Melusine ~ Love Who You Are

Melusine love who you are

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Oracle Of The Dragonfae, by Lucy Cavendish: Melusine ~ Love Who You Are

Melusine Speaks: “Keys are rare in the realm of spirit; but I now provide you with a key that will open the door to who you truly are. Your true feelings about self-worth and self-love have been hidden, locked away for years, but now they will be revealed, and healed, for all time. For there is a part of you that you feel is not suitable to be shown to others, particularly in romantic relationships. You feel that this part of you is unacceptable and lacking in beauty. However, this part of you, in being denied, is causing pain and guilt to surface within relationships where there need be none. You deserve to be loved for all of you, for the parts that re claws and thorns, for your lines and your grief, for your irritability and your sadness. I, Melusine, do not say to go into these parts and stay there, but know that what you consider to be unacceptable is in fact part of your beauty – and true beauty is wholeness. Come forward and be revealed, and never again mistrust or reject a portion of who you are. Embrace your scars and flaws, and see them as wonderful differences that only make you unique, and very real. Open your heart, unlock the door and step out of the enchanted chamber in which you have hidden this aspect of who you are. Love all of you, your body and soul, your mind and spirit, your ancestry and your trials and challenges. You are perfect, whole and complete, with the unique stamp of this individual body and soul upon you. I will help you love yourself more truly and deeply than ever before. Take this key, and unlock the secret parts of you. Let them see the light, and know that you are safer for doing so than you have ever been before, in any of your numerous lifetimes.”

Melusine is very beautiful, and very true to herself. She is able to move between her forms, and is very much of the water and the forest. She falls in love, but never loses herself, and she will not be insulted. She owns her Dragonfae-self and gives to her many children the secrets of Avalon.

Divinatory meanings: You may be facing rejection from others, particularly due to traditional family, religious or cultural expectations. Being thought of as unacceptable in some way. Struggling to fit into an environment that only loves part of who you are. Finding people what you to hide some of who you are, so that you fit in.

Confide in those who love who you truly are, and when the first glimmer of acceptance is given, feel your own self-acceptance blossom. Spend time in water, in baths, and amongst nature to learn to fully accept who you are. See the incredible variation in all natural forms, and know that you are a beautiful being of nature yourself.”*


* Oracle Of The Dragonfae, by Lucy Cavendish



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