I AM ~ Angel Of Manifestation

I AM angel of manifestation

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Blue Angel Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno: I AM ~ Angel Of Manifestation

I AM ~ Angel Of Manifestation: “Wealth”.

“This card signifies spiritual and material wealth. Both are available to you and both are necessary if you are to create the life you desire. To some, money and spirituality seem like a contradiction. Yet noting can be further from the truth. For money, just like spirit is simply energy; it is neither good nor bad. You will attract wealth by doing what you love or working towards doing what you love, but you must learn to love and value money also, for if you do not, you will find yourself reluctantly chasing after it until you do. The angel on this card is holding a gold heart, a symbol of the love and wealth that is being offered to you. If you wish to accept and create wealth then close your eyes for a moment and allow this beautiful energy to fill you. Spiritual wealth and material abundance are yours for the asking if you love and value both – all they require is love.”

“A stream of gold flows through my heart and thoughts – this is my true essence – which I love, accept and share with others.”*

This card is an extremely auspicious card if you are wishing to create wealth and prosperity in your life right now. However, it is not only a prophecy of future windfalls; it is also a card of shifting perceptions and expectations in order to receive what the Divine is sending to you. I have written this message many times before, and it is a message to look at our attitudes, and how we are creating our reality with thought and feeling.

It’s easy to look at your bank account and get angry that it doesn’t look the way that you wish it did. It’s easy to get caught up in thinking that “everyone is out to get you” when you receive bills that are higher than you thought; or totally unexpected. It’s easy to hate your car because it keeps breaking down, or your house because it’s too small or not in the right area. And it’s easy to concentrate on all the things that keep “going wrong” rather than all the good things that surround you. When you focus on what you can’t stand about your life, over and over thinking thoughts of life being unfair, and feeling like a victim; you draw more of those experiences to you, whether you like it or not!

It’s time to turn all that around, once and for all! It’s time to focus on what you want; not while cursing about and worrying about what you don’t want, you must let that go! Focus on what you want, knowing and trusting that your Angel of Manifestation will guide it right to you as soon as you figure out exactly what that is!

Imagine you are someone’s Angel Of Manifestation, and your job is to give that person EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE THINKING OF, without judgement or interference…. are you getting me now? Imagine that you, as this Angel, can only give people what they focus on, due to our Divine gift of free will. Take a few deep breaths and really let that sink in. Now, really think about what you are telling YOUR Angel of Manifestation…. does it need some tweaking? Does it need to be WAY MORE positive and high vibrational? Does it need some faith in the Divine thrown in there, as well as some gratitude and self worth? You must have conviction that you deserve the abundance being sent to you, you must know that it is for your highest good and for the highest good of all involved.

Take some time to recreate your focus. Detail by detail. Write it down and read it until you have it memorized; or just keep reading it if you prefer. Paint a beautiful picture of your life, as if it is in full swing, full of your wildest dreams and desires, thoughts, feelings, emotions; the works. Add to it, reformulate it, edit and expand it as often as you like, adding the most minute details such as how amazingly awesomely joyful you are, and how fantastic it is to have all that “wealth”. Yes, have FUN with it! Smile! Be light! Dance, sing, be creative and feel exuberant in your new freedom.

Then pull in the emotion to create your miracles. Expectation. Excitement. Anticipation. Happy Dance. Gratitude. Joy. Harmony. Peace. Balance…. the list goes on….  all fuel for the manifestation of your dreams.




* Blue Angel Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno


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