




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