Your Wish Is Granted!

Published May 20, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Your Wish Is Granted

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Magical Messages From The Fairies Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D: Your Wish Is Granted!

Your Wish Is Granted!: “What you have asked for is coming true.”

“The fairies know how to magically manifest all of their material needs and desires, and they also assist people – like yourself – in making their dreams come true. This card represents that the fairies are very happy to grant your wish! They work in concert with all of the universal forces and energies, but you can also help your prayers rapidly manifest by going with the flow in your own life. Stay as centered and peaceful as possible because negativity could block your desire. Go outside in nature often to keep your spirit soaring with the magical energies of joy and gratitude.”

Additional Meanings For This Card: “A loved one is planning a surprise for you. Your thoughts are manifesting into form very quickly, so be sure that your silent prayers and spoken words are aligned with your desires and not your fears. Trust in the Universe. Keep a sense of wonder and awe.”*

This is one of my absolute favourite cards! Yey! Your wish IS granted. Notice, that it is not in the future tense, your wish will be granted… it is in the present… Your wish IS granted. The fairies have heard your prayers and are, right this moment, breathing life into your dreams and desires using their magical fairy dust! This is it! Your dreams are coming true, right here and now, so keep your thoughts full of joy and gratitude. Look around for signs and messages with awe and wonder, knowing that miracles are all around you, you must only be open to receive them.

Many of my messages hinge on keeping yourself receptive to positive outcomes, putting worries out of your mind, and concentrating your thoughts on positive outcomes. When you do this, you open the flow of abundance to you, rather than blocking it with negative, low vibrational thoughts. You simply MUST learn to trust the Universe. You also must allow the Law Of Attraction to work for you, by raising your vibration to match what it is that you are wanting to manifest into your reality. The only way to do this is to banish worry, fear, doubt, regret and low self worth. You must know that you are worthy, you are safe,  you are secure and you are fully and unconditionally loved and supported by the Universe, the angels, fairies and the Divine. When you surrender fear and embrace positive thoughts and energy, you become a magnet to your desires. Do not focus on the “How” but instead on “Why” you desire the outcome; the Universe needs you to be flexible so that it can be creative, often bringing you something much better than you originally asked for! Remember, dream BIG!

My wish is granted! I am fully supported by the Universe. All of my needs are met or exceeded.

I AM Love. I AM light. I AM worthy of all the Universe has to offer.

All Of my dreams and desires are manifesting with ease and grace.


* Magical Messages From The Fairies Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D


37 comments on “Your Wish Is Granted!

  • My only wish is for thus house we live in to be sold so I can move on with my life in a more positive way, four years i have waited for this to happen. Please make my wish come true xx

    • Carole, move past it and keep your thoughts focused on how wonderful you feel now that your house is sold. Read the Law Of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks, attract the perfect buyers for your home. Blessings, love and light. Consider it sold! ;o)



  • My Wish is I Wish To Get Married and Have Kids By a Very Beautiful Single Black Lady From ATLANTA GEORGIA THAT,S My Age and She Must Have No Kids and She Must Be a Non Smoker and She Must Be a Non Drinker and She Must Be Drug and Disease Free and She Must Have No Pets and She Must Not Be a Gold Digger And She Must Be Very Healthy and She Must Be Very Romantic To Me and She Must Be Very Faithful and Very True To Me and She Must Love Me For Me and Give Me Real True Love and She Must Be Very Loyal To Me and She Must Be Very Sexy From Head To Toe and She Must Be Big and Very Beautiful and I Want To Have a Very Good Very Long Term Very Successful Very Good Marriage With Such a Lady Like this Very Soon.

  • Dear Doreen,
    I wish I would actually see a sign from Archangel Gabriel because I am in such a sad situation.My boyfriend has cut me off from his life because I found out that he is communicating(probably seeing some women “friends” while we are in a relationship. I wish he could have communicated his feelings to me and tried to work on our relationship instead of cheating on me. I need Archangel Michael to communicate to him on my behalf so that he will undrstand how much I cared about him and that his action really hurt me.Please,help me….

    • Olivia, when one door closes, another one is open. Maybe it is time to let this situation go, even though it has hurt you. You deserve better than to have someone be unfaithful to you. Believe in yourself and know that you are worthy of a beautiful and honest relationship. Let the past go and make room for a wonderful future. Concentrate on yourself. Blessings, love and light.

  • Doreen, my wish is to have my marriage renewed. My wish is to have the influence removed from my husband. My wish is to enjoy our happy and content marriage and make it to our porch and rocking chairs

  • I wish that my family and zubair’s family unite and they accept our relationship starting now so that we can keep on dating and get married when we want to.
    Please grant my wish dear fairies, i love him more than anything and i want to be with him forever

  • I have more than 1 wish I’ll say my first few wishes but not all of them
    1: To have straight hair to begin with=long
    2: To have my best friend Taylor be my little sister to begin with
    3: to have my real name/birth name be Madison
    4: to get my braces off
    5: to be 5’5ft tall
    6: to move into a house in Everett and for it to be big with a big back yard.
    7: to have my room be big and black with a queen sized bed
    8: To never need glasses ever again
    9: to have no pimples and to smell good all the time
    10: to go to the Evedette high school for high school

  • Hello, Doreen and dear archangel Gabriel! I wish to become one of Glitter Force and I want to safe world… I want use my power for good and get peace and love for everyone. That is my beloved wishes all of any dreams. I know that it’s impossible.. But I want believe in magic and believe that every wishes can come true for every one. I want that I could protect people for bad… 😇 This is my wish, so… Will you accept my wish?🌸

  • dear god it is 2018, and angels of god, please bring jessica and giana home, and we all will get amunity against the corrupt divorce case, richard will receive what you seem just in his kenosha wi. court case, and jessica and giana and our maternal family will be safe, happy, healthy, wealthy, and protected from the bad people, please keep jessica and giana and my maternal family and animals safe, amen, in the name of the father son and holy sprirt amen.

    • Aw sweetie, we are all here for a reason and we all have gifts to share. Focus on your special skills and talents. Make the most of where you are and what you have got, and don’t let anyone put you down. Every single one of us is beautiful in a unique and important way. Blessings, Love and Light. Dee

  • I wish Leni, Lynn, and Lori from the loud house to pop out of the television to be cartoons out of the screen to take Brittney, Dinah and Me to take us their world.

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