Lepidolite ~ Acceptance

lepidolite, acceptance

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the The Crystal Ally Cards, By Naisha Ahsian: Lepidolite ~ Acceptance

Lepidolite ~ Acceptance: “In this image a bowl representing the feminine, receptive aspect of Spirit, floats in an empty sea, with no land in sight. The bowl allows itself to be carried by the current to a new shore. This is the image of acceptance.

Lepidolite is a soft lavender-to-magenta stone with a high lithium content. Like other high lithium stones, Lepidolite creates calming, soothing energy around the heart chakra and within the aura. Lepidolite often occurs in tandem with Rubellite (pink Tourmaline). This symbiotic relationship combines the soft, calming energy of Lepidolite with the deep sense of love and inner peace that Tourmaline provides.

The resonance that Lepidolite creates within one’s energetic field is that of acceptance. Acceptance is the process of surrendering to the higher Will of the Divine Creator. Occasionally, we attempt to force the creation of something that is not in harmony with the Will of the Universe, or is not for the highest good of all concerned. In these situations, the Universe invariably places a roadblock in our path to signal us that what we are attempting to manifest is not harmonious with the Divine plan. When a block such as this occurs, we need to accept the will of the Universe, and “hand over” the situation to our higher power.

If the creation that you are attempting is indeed the right one for you, the Universe will point you in a direction that will aid in the manifestation of an appropriate form. If the creation you are attempting is not harmonious with that plan, you are being asked to accept that the superior understanding of the Universal mind will provide you with something even better than that which you were attempting to manifest.

The act of acceptance is also an act that nourishes the receptive side of your nature. It is a way in which you can acknowledge your willingness to receive the bounty that the Universe has prepared for you. Practicing acceptance of Universal Will creates trust in the abundance of the Universe.

Acceptance is not the same as giving up or quitting. Acceptance is an act of faith in the greater plan of the Universe, not simply a reaction to frustration and difficulty. In many cases, ans act of acceptance takes supreme courage, and the willingness to live your belief in the Universal plan.

The Message: “Lepidolite has appeared to signal to you that the most productive action you can take at this time is that of accepting the Divine plan. There are many ways that the Universe can work to create miracles in your life. To experience these miracles, you need to recognize when you are being asked to pause and wait for acceptance, you are taking yourself out of your own way. Soon, when the Universe has put all of the pieces in their proper places, you will be signaled to take action again.

Lepidolite is telling you to release your present situation to the higher understanding of the Universe. There may be some aspect in what you are attempting to create that is not harmonious with the purposes of the Divine plan. Offer the situation to the Universe, become receptive to a resolution, and accept the guidance that is given to you. You can be sure that whatever purpose the Universe has for you, it will lead you to wonders even more magical than those you could create for yourself.

Allow the energy of Lepidolite to aid you in accepting the bounty that is being offered to you, and know that you a child of the Universe – joyful, abundant, and Divine.

Chakra: Heart

Affirmation: I accept miracles into my life.”*

Acceptance; perfect Divine order. You have weathered the Storm, you have Released, you have made the transformational leap of faith required by Change, have been called to Surrender, Trust and Forgive yourself and your past. Now it is time for Acceptance.

You are asked to accept what is offered to you on your journey; trusting that it is all part of the Divine Plan. If you feel that you are struggling, that things are not going the way you would like them too, then you must step back from this struggle and look at the bigger picture. The Universe has a larger, more harmonious plan for you. Can you accept this with faith, even though your vision isn’t proceeding as planned, and believe that there is something even better in store for you? Can you have faith that it will be for the highest possible good of everyone involved? Can you let go of your limited beliefs and trust in Source to guide you to your dreams and desires in a way that you never thought possible? When you do, miracles will happen, abundance will bloom and the Universe will show you it’s true power, through providing beyond what you thought possible. This is a very powerful time, even though it is not a time of action; it is a shift in perspective. You don’t always have to “work hard” to get what you want… sometimes you just have to accept and receive with patience and stillness.

With forgiveness and gratitude, you can come to acceptance. Try the Ho’oponopono Song: I am sorry; I forgive you; I love you; thank you. Repeated over and over as a meditation mantra, and applied to past hurtful situations, it will heal you emotionally and allow you to complete your forgiveness, invite gratitude and love and be receptive to new and amazing experiences.





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