Archangel Michael ~ Clearing


Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Ask An Angel Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno: Archangel Michael ~ Clearing

Archangel Michael ~ Clearing: “In order to have clarity in your life you must be clear. Clear of old ties, old issues and old thought patterns. Clear of any mental, spiritual, emotional or physical clutter.

If this card has come up for you, this means that ere areas in your life in need of clearing.

On a physical level, it may be time to clear your home. Throw away anything that is not relevant to you now or for the future life you want. Clean out all closets and corners. Get light and air circulating through your home. Clear your body, fill yourself with fresh, nourishing food that is easy to digest and supports your system. Most importantly drink at least 2 litres of water a day.

If you are feeling unclear on an emotional level, the first thing you can do is spend some time writing and journaling exactly what you are feeling. If you write at least a few pages every day, it will provide you with a direct reflection of what is going on for you and what you can do to resolve present issues. It also provides you with the space to release pent up energy and emotion.

You may need to release someone or something from your life. You may need to cut the ties with a person, place or event or clear an old emotional issue. Once you take the time to see what needs clearing and releasing, it becomes easier to take the action necessary to allow that to happen.

It may be necessary to review your mental and spiritual space at this time. What are the old thought patterns, beliefs, and self-talk habits polluting your mental and spiritual space?

Often the key to breaking a habit is to create a new one that is more supportive to your growth and happiness. If you are telling yourself things that are not in line with your highest truth and highest potential, it is time to simply start telling yourself something different. It may take work, lots of discipline, and awareness, but you will get through and change the mental pattern if you keep repeating and honouring the new thought pattern.

Ultimately you need to take space for yourself now. Create a sense of inner stillness and calm. Then with strength and courage, clear away the clutter and destructive ties in your life.”*

This is the perfect time to cleanse your mind, body and surroundings; spring is in the air! Spring is the time to purge the old, creating space for fresh air and energy flow; you can Feng Shui your house to maximize the flow of energy in your living space to attract abundance into your life. This is also a good time to ask the help of Archangel Michael to cut any cords and remove any psychic “hooks” that may be draining your energy from past or current relationships or interactions with negativity. People don’t realize the effect their thoughts can have towards another; we can experience a drain on our energy from certain people or places who act as “vampires” or who think hurtful, mean or cruel thoughts towards us if we don’t protect ourselves. These people may not mean the harm they do, they may have acted out of frustration, jealousy or resentment, but nevertheless, it is still draining.

Take some time to be alone and ask Archangel Michael to come in and survey your aura, chakras and energy field. Ask him to use his Divine violet “vacuum” of light to remove any blockages and his sword of bright white light to remove any cords or hooks. Breathe in and out while you visualize the cords being cut, and gently release the person’s energy back to them. When the cords are cut, and the hooks removed, ask Archangel Michael to surround you with his shield of bright white love and light. This shield is penetrable only by love going in or out, and can keep all negativity at bay. Next you can ask Archangel Michael to repeat this process room by room in your house, office, car or anywhere else that you may have come in contact with negativity that you want to feel safe and protected. I often ask him to clear and protect my kids school.

Repeat this ritual as often as you need to, and especially after you have had a run in with anyone negative, an argument or anything that makes you feel uneasy, drained or vibrationally low. Be sure to repeat it weekly or monthly to keep your energy pure and clear, and your vibrations as high as possible.

Certain crystals, such as selenite, black tourmaline and blue kyanite can also be used to clear your energy fields, protect you from low vibrational energy and deflect negativity away from you. These stones can be worn, carried in a pocket or placed wherever feels right to you around your house or office. Selenite wands are useful for cutting cords immediately after a negative encounter and can be used in conjunction with Archangel Michael’s loving help. Simply use the selenite wand as a sword, imagining yourself cutting cords all along your physical body by holding it in your right hand and going head to toe on all four sides of your body. This is a quick fix for when you have just been yelled at, or had some similar sudden negative experience… although here’s to hoping you never need it for that!! It can also be used in the same manor to clear your energy after being in a crowded room if you are feeling overwhelmed or spacey by other people’s energy.



*Ask An Angel Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno


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  1. Ingrid Louise Lephardt says:

    Thank you so much! I got the Archangel Michael – Clearing and it is the perfect message for what is happening right now in my life! I will do the cleanse in my home, body and hopefull in my mind……..wish me luck!

    1. Blessings to you Ingrid, you got this message for a reason! You are connecting to Archangel Michael. Love and light!

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