Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Wisdom Of The Golden Path Oracle Card deck, by Toni Camine Salerno: Wisdom

Wisdom: “The greatest wisdom is to see through appearances and this card confirms that you have taken the right course of action and have responded in the correct manner. Sometimes the best thing for all concerned is to have the strength to say “no”. Your recent response will empower and help both you and others. You have shown great wisdom by standing in your truth. And yet you have done this with great love and respect for yourself and others. You are like the willow whose branches sway with the wind but whose roots remain firmly embedded within the earth. Life is constantly changing but its core essence remains the same. Love and wisdom do not change, they only grow stronger. Continue to live and respond to all in your life through love and truth, for in doing so you honour the spirit of all living things.


I listen to my inner wisdom.

I stand firm in my truth.

Life is constantly changing but love and wisdom only grows stronger.”

The answers you seek lie inside you; you need only to still yourself and listen. Your deep inner wisdom speaks through your intuition; it is your higher self and your angels guiding you in the most positive and harmonious direction. If things don’t feel right, you need to listen; ignoring your intuition leads you astray and that is when “hind sight is 50-50” comes into play…. you see yourself from a distance making a decision against your “gut feelings” and things don’t turn out the way you were hoping. This can all be avoided if you have faith in your own abilities to know what is before you when making a choice.

If you are at a crossroads, ask yourself if you are there because you are afraid, or if you really aren’t sure which path to take. Fear is a great deterrent, and often it holds us hostage as we try to make change happen in our lives. Is this a fear of failure? Of judgement? Of acceptance? Or is it an inkling that maybe this isn’t the best decision for you to be making at this time. Only you truly know your heart. What makes you feel light, joyful and happy? What makes you feel apprehensive, anxious or has a foreboding feeling to it?

Sometimes following your dreams means speaking your truth without fear of the consequences. Sometimes it means stepping past judgement and accepting that you may not get the acceptance of the people close to you right now… but they will come around when they see you joyful, if they truly love you. Now is the time to plant your feet firmly on the ground and believe in yourself. Spend some time outdoors, grounding yourself and breathing deeply of the fresh air. See the abundance and place your hands on the Earth, feeling her heartbeat.

The last few days our cards have been messages of finding your inner warrior. This is not a battle requiring action, it is one requiring strength, courage and conviction. You are a light worker. You are wise. You are strong. You are on the right path. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


*Wisdom Of The Golden Path Oracle Card deck, by Toni Camine Salerno


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