Daily Angel Oracle Card, from The Wisdom Of The Golden Path, by Toni Carmine Salerno: Trust

Trust: “The lady featured on this card seems troubled and a little unsure of things. The water represents rising emotions. She senses that a change is looming but she is not sure what changes will occur and how they will affect her. The white dove signifies the Universal spirit which brings good news. behind everything there is single unifying force which is unfathomable and unknowable. You, our world and the entire cosmos are governed by the same Universal energy. This energy which is the essence of all creation and live, also governs all change. Your life like all of life is forever changing and evolving. In order to move forward you must willingly surrender to the Universal energy of love. Trust and allow it to guide you in the knowing that you have placed your trust in the greatest power there is. Within you the power of the entire Universe exists, a power full of infinite creativity. Be bold and strong for you are the creator of your own destiny. Look inside, you will find everything you need there. Just follow your heart and know that what feels right is right.

I trust that all that is occurring is for my highest good.

I trust in the Universal energy of love.

I willingly surrender to the higher will of my soul.

I am always safe. I am blessed.”*

You are holding back from change due to blocks which have been created by fears. Your fears stem from past experiences and don’t actually factor in to your new life; you must shed these fears in order to move to the next step of your journey; which is also the next step up in your level of consciousness.

Take some time to meditate, journal or write a letter to bless and release a past person, people or situation that has been weighing down your heart, holding you into a pattern of fear or forced you to feel that you need to protect yourself emotionally from receiving love. Trust the process and fill in all details that will bring this past hurt into the present. Allow the old feelings to wash over you without being taken over by pity. See the lesson; there is always a reason that you have experienced the pain of the past. When you can clearly see the lesson, it is time to forgive and release everyone involved; stepping into your power and away from victimhood.

You can now take full control of your life, welcoming change with receptivity and trust. Fearlessly take full responsibility for your decisions, knowing that you are Divinely supported and loved beyond measure by your angels and the Divine. Trust in yourself, receive what the Universe is offering you, and bask in the glory of the miracles and abundance all around you. Life on Earth is blessed.


* The Wisdom Of The Golden Path, by Toni Carmine Salerno


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