The Listener

The Listener

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Oracle Of The Dragonfae, by Lucy Cavendish:  The Listener

The Listener speaks: “How much have you missed because I could not have the space, the wild quiet, the blessed peace in which to whisper my secret straight to your soul How much more could you be aware of it you simply took the time to be still and silent? The whole world can be heard in a moment… and now it is your time to be still, and to be silent. Listen and truly understand what it is you are hearing. Listen with your being, your entire being, not just your ears. Allow your senses to be the soul’s messengers. Sometimes we need to be quiet and listen. But first of all we need to be quiet. So many people talk so much of the time. And the talking and the talking and the filling up of space simply drowns out the message. The Dragonfae do not decry conversation and robust dialogue, the joyous clash of friends talking with each other, or the singing out of voices… especially when raised in joy, celebration, song and good cheer! But this card speaks of a time when it would be right for you to be still, and to listen, as the world whispers her secrets to you. We do not want to be making so much noise that we drown out our own signs and messages. So be still. Be silent. And be ready for the messages to come in sweet, subtle and magical ways.

Divinatory meanings: “A time for peace and quiet, literally finding a quiet space, softening noise. There could be increased noise sensitivity at this time; finding that it is hard to contemplate or think of what needs to be happening, or hard to decide on the best course of action for you due to interruptions and almost constant demands and distractions. One thing after another may be demanding your time and your desire for a peaceful time-out for contemplation may seem an impossible dream.

Meditation, taking part in retreats and soul excursions and therapy are recommended. But it is the space you create in which to commune with your own soul self that is of great importance at this time. Soothing music, meditation CDs and natural sounds of the elements would be very healing. A need to withdraw from the noise and volume around you, to seek out quiet space and time in which to actively hear the messages of our own spirit.”*

It’s time to take some quiet time. Yes, that means you have to turn off your phone, iPad, iPod, tablet, lap top, the TV, the radio and any other distraction you may have around you. Even better, get outside and leave the whole works behind… for as long as you can get away. Even a few minutes of peace is so very healing to our souls, yet we feel naked and vulnerable without our mobile phones clutched in our hands… even in a pocket is sometimes too far away.

When you leave all that behind and get out for a walk on the beach, in the forest, park, or spend some time in your own garden, you get some time to communicate with the Gaia, and your angels, undisturbed. We need this time. Listen to the birds, the frogs or crickets, the lapping waves or the breeze through the trees. Feel the silence and peace around you. Look up at the clouds; sun; moon or stars. Send gratitude and ask for messages. Receive. Breathe. Open your heart, your Third eye, your Crown chakra; awaken your dulled senses that are normally shut down as they are so overwhelmed by noise and distraction.

Your angels are trying to talk to you, but their singing is often too soft and sweet to be heard above the onslaught of technology. Give them your silence as a gift, and they will give you back a gift a hundred times more valuable. One of unconditional love and Universal wisdom.


* Oracle Of The Dragonfae, by Lucy Cavendish


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  1. Maria Murphy says:

    I try to have a hour with my angel music on everyday and then go for a walk or in the garden

    1. That is perfect Maria, so important. Imagine a world where we all did this, free of our technology for a whole hour (ideally longer!), communicating with our Angels and sending gratitude to the Earth! Harmony and bliss!!
      Blessings to you!

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