Archangel Haniel ~ Beauty

Archangel Haniel beauty

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Ask An Angel Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno: Archangel Haniel ~ Beauty

Archangel Haniel ~ Beauty: “Haniel’s name means “The Glory or Grace of God.” This in and of itself provides the full definition of what beauty is. Beauty is the light of God shining through. This, of course, exists in all that is. Our ability to perceive beauty comes from within. We only have the ability to see and experience beauty when our heart and mind are open enough to see and understand the absolute magnificence that exists within all of creation and in the synchronistic flow of the Universe.

Comedy, tragedy, art, the mountains, the city, a child. All things contain the glory and light of God.

When we see and experience that beauty in the world, we experience a state of grace. A state of connection and gratitude for all that is. This is a time for you to really see and experience the light of God shining all around you. See it in everyone you know and meet, see it in the place where you live, see it in all of life’s ups and downs, in the tragedy and ecstasy of life and all you experience.

Finally and most importantly, see it in yourself; it exists within every cell of your being. We often have the idea that beauty is an idealized, fantastical, irrational and delusional idea of “perfection”. Everything that exists is already perfect. Everything is God. Often our ideas of perfection are just programming and projection that springs from neurosis. It is time to really open up your eyes, heart and mind to the miraculous wonder of life.

To see the glory and the light of God as it shines through everything in this world and as it shines with incredible uniqueness through every being on this planet.”*

We are surrounded and bombarded by society’s vision of beauty on an every day basis, and it’s no less disturbing than the days long past. We have replaced dangerous corsets with dangerous (and soul altering, in my opinion) plastic surgery. There are people out there who have changed their faces beyond all recognition and yet they are revered in the media as the elite. It’s all just so horribly wrong. It would seem there is no accounting for natural beauty unless you are under 10 and even then you have the likes of Dance Mom’s made up girls to contend with… is nothing sacred? How do you teach your beautiful, innocent budding child that they are perfect just the way they are with all that… well… crap coming at them?

You teach them through example. By caring enough about yourself to make the most of what you’ve got; mindfully avoiding getting sucked into the void of cosmetic insanity. You love and accept yourself, bumps and wrinkles and all…. and you focus on your strong points, while unconditionally loving the rest. You tell yourself you are perfectly, uniquely you, and you tell her that she is perfectly, fantastically her. You get real. You inspire her with integrity and grace.

Angels are high vibrational beings of love and light. We are low vibrational; unsure, doubting, fearful physical beings looking for a pleasant way to exist amongst the chaos. The Angels are here to help. You simply can’t fill the void with fluff and feel good about it. No amount of material items, fake boobs, spray tans or various scary plastic surgery will change that. Thank you to the Divine, that our spiritual connection will.

If you desire to raise your vibration; if you want to be closer to the beings of bright white love and light… let all that stressful stuff go. Exercise to be healthy; not to look a specific way. Eat to nourish your body, creating energy and vitality. Wear your hair how you feel beautiful, it doesn’t matter how old you are or what your mother says, trust me after years of doing hair. Wear what is comfortable and makes you feel good, you don’t have to be in sweat pants, you can choose a style that maximizes you. Release the feelings of not good enough. Love your body in a healthy way, and it will morph (yes, over time) into a body you will love, I promise! Celebrate being you, a non-physical being in a physical body, a vessel of love, a healer, a teacher and a child of God.

You are so much more than you see in the mirror, it’s time to shine from the inside out. Beauty is radiance, and radiance is light. Love is light and beauty. You see the connection? Raising your vibration makes you beautiful beyond belief, way more so than starving yourself, cheekbone implants or liposuction.

With love, because you deserve it,



* Ask An Angel Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno


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