Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Oracle Of The Mermaids, by Lucy Cavendish: Receptivity

Receptivity ~ The Mermaids Sing: “In this lifetime, you may have learned in some ways that what is offered may have a hook: that there has been bait, and there have been consequences at times to going for what seems to be offered – there has been a trap to it. We mermaids know of this, for we have seen our companions, the beautiful sea creatures, caught on hooks, tempted by what looks like a treat – only to be hauled in and destroyed by the desire to have what they wished for. But there are offerings which are made with open hearts – there are those who hold out their hands with a gift inside it, and all they wish for is the joy of coming into relationship with you – of making you happy, more satisfied, content, secure and joyful. Not all gifts have strings attached – and in this instance, we mermaids, we beings of water, which is the most receptive of elements, are asking for you to open your heart and receive what is being offered. The gift that is before you – be is one of money, love a gift or service – is being offered as it is simply a joy for the being who is offering this to you. In this way, your receptivity makes this a scared act. There are times to tune in to intuition and heed the warning – and there are times to move forward, freely, and learn how to receive. This is one of those times. We mermaids wish for you to have so much more – and at this time, you are safe in accepting, with an open and trusting heart, what is being offered to you. It will be a most blessed exchange. No debt. No hook. No strings. Only joyful acceptance of what is, after all, meant to be yours.

Divination: “An offer of a free service could be yours. A gift of love, time friendship, healing or simply joyful inclusion in a group who is loving and warm and caring could soon be offered to you. Love and good fortune seem to be coming your way, and more easily than it may ever have come before. You have effectively manifested your desires – but instead of joyful acceptance, you are greeting them with some suspicion. Someone loves you deeply and wishes to offer you gifts of their love, or a relative has made a move to help you. At this time, the universe is coming to you with abundance – it is up to you now, to be open to receive. Receptivity is a quality of water… be like the water now… allow the good of the Universe that the Creator of the World is sending you to come to you now. Allow your cup to be filled again, and for your pool to be full. You deserve this. You are free to receive. And there will be no hook.”*

It’s time to drop your guard and trust. There is no alterior motive here; just love. It’s time to  take a leap of faith into the arms of your Angels. It’s so easy to doubt what you can’t see, that is what faith is all about. However, I am here to tell you doubt no more, your angels are with you every moment of every day, sending you endless love and support… you need only to receive it. It’s easy to have faith for short bursts of time giving up the moment you find an obstacle in your way. Keeping doubt and fear on the back burner won’t bring your dreams and desires to you. Let them all go and know, with conviction that abundance surrounds you. Live with gratitude and expectation of the wonders and miracles; ready to receive.




* Oracle Of The Mermaids, by Lucy Cavendish


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