Goddess of Oneness

Goddess of Oneness

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Wisdom Of The Golden Path Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno: Goddess of Oneness

Goddess of Oneness: “Someone is thinking of you this very moment and sending you their loving thoughts and wishes. Everything we think and feel is broadcast like radio waves without us realizing it. Whether we intend to broadcast our feelings and thoughts does not matter, it happens automatically. Human consciousness is like the World Wide Web. We transmit and receive information through our natural impulses, thoughts and feelings and this information circulates forever on the world wide web of human consciousness. To put it plainly, our thoughts and feelings transcend both time and space and can be intuitively felt by others. All in life is energetically (spiritually) interconnected but the strongest connection is between us and those we love and care for. You may be missing someone who is a long way away. Or alternately, you may be saddened by a loved one’s passing. Through this card someone wants to make to make their presence felt. They want you to know that they have not left you and will never leave you, for you are forever connected by invisible threads of love. No amount of distance or time will ever change that which is united in love.


My love transcends all time and space.

I am forever spiritually connected to those I love.

Time and space does not exist within my soul.”*

We are infinite beings who have chosen to experience a physical existence, and in doing so, we must experience the short sightedness and pain of not realizing we are surrounded by love. We believe we are alone; separate from others and the world; yet we are so much more connected than our limited senses perceive. Luckily, we are in a new millenia; one where we are able to photograph energy fields and expand our awareness of human consciousness. We are waking up to our power and just starting to comprehend our individual capabilities. Once we understand how powerful we are alone, we can band together to save the world.

Love is the key to all healing; it is also the key to opening our hearts to each other. When you experience fear, doubt, jealousy or suspicion, your heart chakra closes down and you can’t properly send and receive love. When you trust, believe and have faith in yourself and others, your heart chakra opens up and you are capable of experiencing more love; which in turn raises your vibration. You can help those around you by setting the example of love, it’s contagious! 

This is a message from someone who loves you at a soul level. This is not about frivolous crushes or sex appeal; this is about knowing someone’s heart and sending them love directly through it. This can be a relative, a dear friend or a soul mate; they can be of this world, or in the next dimension, it makes no difference. If your heart longs for someone passed; know that they send you bright white love and light; and are never far from you.

Take a few moments to center yourself and breathe deeply. Imagine your heart surrounded by a perfect sparkling bubble of pure white light. Ask who is sending you love right now and clear your mind. Whoever pops into your mind is most likely the correct answer. If you are unable to get an answer, don’t worry, you can ask for it to become clear in your dreams before you sleep. Remember that it could be your angels, guides, an Archangel or Ascended Master who is sending their love to you now; wishing to guide you and support you. Expand the bubble of light out of your heart around you and right out into the Universe, and around Gaia, Mother Earth.



* Wisdom Of The Golden Path Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno


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