Daily Angel Oracle Card, from The Wisdom Of The Golden Path Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno: Change

Change: “The lady pictured on this card looks threatening but in actual fact she is not. She holds a dagger in her hand and is ready to sever her emotional ties with an outmoded way of thinking or pattern that no longer serves her. Freeing herself from these negative ties clears the way for a positive new beginning. The same goes for you. You must let go of the old thought patterns and beliefs that are preventing you from experiencing greater joy and success. What you gain will be a more prosperous and inspiring future Changing your thought patterns and behaviour is not easy and will take patience and conscious effort. But it will be well worth your while. Be aware and open to new possibilities, let go and trust in the natural cycle of change that is occurring. What you surrender will be replaced by something far better. You may feel a little unsettled over the coming days but this will soon pass and all moves forward with ease. This card is a blessing. This change has the power to transform you. Embrace this most positive time with the knowing that you are making way for something new.

I invite this most blessed change into my life,

knowing that it leads to a positive transformation.

I surrender all the thoughts and feelings that no longer serve me,

and replace these with love.”*

What are you holding on to? And why? Can you look deeply into your soul and see the Divine light of eternal connection to all that is? This is the sustaining life force; everything else can fall away if this connection is nurtured with love. Everything that is being held on to, every shred of fear and doubt can be banished in the name of unconditional love and Christ Consciousness. You only need to find this aspect of your higher self in your present incarnation.

Change is often seen as disruptive; of breaking ties; of leaving; or of challenge. This change you are being called to see is one of perception. When you see the world with new eyes, everything, including yourself, transforms before you. There is nothing to fear in this change, and everything to gain as you see the beauty and light in everyone unconditionally; leaving behind old ideas of competition, jealousy, lack and insecurity. Now is the time of abundance, joy, beauty and love; brought about by faith, trust and whole-hearted belief in yourself and your Divine connection.

Take some time to concentrate on clearing and balancing your Chakras; filling your light body and auric field with bright white cleansing light. Starting from your Root Chakra, found at the base of your spine, see it infused with a bright white cleansing light that cleans and clears it of any blockages, allowing the Root Chakra to spin a bright crimson red. This will allow you to feel safe, secure and grounded. Next move up to your Sacral Chakra, right below your belly button. Infusing it with white light and clearing blocks, you can visualize this Chakra spinning with bright orange light. This will balance your sexual energy, while also energizing your creative center. Moving up to the base of your sternum is your Solar Plexus Chakra. Fill it with loving white light and see it glow a perfect bright sparkling yellow. This will allow you to tune in to your intuition and inner wisdom, banishing fears and doubt, and improving your confidence and self esteem. Move up to your Heart Chakra, right in the center of your chest and infuse it with light. See your Heart Chakra fill with bright emerald green light, spinning. See yourself emitting this light as a frequency; in rings of light and vibration out into the Universe, healing everyone and everything it comes into contact with. Moving up to your Throat Chakra, at the base of your throat, see it cleansed and cleared with the white light, creating the most beautiful turquoise spinning light. This will give you the ability to speak your truth without fear of judgement. Moving up to your Third Eye, found just above your eyes in the center of your forehead; see it filled with Divine loving white light, allowing it to spin in a perfect violet light. This will help your awareness, your psychic ability and increase your clairvoyant capabilities. Lastly, (as we are concentrating on the 7 main chakras for this exercise, there are actually 12) move up to your Crown Chakra, at the top and slightly back of your head. Fill it with a final charge of bright white light, seeing the light go from the Crown of your head up from this Chakra and right out into the Universe, creating a stronger Divine Connection.

When your Chakras are cleared, balanced and fully charged with light, you raise your vibration and are able to accept even more light into your auric field. You will feel energized, balanced, grounded and plugged in to your Divine Connection. This will allow you to move through the changes in your life with grace and ease, releasing all fears that have held you back in the past.

Finally, with the help of Archangel Michael, raise your sword of light, and swiftly cut all cords that have been draining your energies, releasing them back to those who created them, and consciously seal your energy in Archangel Michael’s protective shield.

You are now ready to receive change.


* The Wisdom Of The Golden Path Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno


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  1. Maria Murphy says:

    I have felt unsettled all week is this why ?

    1. A lot going on cosmically, we are still in transition. Give yourself some time to relax, meditate, do yoga and keep grounded. Drink lots of water and try to get outside for some fresh air! Blessings to you!

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