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New Moon Fae

Published April 30, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

New Moon Fae

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Oracle Of The Dragonfae, by Lucy Cavendish: New Moon Fae

New Moon Fae: “Soul scrying.”

The New Moon Fae Speaks: “I rule myths and dreams, which encapsulate truths about yourself in forms that you can work with. I rule creativity and the storyteller, and that which enchants. I am Imagination, Instinctive Wisdom, and Archetypal energies and forms which cross cultural boundaries. I love the moonlight – and I know only too well that the light of the Crystal One can mean madness, or enlightenment. I am the enchanted strange outsider, as are you, and so I understand when you feel you are not at home in this world. Sometimes I know you feel as if you are not at home in this world. Sometimes I know you feel as if you are not part of the mainstream, and you can feel isolated. Please remember that under the moonlight you cannot see the full spectrum of colours, but you can often see between the worlds and deep into the true essence of all.

Do not feel ashamed of your strangeness and your shadows. They can be beautiful and mysterious if they are loved, embraced and Owned. But something is missing and I have cast out a part of myself that I am now waiting to return. Like you, I am nearing a time of action, where I must go in search of all of myself; but for this moment, I take solace in the reflections of this still and moonlit pool, and even in the stark lacework of the bare trees, I find truth and hope.

You too have this quicksilver and primal energy, but I encourage you now to become practical, to deal with difficulties and separation and to dissolve your fears through action, strength and acceptance. However, do not shut out your own fears and intuition. What you resist and repress only regroups in the shadows and draws strength from denial. Instead, bring your fears out into the open and shine the sunlight on them. Embrace all of who you are. Your accepted social mask can now be dropped; you may now incorporate the power of heightened psychic ability, which can be hard to communicate and read accurately. Do not despair. You will learn to understand and interpret your own psychic and symbolic language if you practice, as I am now, in this sacred pool. If you do not make a conscious effort, your unconscious will continue to do the work on your behalf anyway. You may be a psychic night time being with fragile, but powerful abilities, but you are also of the elements, and the Dragonfae can teach you strength and give you the wisdom with which to use it well.

Divinatory Meaning: “You may be feeling abandoned at this time, or like a part of who you are is missing. It can also indicate that you have been experiencing a false belief that all others do not like or accept you. In truth, when this card is revealed, it is that New Moon Fae wishes to indicate that you do not like and accept yourself and that you may be choosing to hide from your own psychic ability and wild self, your spirit visions shrouded by denial. Withdrawal, depression,  drinking, eating, sleeping to drown out your inner voice and ability. Fearful superstitions, feeling that your abilities are not God-like or God-given. Guilt over psychic abilities and beliefs. Dark night of the soul, expecting total clarity from visions, misunderstanding the nature of psychic work. Longing, yearning but inactive. Sensation of drowning. Memory problems. Soul amnesia. Period pain. Water retention. Tendency to turn to alcohol, food or other substances to drown out psychic messages.

Working with the New Moon Fae: “Take yourself to a quiet place in nature and make a commitment to practice your meditations, your readings, your own techniques for connecting with Spirit on a more regular basis, and particularly at the beginning of each lunar cycle. Also know that you need moonlight, as well as the beautiful brightness of the sun. Moonlight will cleanse you and assist you in re-balancing, gently and naturally. In this way, you will learn to trust the part of your soul you have misplaced, and in that trusted sanctuary, it can return to you. Remember, nothing is lost. All that is truly yours shall return.”*

The angels use your intuition to communicate with you; as does your higher self. As of late, you have been ignoring messages you don’t want to hear; refusing to see the “red flags” that the angels are showing you. You know the situation I am referring to, and this message is telling you that you can no longer hide from aspects of yourself that you wish to. It is time to embrace who you are in full, with unconditional love and non-judgmental acceptance; you are worthy.

Surround yourself with loving, accepting and open minded people who love you unconditionally; taking a step back from negativity and low vibrational energy. Ask the angels to shield you from people who would control you or keep you down. Listen to your intuition, the good and the “bad”, as it is all perspective and will lead you to your highest good; there really is no bad.

Make time for yourself to be alone, doing your passion and letting your creative energy flow. Commune with Gaia, and acknowledge your connection to her beauty. Meditate, listen to music, walk outside and hear the birds and admire the flowers and the trees. Do yoga. Breathe. Know that you are Divinely guided and supported. Know that you can raise your vibration higher and higher, raising your consciousness and accepting more love into your heart. But it starts with you. Loving you.


* Oracle Of The Dragonfae, by Lucy Cavendish


The Elder (Dedicated to Valerie with Love and Gratitude)

Published April 29, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

The Elder

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Oracle Of The Dragonfae oracle card deck, by Lucy Cavendish: The Elder

The Elder: “Heed wise counsel.”

The Elder Speaks: “People expect all those who are your guides and teachers to come in forms that are soft and sweet. I am neither, and I am stern and serious, because you are in danger of forgetting that which has been taught to you due to distraction. I ask of you now whether you have the commitment to carry through with the tasks you have decided you wish to complete. Because the words “Yes”   and “I will” are simple. But to teach is to impart priceless wisdom and for others to ignore the lessons, simply means this entire planet is begin held back.

Forgive me, for I become impatient at the pains you have put yourself through and I see that again there is the possibility of going over old ground. You must understand – you have already learned so much. What we wise for you to do now is to have the courage to live from the wisdom you have gained, rather than the fear which ensures you overlook all that which you have learned. I have been with you before, and you and I have already learned a great deal together. And let me say this: If you choose to behave as though nothing of the wisdom of Her has been given to you, and you behave as though you are deaf and blind, and have no senses, you will again feel pain that is simply not necessary!

So now, choose to follow guidance and learn the lesson you have already worked with… and when you have learned it for the last time, teach it yourself. By demonstrating the qualities you wish to see in the world, by applying action and discipline to your dreams, I will also be relieved, because I will no longer have to bring the lesson to your attention again and again, time after time.

And my patience will no longer be tested! Together we can teach the new ones – they need you to live from your wisdom more than you think. Know too, that no matter how much you feel you have already learned, and how wise you may believe you already are, that you still have a great deal more to learn. In this new school you will be entering, you will be an apprentice once again, surrounded by others who are just as eager, wide-eyed and sure of themselves, too, at times!”

About The Elder:

“She is wise and ancient, and seems very stern – and she is, because she has a serious task. But what one does not often see is the laughter in her eyes, the warmth of her voice, and the strength of her endurance, for she has taught thousands and will teach many more. Her home is the natural world and her lessons are the themes of your life. Ignoring the wisdom she has given is like polluting the fresh water of a spring, or poisoning your own food. Do not compromise your life. Trust the stern and wise teachers of your life, for they know how precious you are. Know that their words at times contain so much truth: so look beyond what seems to be unfair and seek the wisdom in what you have been taught. Think of the Master Of Martial Arts and the rigours the young apprentice must go through in order to learn. This master is your current, most gifted guide.

Divinatory Meanings: “Studying seriously, working towards a goal, feeling like abandoning a task before it is complete, being disrespectful, feeling threatened by another approach to learning; wanting to leave “school” before it’s time; having authority issues. Take your studies very seriously and pay attention to the messages. Take any “why are they picking on me?” moments to mean that in fact you are not clearly acting on your own true path, and be practical about all steps. So, if you wish to write, do so. Listen to your muse and be creative. Do not simply seek to obtain what is needed externally – create it from within and send it out into the world through your efforts and discipline. Be proactive and do not rely on the powers that be. Rely on yourself. Heed teachings and have integrity. Treat elders with respect and do not forsake “old”energies and wisdom for this season’s latest trends. Within your family, and elder has something to say to you. Listen to them, even if they do seem a little fearsome!”*

Sometimes we hear the truth when we are not really ready for it. Sometimes we have had our heads buried so deeply in the sand, it takes some digging to get them out and see clearly again. Sometimes we are so shrouded by fear we have forgotten a part of ourselves. Sometime we believe that the demon we know is less scary than the one that we don’t know… And sometimes, even when we finally know the truth, we are paralyzed by the fear of making the changes that need to be made.

Yesterday was Storm. Today is accepting and receiving assistance; even if we may not want to hear it. Yes, change can be difficult, but it can also be very liberating. Yes, we can feel that we have it all under control when we really don’t, and we may or may not be ready to go ahead and take charge for real this time… but if you are lucky enough to have a mentor; as I was, drop right into your life when you need it most… you must pay attention.

It may be a nudge, it may be clarity, it may be the shove you need in the right direction. Listen with your heart, get your ego out of the way and take to heart the wisdom being offered from someone who knows your situation through experience of their own. This is knowledge and assistance you have asked for. This is the Law Of Attraction at work. This is synchronicity. This is the Universe, giving you wisdom through someone you can trust; an Earth Angel. This is your guardian angel hard at work. This is the TRUTH, like it or not, there is work to be done. Now… when are you going to act on it?

Have courage, your angels are right there beside you. Ask them, as I have, to give you some guidance on how this change is best put into action; then listen carefully for their message. Once you receive the message, you must act with conviction.


* Oracle Of The Dragonfae oracle card deck, by Lucy Cavendish




Published April 28, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle


Daily Angel Oracle Card, from The Crystal Ally Cards, By Naisha Ahsian: Storm

Storm: “The element of Storm is the most transformational of the elemental forces. This force is the result of the synergistic combination of the energies of Earth, Fire, Water and Wind. When these elements combine, they create an energy that is more powerful than the sum of its parts; a force which embodies the moment of creation and destruction in one. Storm is the T’ai Chi, the yin and yang combined. Its frequencies represent both the point of perfect balance, and the extremes of the polarities.

The energy of Storm clears the air and drenches and renews the Earth. It’s lightning fire charges the atmosphere with energy and refreshes the mind. Storm carries the energy of rebirth. Rebirth is not always an easy process, and Storm is not always an easy Ally, but both are necessary parts of the cycles of life and nature. When you are in a place of no movement in your life it is as if you are experiencing a period of death. The energy of Storm will create a rebirth in a new direction through which you can explore your life once again.

The element of Storm is active on all levels – physical, emotional and spiritual. Its energy creates profound and drastic change throughout one’s experiences. Storm can cause the experience of destruction, as it tears down those aspects of one’s life that are no longer stable or strong. This destructive force is cleansing, as it moves through your life uprooting those creations that no longer serve and enabling new experiences and creations to take root.

Storm cones most often when there is a stalemate in once’s life, when the air is stagnant and stifling, and there is no longer movement toward one’s dreams. When this lack of movement creates a standstill that no single elemental force can move, the elemental Allies combine to create the renewing element of Storm. This force will sweep down upon you, charging your energy and your life once again. Like Dorothy in the Wizard Of Oz, you are sure to find yourself set down by the Storm in a new and unexpected place, full of growth, learning and renewal.”

The Message: “When Storm whirls through your cards you are being blessed with a time of great change and growth. The growth that Storm brings is rarely easy. Ego based beliefs and ideas may be shattered. Old beliefs that were held dear may become empty of meaning. But this difficult cleansing of obsolete energies is crucial to gaining new levels of deeper understanding and growth.

Storm is calling you to stretch out your arms to the sky and invoke the powers of lightning, rain, wind and earth. In doing so, you will begin your initiation into the deeper mysteries of your life.”*

If you have come to a standstill; whether of your own doing or by circumstance, Storm is here to tell you that change is coming, and it’s coming in strong and clear. There is no more wondering if you need to transform your life. Maybe you are not listening to the signs and the whisperings of your angels and guides… maybe the gentle nudges they have given you have gone unnoticed. Or maybe you know full well what you need to do, but fear and doubt are holding you back. Storm is here to push you in the direction you need to go; change is coming whether you are ready… or not.

You can’t fight a hurricane; you can’t fight Mother Nature and you can’t fight the Universe. What you can do is decide that you are willing to receive; with arms and heart wide open, these changes that are coming. Know that the Divine has peace, harmony and joy in store for you and that all that is coming, whether it appears at first to be or not… is benevolent and for your highest good. Faith and trust are of utmost importance right now; faith in yourself, and faith in the Divine, trusting that you will be exactly where you need to be when Storm has passed.

Accept your changes with love and grace. Get excited and use the Law Of Attraction to draw into your life what you truly desire. Dream, visualize and focus on the best possible outcomes for everyone involved. Don’t fear the Storm; it will liberate you to freedom.


* The Crystal Ally Cards, By Naisha Ahsia


The Present

Published April 27, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

the present

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Oracle Of The Mermaid, by Lucy Cavendish: The Present

The Present: “Gift, treasure, revelation of own value, now-ness.”

The Mermaids Sing: “We have heard that in the warm semi-tropical waters of Australia’s Moreton Bay, a group of marine biologists have recently recorded fascinating new interactions between dolphins and humans. The dolphins of this beautiful place have been, for over ten years now, bringing gifts to the biologists, who in turn have fed them in a strictly regulated program. The dolphins have brought to the biologists eels, fish, shells and pieces of “treasure” from the sea, refusing to take them back when they are offered to them, in a moment of inter-species reciprocity which is moving and beautiful – and pure communication of sharing and energy exchange. When this card comes to you, you are being shown how the energy is being exchanged in the present moment.

Divination: “There will be either a gift given, or a gift received. But there can be no true gift without reciprocation… when energy is exchanged, bonds grow closer, and connection is deepened. The exchange of gifts may also be about the giving of time and energy to each other, shifting and moving away from a typical kind of work for pay into a more flexible system of exchange and care taking. Friends will offer to do things for you, and before you feel beholden to them, or hesitate to accept because you do not wish to be a burden, remember the joy of the gift is in the giving, and a gift cannot be given unless there is a true connection. The gift, when this card is upright, comes from a pure and good place, it is joyful and it is given to the very best of intentions. It will draw you closer, and create even more intimacy and trust in your relationship. A beautiful sense of partnership will evolve out of what seems like a simple act of generosity. The exchange will never end… it is a bond forged beyond time, and as long as there is love, caring and trust, the energy grows and ripples out into the world.”*

You are a gift. Those who can see your true self value your time, your smile and your love as a treasure. Can you see it? It is time to re-evaluate your own self worth. You have been selling yourself short; it’s time to see your Divinity. You are an infinite being of light in a physical body. You chose to come here and you chose your family and your circumstances to heal and to learn. You have made the choices to get you where you are now, and you have the power to make the choice to remain where you are or to transform yourself; it is all in your hands. Look deeply into your heart and know that it is time to see your abundant value.

Take some quiet time to yourself and practice the I AM affirmation, which will help to trigger the changes needed at this time to create transformation and raise your consciousness. Meditate on your value, asking the Angels to remove old negative energy blocks; balancing your chakras, and filling you with Divine love. They can then shield you from any and all low vibrational energy, allowing you to send and receive love freely without experiencing the drain of negative energies.

I AM is the name of God, the Source and the Divine Universe; as a mantra, it provides us power in knowing that we are an integral part of this energy. I AM is a powerful acknowledgement of your own Divine nature of unconditional love. It creates balance and harmony and allows for a powerful energy exchange between you, the Angels, the Ascended Masters, the Archangels, Gaia, the Universe and the Source. We are all one. This balance and harmony will radiate out to this earthly existence and facilitate more love, connection, support and abundance all around you.

When you see yourself as worthy of love; love flows to you and through you. You can attract loving and supportive people to help you on your journey; those who want to give you a gift of their time, their love and their strength, in loving exchange of your love. Plant yourself in the present moment, concentrating on your breath, and give thanks for all that you have, and all that you desire as if it is already manifest in your life. You are Love. You are worthy. You are Divine.

I AM an infinite light being of Divine Unconditional Love


* Oracle Of The Mermaid, by Lucy Cavendish



Published April 25, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle


Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Wisdom Of The Golden Path Oracle Card deck, by Toni Camine Salerno: Wisdom

Wisdom: “The greatest wisdom is to see through appearances and this card confirms that you have taken the right course of action and have responded in the correct manner. Sometimes the best thing for all concerned is to have the strength to say “no”. Your recent response will empower and help both you and others. You have shown great wisdom by standing in your truth. And yet you have done this with great love and respect for yourself and others. You are like the willow whose branches sway with the wind but whose roots remain firmly embedded within the earth. Life is constantly changing but its core essence remains the same. Love and wisdom do not change, they only grow stronger. Continue to live and respond to all in your life through love and truth, for in doing so you honour the spirit of all living things.


I listen to my inner wisdom.

I stand firm in my truth.

Life is constantly changing but love and wisdom only grows stronger.”

The answers you seek lie inside you; you need only to still yourself and listen. Your deep inner wisdom speaks through your intuition; it is your higher self and your angels guiding you in the most positive and harmonious direction. If things don’t feel right, you need to listen; ignoring your intuition leads you astray and that is when “hind sight is 50-50” comes into play…. you see yourself from a distance making a decision against your “gut feelings” and things don’t turn out the way you were hoping. This can all be avoided if you have faith in your own abilities to know what is before you when making a choice.

If you are at a crossroads, ask yourself if you are there because you are afraid, or if you really aren’t sure which path to take. Fear is a great deterrent, and often it holds us hostage as we try to make change happen in our lives. Is this a fear of failure? Of judgement? Of acceptance? Or is it an inkling that maybe this isn’t the best decision for you to be making at this time. Only you truly know your heart. What makes you feel light, joyful and happy? What makes you feel apprehensive, anxious or has a foreboding feeling to it?

Sometimes following your dreams means speaking your truth without fear of the consequences. Sometimes it means stepping past judgement and accepting that you may not get the acceptance of the people close to you right now… but they will come around when they see you joyful, if they truly love you. Now is the time to plant your feet firmly on the ground and believe in yourself. Spend some time outdoors, grounding yourself and breathing deeply of the fresh air. See the abundance and place your hands on the Earth, feeling her heartbeat.

The last few days our cards have been messages of finding your inner warrior. This is not a battle requiring action, it is one requiring strength, courage and conviction. You are a light worker. You are wise. You are strong. You are on the right path. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


*Wisdom Of The Golden Path Oracle Card deck, by Toni Camine Salerno



Published April 24, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle


Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Oracle Of The Dragonfae, by Lucy Cavendish: Nimue

Nimue: “Seek the counsel of crystals.”

Nimue Speaks: “Between my two hands lies the power of all that is: the connections between the Earth and the stars, the realms through which you can move to bring about your deepest desires and dreams. But do you dare to dream it? Are you courageous enough to declare your desire? I can create, but I will not be brought forth when you do not have the fortitude to commit to your change. Make a commitment to thy own self now – she, who you truly are, is worth this trust, this pledge, this courage you must have to birth your own changing self. For I am gentle, but I too have no more time to spend if you wish to waster the jewels life has given you. I will turn away, because it may not yet be your time. Only you can say it is not so, and walk forth into your new self, with me as guide and light, with transformation as your nature, with your incarnation without material death as your truth.”

Do this with me: “Bless thyself. Love thyself. Know that you are beyond your own imaginings. Act this day, this hour, this minute, and change will flow. Do not hesitate. Be transformed now.”

Divinatory Meanings: “It is time for you to free yourself from the confines of others expectations and investigate other less conventional ways of making a living. You may be drawn to a particular crystal at this time, and may enjoy simply entering into more regular communion with the element of earth and its minerals. Wear jewellery that has been cleansed by you, and energized by you, and understand its significance and power for you. Make each piece you choose to wear a totem symbolizing your own self, adorning and expressing who you truly are. Above all, the message of Nimue is to free yourself. Stop expecting others to unshakle the chains and force you to walk free. You, and only you, can remove that which is holding you back.

working with Nimue: “Work with crystals to create change. Do not procrastinate changing yourself. Bring focus to your work. Wear talismanic jewelry. Separate yourself from the mainstream for a time to be truly who you are, and for your work to have unique energy. Make the change you want to see in your life immediately. Do not waste your precious time… start now.”*

When you are manifesting your dream life, there is no time to waste! Why wait? Dive in and get going on becoming the most authentic, joyful and passionate YOU. I felt like this card was meant for me, and I love that. I love the message, the picture, the crystals, taking charge of your life, speaking your truth and wearing talismanic jewelry! I love that this message is for me… and it is for you. We are all connected and we can celebrate each other’s victories, cheering each other on; and holding each other accountable to following our dreams.

Surround yourself with like minded people who love and accept you for who you are, there is no room for judgement here and there is no editing yourself or compromise to fit in some silly small box that someone in your life would happily stuff you! This is the time to believe in yourself, have confidence that you are on the right path and take action immediately. Don’t let your dreams slip through your hands to please another. You are here for a reason. You are here to help and to heal. You are remembering your gifts and skills that can be used in joyful service.

Get out your favourite crystals. This time you don’t need a book to see what their healing or metaphysical properties are; this is all about intuition. Choose the stone that call to you; they will give you exactly what you need. Wear them, carry them, meditate with them and place them under your pillow. Ask only that they serve your highest purpose, sending them love and gratitude; they will do the rest.

It’s time.

With love, light and blessings.



*Oracle Of The Dragonfae, by Lucy Cavendish


Freya ~ Regenerative Force

Published April 23, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Freya ~ Regenerative Force

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Crystal Wind Oracle Card deck, by Antonio DeLiberato: Freya ~ Regenerative Force

Freya ~ Regenerative Force: “The Norse goddess Freya exudes erotic power.”

Card Meaning: “You love all things that give pleasure, harmony and beauty. You love jewels, crystals, clothes, lovemaking, and arts and crafts. You are in command of your destiny. You brim with confidence and creative force, fueled by a restless sexual energy. Mobility and freedom: you may be leaving a confining situation, (while keeping your wealth intact). You will not settle for mediocrity; you are a lover of heroes and require a partner whose exploits match your won! The best time to call upon Freya is on Friday’s!

Card Interpretation: In Norse mythology, Freya is a goddess of love and fertility and the most beautiful and propitious of the goddesses. She is the patron goddess of crops and birth, the symbol of sensuality and was called upon in matters of love. She loves music, spring and flowers, and is particularly fond of the elves (fairies). Freya is quite independent and is the leader of the Valkyries, the demi-goddesses who select the noble and heroic dead and carry them to the Realm of the Gods. She is patroness of women who attain wisdom, status and power. The Valkyries had been ordinary women who became Great Goddesses and who now weave the fates and histories of people and of nations. Freya is the Daughter of Time, as well as the patron and protectress of the human race. She is strong, beautiful and wise.”*

It is time to gather your strength, and get ready to stand strong; for yourself and for your beliefs in the face of someone who would seek to control or confine you. There is no more fear and no more doubt, only moving forward with courage, steadfast in your self worth; confident that you are on the right path. You are called to complete your life’s work with joy, and those who seek to stop you must be firmly yet lovingly released. You came here to accomplish something that may not seem to be important to others, yet to you it is your passion and will bring you great joy as you help to heal the planet, raise your vibration and ascend to the next level of consciousness.

You must find like minded people to support you in your dreams, and step back from those who don’t. This is not a time for compromise, those days are over. You must not be manipulated by guilt, fear, doubt or judgment; call on Freya to give you strength and Archangel Michael to shield you from negativity. This is your time to shine.

There is an element of storm here, and the going is going to be tough for a while, but as you stick to your guns, and refuse to sway, others will see your point of view and your confidence will grow. See the signs and synchronicities all around you; the Angels are sending your guidance, unconditional love and support for the journey ahead. Stay true to your heart and you will find your dreams laid out in front of you. This is only a test. Take the leap of faith, and see miracles and abundance open up to you in ways far beyond your wildest imagination.

Every morning before you get out of bed, take a few long, deep grounding breaths and set the intention to follow your dreams no matter what. Ask your angels and guides to pave the way with ease and grace, and to send you simple and clear messages. Set your intention to have the most amazing, joyful and abundant life ever, while fulfilling your life’s purpose and helping to heal others and the Earth. What an awesome life it is.


* Crystal Wind Oracle Card deck, by Antonio DeLiberato


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