Seraphinite ~ Healing

Healing Seraphinite

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the The Crystal Ally Cards, By Naisha Ahsian: Seraphinite ~ Healing

Seraphinite ~ Healing: “Chlorite is usually found as a green mineral, sometimes appearing as inclusions in quartz and other stones. The most powerful form of this stone grows in massive form as a gem Chlinichore and Pennite combination commonly called “Seraphinite”.

Seraphinite is the most effective stone I have felt for cellular regeneration and healing. On a physical level, it seems to act upon the body like fertilizer on grass, causing a flush of pure healing energy. This stone is an excellent vehicle for discovering and processing physical disease relating to alternate lifetimes. It is a direct link to accessing the energetic structure of the DNA, and the decoding of patterns there.

Seraphinite acts as a trigger mechanism, causing old patterns of disease or imbalance to fall away, and allowing new patterns to be created. It is very useful in aiding in the healing of the heart and lungs, as well as any systemic illnesses relating to cellular regeneration. This mineral stands alone as the premier healing stone of this age. It is the tool most suited to bringing the physical body into line with Light energy.

It is an excellent stone for those who feel disconnected from their physical selves, allowing them to understand more fully the true nature of physicality. Seraphinite’s true purpose is to bring light into the physical body, expressing itself through us as glowing health.

We are all in need of healing on some level’ be it emotional, physical, or spiritual. The frequency of Seraphinite reveals the underlying causes of imbalance, allowing us to rectify them before they manifest as physical disease. Its ability to connect us to the highest realms of the Spirit while bringing that energy into the physical body makes Seraphinite an important healing Ally.”

The Message: “When Seraphinite appears in your cards, you can be sure that a time of healing is upon you. Healing is the process of bringing aspects of our self that are out of balance back into balance again. Most imbalance is caused by belief in the illusion of separation from Divine Love. Seraphinite has come to remind you that you are loved, and that any imbalance you have created can be healed by accepting that love into your life again.

Before we can step fully into the age of Light, we must integrate all of the experiences that reside within our physical body. When we have done this, we can fully experience the clarity of our Light body being anchored on the Earth plane. Seraphinite’s frequency aids in the rapid processing, healing, and integration of cellular memories and information, creating clarity in our bodies, emotions and minds.

By accepting the healing that Seraphinite offers, you can once again experience the beauty of connection to the Divine source of all creation.

Chakra: All

Affirmation: I honour my body as a vehicle for the Light.”*

This is the second consecutive healing card we have received, and it is a message to work with crystals and stones, particularly Seraphinite to accelerate this healing process. This is a time to recover, rejuvenate and get ready for the next step in your journey. Yesterday we concentrated on cleansing and clearing of the auric field and the physical body, today, will a cleared energy field, we are asked to concentrate on the healing process. Healing is creating a harmonious balance in the body, and this includes the balance between body, mind and spirit. If you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, depressed or suffering from low energy or negativity, it is time to look at the root cause of these maladies.

Physical manifestations of dis-ease show often up in the body when we have repressed feelings, when we are not following our path or living our dreams, or when we are off course with taking care of our physical bodies by withholding nutritious foods and proper hydration. When the body is over taxed by having to constantly store or try to remove a buildup of toxins beyond it’s capabilities. It is time to have a good look at how you are treating your body and why. It is also time to make a plan for healing your emotions, releasing the past and taking care of yourself.

Seraphinite has a wonderful soothing and healing vibration. It can be worn, kept in a pocket, placed under your pillow, or as a meditation aid. It’s beautiful green and white swirls calm the mind and body, and it can be used as a visual meditation aid. Place a piece of (cleansed ~ by moonlight, sunlight, water or earth) Seraphinite in your left palm, closing your fingers around it and place your right hand around your left hand, thumbs together. Hold them directly in front of your heart chakra at the center of your chest, and ask the Angels to help you access the healing properties of the stone to heal your body, mind and spirit. Take a few deep breaths and visualize a gorgeous green light emanating out from your hands and surrounding your heart with healing light. Imagine this healing light spreading throughout your entire body, every cell benefiting from it’s positive energy. Imagine the light radiating out from your protective bubble of light around your body all the way around the planet, creating a second protective healing bubble of bright green light all the way out into the Universe, healing every being that it comes into contact with. Breathe deeply several times and let the light go, knowing that your bubble of light will stay with you. If you don’t have a piece of Seraphinite, you can access the energy through intention and visualization, you don’t actually need to physically hold the stone; the healing energy is that powerful.



*The Crystal Ally Cards, By Naisha Ahsian





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  1. Christine Thomas says:

    Thank you for these beautiful inspiring daily affirmations and messages. Truly I love it, and I feel honored to receive them, this helps me to start each day on a positive note. Can you please tell me where I can purchase these wonderful stones?

    1. Hi Christine, There are many reputable dealers of stones, and you may find that your city has a nice metaphysical shop. If you need something made just for you, I do make jewelry and would be happy to help you, you can have a look by clicking the link at the bottom of my post to my etsy shop. Blessings!

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