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Butterfly Maiden ~ Transformation

Published May 31, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Butterfly Maiden transformation

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D: Butterfly Maiden ~ Transformation

Butterfly Maiden ~ Transformation: “You are experiencing enormous change right now, which brings great blessing.”

Message From Butterfly Maiden: “As you go, through this period of change, it is natural for you to wonder if your future is safe. I am here to assure you that you are part of nature’s cycles of birth, death, and rebirth. To bring in your desired newness, you must first allow old parts of your life to fall way. These changes are to be celebrated, not feared. Give thanks for this shedding of the old! Embrace all of the lessons it brought, and then let it go! Be giddy with excitement at the newness of the gifts that are now being bestowed upon you, and let their magic surprise and delight you.”

Various Meanings of This Card: “Do not be concerned about endings, as they are bringing in the new for you. Your prayers have been answered. with this change. Let go  of the old. Do not worry about these changes – they are truly for the best.

About Butterfly Maiden: Butterfly Maiden is a Hopi Native American Kachina (spirit) who ensures that crops yield healthy and bountiful harvests. She is a springtime goddess who helps us to escape from any cocoon situation that is trapping us or impeding our growth or joy. If you are feeling stuck, she is a wonderful goddess to call upon during the emerging process. She will also guide you trough life transitions and help you spread your winds!”*

The cards we have had over this last week are all about transmutation, release and transformation. There is no bigger sign of transformation than the butterfly, changing from a caterpillar to a butterfly, now that is an impressive change! Whenever you fear the changes that are rumbling through your life, think of the butterfly and what it symbolizes, holding the vision of this stunning transformation in your mind for your own life. Your wings are on their way, design your wings to perfectly suit you, beautiful, unique and brightly coloured, this is your time to shine!

Look for signs from the butterflies, when you spend time outside, they will find you to let you know that this amazing transformation is going on in your life. When you see one, send it love, light and gratitude, and bless it as it flies on it’s way.



* Goddess Guidance Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D






Published May 30, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle


Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Angel Dreams Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D and Melissa Virtue: Fire

Fire: “Transmutation. Purification.”

“Fire is the bringer of transmutation. It’s time to come out of your cocoon, and allow yourself to become that beautiful butterfly. Have courage. Burn off the old, allowing the new to enter. You know what needs to be done. It is time to light that inner fire (or the one under your seat!). Get busy and take steps to allow this wonderful change to occur. Have courage during this time of transition. Know that all is well.

Fire also represents purification. In every transformation, a cleansing process takes place. Perhaps it is time to purify your thoughts, actions, relationships, or something else that has become unhealthy. Transmute your old habits.

Additional Meanings For This Card: “Archangels Michael and Jophiel are associated with this symbol. Performing a ceremony of rite would be perfect right now. Stand in protection of something or someone. take care of your home and hearth. Take a break from routine. You need some independence right now.*

Interesting that we are getting this message again after only a couple of days! Interesting also that I can choose a card every day for a year, get different cards from different decks that I use, and then get two of the same cards in succession from two different decks. This is a strong message that transformation is under way in your life! This card also ties in to yesterday’s message of cleansing and purifying, body, mind and spirit.

You have been holding on for too long to habits and perceptions that no longer serve you, this is the time to bless and release them. If you have been stuck in a rut, fearful of the change that your soul desires; make some changes now. You are fully supported by the Divine and cannot fail. Fear must no longer hold you back. Trust in yourself, know that your intuition is your Divine Guidance, and know that when you let go and let the Divine assist you in releasing the things that you have outgrown, better things will replace them. You need only have faith.

Once you have succumbed to this purification through transmutation, your life will change in miraculous ways. Doors will open to you, people will walk into your life to assist you. Your well-being and peace of mind will improve, and you will start to see the limitless possibilities as being open to you, rather than just dreams. This is the time to show your love and trust in your angels, guides and the Divine. This is the time to know with conviction that we are all connected, to the Earth, to the Universe, to the Divine and to All That Is.

This is you, not just turning a page in your life, but closing this book to start the next. Yes, Dear One, the change is that big. Welcome it with open arms.


* Angel Dreams Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D and Melissa Virtue


Citrine ~ Manifestation

Published May 28, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

citrine manifestation

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Crystal Ally Oracle Card deck, by Naisha Ahsian: Citrine ~ Manifestation

Citrine ~ Manifestation: “In this image, the chalice of physicality is filled to overflowing by the abundant energy of the Universe, manifesting in brilliant jewels on the Earth Plane.

Much of our experience on the Earth plane is gained fro our attempts to transform our dreams and wishes into physical tangibility. This is the process of manifestation – of creating physical form or experience from the energetic blueprints that we create with our thoughts, beliefs, and desires. Citrine is our foremost Ally in the process of manifestation. The vibration of Citrine stimulates our second and third Chakras, initiating our creative energy and our Will, ans increasing our ability to make energy manifest.

Manifestation is the second part in the process of creation. The first part is the creation of an energetic framework or blueprint, which outlines what we wish to create. We create this blueprint, every moment; through the words that we speak, the ideas that we hold in our mind, and the actions and choices that we make in our beliefs and ideas. We can manifest only what we have created on an energetic level.

When we hold onto outmoded beliefs, thoughts, and desires, we can create blockages in our third Chakra, resulting in the manifestation of experiences that do not serve our path of growing through joy. Citrine strengthens the resonant field of our second and third Chakras, clearing blockages from our energy systems. When these blocks have been cleared, we are able to create purer energetic blueprints for our reality. This makes it easier for us to manifest those experiences and objects that will serve us more fully on our path.

Our third Chakra is the Chakra of the will. This Chakra can be governed either by the ego, or by the will of the Universe. When it is governed by the ego, we struggle to manifest things that we think will make us feel better, especially those things that we do not need, but would like to have as “proof” of our success in the world. These objects are unable to make us truly happy. The result is a sense of being unfulfilled and unhappy. This creates further blocks in the Chakra, eventually leading to a feeling of total separation from Divine Will and Protection.

When our third Charka is clear, however, we are able to use it in receiving and manifesting Divine Will. Divine Will is the force that aids us in creating our highest and most fulfilling path. When we are open to to Divine Will, our path of love unfolds before us, creating a more joyful lifetime and learning experience.

Manifestation becomes easier because we are putting our energy only into those things that are guided by Universal Will and Law. There is no struggle because you gain a sense of faith in the protective and provisionary powers of the Universe.

Citirne enables us to open more fully to the energy of Divine Will, and the path of love. By resonating with the energy of Citrine, we are reminded that we are loved and supported in our manifestations by the Universe. Choose the path of love and joy, manifesting that which is truly beautiful by opening yourself to the power of Divine Will and Citrine’s teachings of Divine manifestation.

The Message: “When Citrine appears in your layout, you are being asked to take a good look at what you are creating at the moment. What are the beliefs, thoughts and desires that are creating the present situation for you? Remember, you will manifest whatever it is that you hold most in your mind and energy. Are your words and actions consistent with what you want to create?

Citrine has appeared today as your Ally, in order to aid you in guidance and to the Divine Will. Allow yourself to become a channel for the creations that the Universe is sending you. When you align yourself with these sources of higher guidance, you will learn to manifest only those things that are for the highest good of all concerned. In this way, you will begin to see each creatino you birth onto the Earth plane as a manifestation of Light, and an expression of joy.

Charka: Navel And Solar Plexus

Affirmation: I co-create in harmony with the Divine Will.”*

Time to work with the powerful manifestation powers of Citrine! You are going through a major transformation and this is your chance to align with the Divine Will and manifest the life of your dreams! This is not all about material gain, rather about alignment with true soul purpose; which in turn gives you access to strong powers of manifestation. When used with the intention of highest good of all concerned, this is a manifestation of pure joy. When you manifest pure joy into your life, there is no lack. There is no need for the pursuit of material gain, for your success will be measured in abundance, which covers all you need in order to be happy. This is the wish of the Divine Will, for us to live in joy, peace and harmony. When we reach this, we can rest assured that all of our needs are met or exceeded and we can help to raise those around us by sharing our “wealth”. When you live a life without lack, you don’t have to worry about sharing, for you know with conviction that the Universe is abundant and there is always more than enough to go around; enough knowledge, enough love, enough material wealth. There is no lack.

This is a powerful time to be mindful of your thoughts as they manifest themselves rapidly to create a miraculous life around you. Replace fear and doubt with love and gratitude. Replace worry with trust. Replace frowns with smiles and shine your light on the world, lifting everyone around you. Intend to create joy through love and connection.





Published May 27, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle


Daily Angel Oracle Card, from The Crystal Ally Cards, By Naisha Ahsian: Fire

Fire: “The Element of Fire is an intensely powerful Ally to call upon when total and extreme cleansing and change are called for. Fire dwells within the heart of the Earth, and its mighty force is displayed in its ability to turn solid rock into molten lava. Its powers of destruction feed the cycle of rebirth and life, as exampled in the legends of the Phoenix.

The legend of the Phoenix tells of a great bird of incredible beauty that was said to live 500 years. At the end of its life the Phoenix would burst into flames and be consumed. From its own ashes the spirit of the Phoenix would fashion a new body, and be reborn into another life cycle with the beauty and purity of youth restored. This legend speaks of Fire’s power of transformation.

Transformation is the changing of form, appearance, or structure. In the legend of the Phoenix, the power of fire changes the form of the old bird into ashes, and then to the form of a young bird once again. Through the cleansing and purifying force of Fire, the ancient Phoenix is restored to its youthful purity and beauty.

The powers of transformation and transmutation make Fire a vital force to invoke for those who are in need of drastic and profound change in a situation. This change is not easily bought, however, and one can expect to learn significant lessons about life. The saying “trial by fire” is not just a phrase, but is an aspect of the spiritual quest that is considered crucial to the acquirement of mastery of the physical plane and the process of manifestation.

The Elemental force of Fire is embodied by us in our second and third Chakras, located two inches below and two inches above the navel. These centers are the seat of our creative force, sexual energy and will. These Chakras are often overlooked or misunderstood in our culture as being centers of “base” energies that are not “spiritual”. In fact, these energy centers contain powerful forces that are an integral part of our personal power. Our own will to create and pro-create is an echo within us of the creative force of the Universe. Each of our creations can be an offering of thanks to the Universe that bore us, and a representation of the Light that we strive to bring to this physical realm.

Through invoking and facing the creative force of the Fire within, we can purify our energy, transform our bodies and minds, and transmute our creations into higher and more beautiful expressions of the Light. The polarity of the creative force is destruction, which is also an important aspect of the energy of Fire. Utilizing Fire’s power of destruction, we can dis-create those aspects of our lives which no longer serve us, and from the ashes we can form new and more joyful creations.

The message: “The Element of Fire has appeared as a signal for you to prepare for a transformation! You are being initiated in a “trial by Fire” that will create drastic change in your experience of the physical world. Before the creation of the new can begin, however, the destruction of the old must take place. Fire is directing you to seek deep within, to find the outmoded aspects of your life, and then offer them up tot he dragon within, to be transmuted into new and more beautiful creations.

Old habits, possessions, beliefs, and creations that no longer serve you are to be swept away in the flames of your own creative force. From the ashes of these outmoded creations, new and more powerful creations will emerge. By offering those things that are no longer needed to the flame of creations, you are making room in your life for the gifts the Universe is offering to you.

This transformation and transmutation of spirit will be intense. It is through Fire that we become purified and renewed. Attempting to hold onto those things in your life that no longer serve you will only create difficulty. Release them readily, and you will find them replaced with the “gold and jewels” of spiritual growth and abundant physical creations.

One way to aid in this release is through a candle ritual. Carve symbols for those things that you want to release or transmute into the sides of a candle. Light the flame and meditate upon releasing these things to the flame of fire that will transmute them. Allow the candle to burn until all of the symbols have been melted and transmuted into heat and light. Focus upon releasing them to the Universe, where the creative force will utilize the energy to create new and better forms for you.”*

It’s time for a major transformation; starting from the inside and working out to every aspect of your life that is old and outmoded. There is no way of fighting this change, meet it with the intention to flow with grace and ease. Do not fear this transformation; as the outcome will put you on your Divine path. Step into your power and know that you are being Divinely Guided. You cannot lose when you choose higher vibration over lower; higher consciousness over stagnancy, and raise yourself to new, previously unimaginable territory. Yes, there may be a few growing pains and sometimes it is difficult to say goodbye to that which no longer serves you, but you must bless and release; placing your heart with trust in the hands of the Divine.

I love the idea of letting the fire of the candle take the symbols of the old, transmuting it into the new, and I highly recommend that you join me in this ritual… especially during the New Moon! Let us rejoice and welcome change, transmuting negative to positive, setting free those who hold us back and blessing everything new that is coming to us now.


I accept change in my life with ease and grace. I am unconditionally loved, accepted, and fully supported during my transformation and forever after by the Divine.


* The Crystal Ally Cards, By Naisha Ahsian


Golden Topaz~ Intention

Published May 26, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Golden Topaz intention

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Crystal Ally Oracle Card deck, by Naisha Ahsian: Golden Topaz~ Intention

Golden Topaz~ Intention: “Golden Topaz, also called Imperial Topaz, is a dazzling golden stone of great energy and power. This Ally has been used for centuries by royalty and others in positions of power because of its ability to reveal the intentions of others. When you enter into resonance with this stone, your second and third Chakras become crystal clear and transparent, as do those of others around you. The second and third Charkas are the centers of motivation, passion, and the Will. Golden Topaz enables one to perceive and understand the motivations, desires, and intentions of one’s self and others.

Intent is a powerful force for creation and manifestation. It is an application of the power of the Will toward creating a specific situation of the power of the Will toward creating a specific situation or experience. When we are clear about the outcome of our intentions, what the end result of our creation will be, we are able to manifest more easily and more precisely. By using our intent properly, we strengthen it, just like using a muscle.

But if we use our intent improperly, or without discipline, our creations become haphazard and imprecise. Misusing your intention by willfully misleading yourself or others about what it is you wish to create throws a monkey wrench in the entire manifestation machine. It becomes much more difficult to trust yourself or the Universe to manifest that which is good and joyful.

Golden Topaz aids one whose intentions have become obscured, to clear away the debris and reveal the true purpose of your manifestations. By resonating with this Ally, you learn the power of intent.

The Message: “When Golden Topaz enters your reading, you are being told to take a close look at the way you use your intentions to create your reality. Golden Topaz carries the Golden ray. Divine Truth and its illumination will reveal to you where you need to place your attention in order to create the reality you want. Golden Topaz is asking you to look at where you may be misusing your intention, either willfully or unconsciously.

We can willfully misuse our intention by attempting to mislead others about our motives and wishes. When we do this, we shut out the Divine Light of creation, resulting in confused and unpleasant manifestation. Unconscious misuse of intention occurs when we have deep feeling of unworthiness and a lack of self love. When this is the situation, we create experiences that prove our own self-abusive attitudes.

Either of these situations can be rectified and healed by invoking the energy of Golden Topaz, and learning the true motivations behind your actions and creations. When you become clear in your intent, your reality will reflect the Golden ray of Diivne Truth and your true joy will become manifest. Allow Golden Topaz to aid you in your process of self discovery.

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Affirmation: I intend to manifest joy.”*

It is time to be crystal clear about your intentions and how they are creating every aspect of your reality. When you see yourself as the true creator of your own reality, as you are, you begin to comprehend the impact that your intentions have on what you are drawing to you or repelling from you. Intention is a skill that can be honed over time, just as any skill. It requires mindfulness, control and management of your thoughts and ultimately, acute self awareness. You simply cannot continue to feel sorry for yourself; angry; resentful; stuck; out of control; a victim; or live in a state of lack any longer. Your thoughts must be focused only on the positive results that you wish to turn into your future reality. Think of creating a fine dish, you would want only the top, highest quality ingredients, as every compromise you made would bring down the flavour and quality of the dish! You simply cannot create steak and lobster with a can of spam! (I laugh as I type this as I am a vegetarian, but that seemed the most apt description and gets the point across~!)

Keeping a clear focus on what you desire to create, with the intention of the highest good for all concerned, breathe life into your dreams by focusing on the joy, love, connection and healing they will create in the world. See the positive impact on everyone concerned. See the love, see the miracles, see the abundance. Then step into it through intention, and watch your dreams manifest into reality. Anything is possible when you know it is.



*Crystal Ally Oracle Card deck, by Naisha Ahsian



Archangel Raphael ~ Angel Of Healing

Published May 25, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Archangel Raphael

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Messages From Your Angels Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D: Archangel Raphael ~ Angel Of Healing

Archangel Raphael ~ Angel Of Healing:  “I am helping you heal physical challenges in yourself and others. You are a healer, like me.”

Additional Message Of This Card: “I am with you because I am the Archangel Of Healing. I am helping you heal your own body, as well as the bodies of others. I surround physical ailments with my healing energy of emerald-green light, and this energy is absorbed where it is needed.

I speak to healers through their thoughts and feelings. I help you to discern, in this way, if your life’s purpose is to be a healer. I can help you to know which areas of healing to study and then assist with all aspects of your healing career. Call upon me whenever you need such help, and know that I will be with you in an instant.”*

There are so many ways to heal yourself. When we think of healing, we think always of the physical body, but often we need to start with the mind and look at our energy and what we have been creating in our lives. When we are not living our life’s plan, and are instead stuck in old patterns of karma, we create physical signs and symptoms which are there to guide us back to where we need to be. When we ignore these signs or abuse our bodies over time, we create dis-ease that affects our body in ways we can no longer ignore. Then we must make changes, body, mind and spirit; yes, they are all connected and you simply cannot heal yourself without addressing each element of your self.

What is your body telling you, that is linked with past patterns and decisions? How can you clear this energy and move forward with your life, and how can you leave old, damaging habits behind? To start, you must practice mindfulness and turn inward to see where the damage may be coming from.

Do you have an internal dialogue of negativity towards yourself? Are you holding on to old regrets, anger, frustration, resentment or hurt? Are you angry at yourself or see yourself as a victim of someone else? All of these things can be released as you take responsibility for your own actions, and your own life, and Archangel Raphael can help you with this process; all you have to do is ask. Archangel Raphael can help you to bless and release your past, see the lessons so that they don’t need to be repeated, and focus his emerald green ray of healing light through your Heart Chakra and into the areas of your body, mind and spirit that you need to heal. You must be willing to let go, and you must be willing to heal. You must be willing to see that you do still have a life full of choice and possibility, as that is when miracles are received; when you open the door to infinite and Divine possibility.

We have the power to heal ourselves, and the Angels and the Divine are here to help us. Our part is to accept this help with open hearts, minds and spirits; trusting that our highest good is always offered by Source. Open yourself to Divine healing guidance, and ask Archangel Raphael to work with you or help you to facilitate healing those around you. You are more powerful than you think; and channeling this love will help you create healing miracles beyond the boundaries of your current imagination. Reach for the sky, you are part of the stars, we are all connected. By the healing power of love.



 * Messages From Your Angels Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

Lady Titania ~ Be Joyful

Published May 24, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Lady Titania ~ Be Joyful

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Oracle Of The Dragonfae, by Lucy Cavendish: Lady Titania ~ Be Joyful

Tatania speaks: “Celebrate yourself! There is no true happiness without joy in being who you are. Over this next moon cycle, the forthcoming 28 and a half days, many opportunities will come to you to play, revel, dance and explore the moonlit and joyful part of yourself that has been truly too long neglected! It is time to come forth from the place where you have been taking shelter and quiet time, and partake of the joy of good sweet company. Know that everyone, including the beings of the Dragonfae, is delighted and happy to know of your ability to delight in your own self. Celebrate, and we celebrate with you. Hail, joyful kindred spirit and be welcome to the feast!

About Titania: Faery Queen Titania’s name means, literally, daughter of the Titans. The Titans were the elder gods who were the children of Heaven and Earth, and sprang from chaos, along with the Dragonfae, who were also born of the divine. They included Saturn, Rhea, Oceanus, Hyperion, and others. In Ovid’s Metamorphoses Titania is another name for Diana, as well as other goddesses of the night, queens of the shadowy world, ruling over its mystic elements and powers. So, there is no separation: the titans are the goddesses, the goddesses are the Dragonfae. Like Isis, who personified the feminine, generative principle of universal nature, Diana and the others are all nature goddesses. So, rather than being a diminutive creature of delicacy and daintiness, Tatiania is tall, very powerful and very strong. She is of the elfin race where the height and the features are very pronounced, with enough Dragonfae blood in her veins to ensure she is a creature who can fly, and endure for many millenia. She is one of the oldest ones still with us, and yet her path for this time, and for you, is to help to celebrate with others as the joy of being alive. Just as you are feeling old, despairing and fatigued, she will sweep you up in her strong arms, show you the treasures of your life, and lay out a feast for you to partake in with others of your kind. Because being lonely and isolated is no longer an option for you.

Divinatory meanings: Bringing people together in life-changing, sacred and meaningful gatherings; mothering others joyously; being greater than you appear to be; understanding the need for joy and happiness and gatherings that delight in the company of soul mates; family agreements and pacts that are reinforced through celebration; coming together in community with friends. Finding your soul family. Being protected and nurtured by friends and soul-family. Connecting with others at gatherings, even if they are very small; consider hosting gatherings of like-minded souls; be prepared to balance your inner extrovert and introvert; understand the need for family, and for you to nurture those connections. Very very deep connections with others can still be playful!”*

Your wish for finding a supportive people to surround you with is coming true! This is your chance to feel joyful and grateful for the new people coming in to your life; throw a party or gathering, host a workshop, or make a point of giving yourself a chance to spend some time with the people who unconditionally love and support you! This is also a time to enjoy expressing yourself in your own unique ways without fear and doubt, be who you really are; accept yourself and treat yourself as you wish others to do… and it will happen!

Wear your favourite colour, treat yourself to something fun; simple and beautiful; a walk on the beach, a bunch of flowers cut from the garden, a manicure, whatever makes you smile. Throw open the windows, put on your favourite song and dance around your house with sage; cleanse the energy and move it around. You and your home will feel brand new. This next month is full of pleasant surprises, gifts, abundance and miracles. Keep your thoughts positive; full of expectation, anticipation, love and appreciation for this wonderous life.


* Oracle Of The Dragonfae, by Lucy Cavendish


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