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Lady Titania ~ Be Joyful

Published May 24, 2014 by Dee ~ Archangel Oracle

Lady Titania ~ Be Joyful

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Oracle Of The Dragonfae, by Lucy Cavendish: Lady Titania ~ Be Joyful

Tatania speaks: “Celebrate yourself! There is no true happiness without joy in being who you are. Over this next moon cycle, the forthcoming 28 and a half days, many opportunities will come to you to play, revel, dance and explore the moonlit and joyful part of yourself that has been truly too long neglected! It is time to come forth from the place where you have been taking shelter and quiet time, and partake of the joy of good sweet company. Know that everyone, including the beings of the Dragonfae, is delighted and happy to know of your ability to delight in your own self. Celebrate, and we celebrate with you. Hail, joyful kindred spirit and be welcome to the feast!

About Titania: Faery Queen Titania’s name means, literally, daughter of the Titans. The Titans were the elder gods who were the children of Heaven and Earth, and sprang from chaos, along with the Dragonfae, who were also born of the divine. They included Saturn, Rhea, Oceanus, Hyperion, and others. In Ovid’s Metamorphoses Titania is another name for Diana, as well as other goddesses of the night, queens of the shadowy world, ruling over its mystic elements and powers. So, there is no separation: the titans are the goddesses, the goddesses are the Dragonfae. Like Isis, who personified the feminine, generative principle of universal nature, Diana and the others are all nature goddesses. So, rather than being a diminutive creature of delicacy and daintiness, Tatiania is tall, very powerful and very strong. She is of the elfin race where the height and the features are very pronounced, with enough Dragonfae blood in her veins to ensure she is a creature who can fly, and endure for many millenia. She is one of the oldest ones still with us, and yet her path for this time, and for you, is to help to celebrate with others as the joy of being alive. Just as you are feeling old, despairing and fatigued, she will sweep you up in her strong arms, show you the treasures of your life, and lay out a feast for you to partake in with others of your kind. Because being lonely and isolated is no longer an option for you.

Divinatory meanings: Bringing people together in life-changing, sacred and meaningful gatherings; mothering others joyously; being greater than you appear to be; understanding the need for joy and happiness and gatherings that delight in the company of soul mates; family agreements and pacts that are reinforced through celebration; coming together in community with friends. Finding your soul family. Being protected and nurtured by friends and soul-family. Connecting with others at gatherings, even if they are very small; consider hosting gatherings of like-minded souls; be prepared to balance your inner extrovert and introvert; understand the need for family, and for you to nurture those connections. Very very deep connections with others can still be playful!”*

Your wish for finding a supportive people to surround you with is coming true! This is your chance to feel joyful and grateful for the new people coming in to your life; throw a party or gathering, host a workshop, or make a point of giving yourself a chance to spend some time with the people who unconditionally love and support you! This is also a time to enjoy expressing yourself in your own unique ways without fear and doubt, be who you really are; accept yourself and treat yourself as you wish others to do… and it will happen!

Wear your favourite colour, treat yourself to something fun; simple and beautiful; a walk on the beach, a bunch of flowers cut from the garden, a manicure, whatever makes you smile. Throw open the windows, put on your favourite song and dance around your house with sage; cleanse the energy and move it around. You and your home will feel brand new. This next month is full of pleasant surprises, gifts, abundance and miracles. Keep your thoughts positive; full of expectation, anticipation, love and appreciation for this wonderous life.


* Oracle Of The Dragonfae, by Lucy Cavendish


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