Have You Asked Your Angels For Help With This?

Have you asked your angels for help with this?

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Angel Therapy Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D: Have You Asked Your Angels For Help With This?

Have You Asked Your Angels For Help With This?: Your angels want to help you with this situation; however, they require your permission before they can intervene in your freewill choices. This card indicates that you have been going it alone, trying to single-handedly find answers and solutions. All the while, your angels hover nearby awaiting the moment when you give them the go-ahead signal so that they can help you.

you drew this card because the angels want to assist you with this situation, but they can only do so if you give them permission. The angels are available to you right now – to answer your questions, give you guidance, and speed your manifestations. It is true that God and the angels already know what you need. However, because God created you and everyone with free will, heaven can only intervene if you give permission. It does not matter whether you ask for help aloud, in written form, silently, or even what worlds you choose. What matters is that you ask. If you are unsure of what to ask for or are concerned about asking for the wrong thing or requesting less than God’s will, then ask Heaven to help you with clarity and courage.

Action Steps:

“Whether you are seeking answers and guidance, healing and relief, or a manifestation of your earthly material needs, your angels can assist you in powerful ways. Take a moment right now to ask for your angels’ help, either silently or aloud. Please do not worry about asking for the wrong thing or stating your prayer in an incorrect way, as the angels respond to the intention that underlies your request. After you ask for their help, watch for and follow the angels’ replies, which will come in the form of gut feelings, dreams, ideas and signs.”*

It’s time to call in the big guns! No more going it alone, you have Divine Help, you only need ask for it. There is no right or wrong way to ask for help, although my personal preference is to start out by thanking the angels for the help they have provided as if it has already taken place, which to me, activates the Law Of Attraction at the same time. When you start with gratitude, you can get excited about your solution as if you are living it in the present; rather than focusing on the lack of a solution. For example, look at the difference between asking and expressing gratitude:

1. “Please Angels, help me to find a way to: pay my bills; create abundance; lose weight; heal myself; repair my relationship.”

2. “Thank You Angels, for helping me find a harmonious solution to paying my bills with ease and grace; attract abundance into my life with ease and grace; heal myself with ease and grace; repair my relationship with ease and grace… and so it is.”

It’s not that the Angels see a difference in the way that you ask, or that they treat the gravity of the situation any differently depending on how you say it. The key is that gratitude puts you into a state of receptivity, allowing the solution to come to you more easily. Try it out and see how it feels. As I say, there is no right or wrong, it’s what feels right to you, but some excitement, expectation and gleeful anticipation can certainly help speed things along!

It’s time  to call your angels in… however you you choose to do this is just perfect, but do it now!



* Angel Therapy Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D


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