Queen Oonagh

Queen Oonagh

Daily Angel Oracle card, from the Oracle Of The Dragonfae, by Lucy Cavendish: Queen Oonagh

Queen Oonagh: “A brilliant solution is on its way.”

“At present, you are confronted with a challenging situation, which feels almost as if it will overwhelm you. The might of the challenge is not truly as it seems, because within you are clever and indeed brilliant solutions to this dilemma. They reside within your mind and in your ability to stay calm under duress. Do not allow yourself to be bullied by someone or something that seems so much more powerful than you. Keep a cool head and plan your strategy. You have formidable resources in the intellect you have been given, in the power of your mind and of your imagination. Explore yourself, and truly think your way out of this one. You have powerful allies who will assist you, and your intelligence and your brilliance are here to be worked with. You currently have all you need in order to overcome this challenge: this obstacle is one you can easily disarm. Be calm, center yourself, and allow the solutions to filter through from your higher intelligence. You have a beautiful and brilliant light inside of your mind, and as you shine it more and more brightly, this situation that seems so troublesome will soon fade away. You have brilliance. You have intelligence. Believe in your gifts and your ability, and use them , now.”

Divinatory meanings: “There is a practical approach to a seemingly unsolvable problem; if you take this tack, it will have fantastic results. Look at how you can follow the letter of the law, so to speak, and yet be innovative and clever in your approach. Put your own needs first and do not be a victim in this situation. There is a way out, and it involves using your wits and wiles, and being aware that it is right and fair for you to do so when you have so much at stake! Using the gifts of the Earth and of Gaia, of air and water, for practical ends with magical results. Affinity with rowan wood.

Brainstorm solutions – get really creative. Think of the different talents you have, and think of how to present yourself in order to outwit someone who wishes to take advantage of you. Do not feel that because you are a gentle and beautiful person that you cannot give as good as you get, and better! You can indeed outwit this foe – using distraction and ingenuity, you will defeat the threat at hand and win with integrity!”*

You are not giving yourself credit for how resourceful and strong you actually are. You need to stop waiting for someone to come along and save you, and get to work creating a solution. Once you put inspiration to action, the Universe will meet you half way, making the trip half as difficult as you had once perceived. You have everything you need to create what will move you thought this, and you need to appreciate yourself and look back on all of your victories instead of all of your past trials and difficulties. You can do this!

Either physically or mentally make a list of all the sticky situations you have managed to get yourself out of to date. There is no point in worrying, as it gets you nowhere and uses up your precious creative energy, so get to thinking positively without delay. Dwell on happy outcomes and let the fear of worry subside. Dig deeply into your inner strength, wisdom and power and ask for a solution. Ask your Angels, particularly Archangel Michael, to help you to step back from the situation right in front of you and gain a higher perspective. Ask for Divine Guidance and it will be given to you. Watch for signs and synchronicity as these are messages for you.

Finally, write down the perfect outcome to your situation on a piece of paper, even if you have no present idea as to how it will manifest. Place the paper under your pillow (with a quartz crystal if you have one handy!) and before you close your eyes at night, give it one last read, setting the intention to have the problem solved by morning. In the morning, read the paper and intend to have the problem solved during the day. Do this until a solutions becomes clear; this is activating your subconscious mind to work overtime finding the perfect ingredients to solving your problem; while also activating the Law Of Attraction to provide a beneficial solution. Reading the paper silently or out loud to your angels whenever possible during the day is also perfect.

I always have faith,

That the Universe will provide.



* Oracle Of The Dragonfae, by Lucy Cavendish


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  1. Maria Murphy says:

    thank you this is very helpful


    1. Thank you for the message Annie, I so appreciate your feedback! It makes it all worthwhile to know that I am helping… although I am just the messenger! ;0) Blessings!

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