Golden Topaz~ Intention

Golden Topaz intention

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Crystal Ally Oracle Card deck, by Naisha Ahsian: Golden Topaz~ Intention

Golden Topaz~ Intention: “Golden Topaz, also called Imperial Topaz, is a dazzling golden stone of great energy and power. This Ally has been used for centuries by royalty and others in positions of power because of its ability to reveal the intentions of others. When you enter into resonance with this stone, your second and third Chakras become crystal clear and transparent, as do those of others around you. The second and third Charkas are the centers of motivation, passion, and the Will. Golden Topaz enables one to perceive and understand the motivations, desires, and intentions of one’s self and others.

Intent is a powerful force for creation and manifestation. It is an application of the power of the Will toward creating a specific situation of the power of the Will toward creating a specific situation or experience. When we are clear about the outcome of our intentions, what the end result of our creation will be, we are able to manifest more easily and more precisely. By using our intent properly, we strengthen it, just like using a muscle.

But if we use our intent improperly, or without discipline, our creations become haphazard and imprecise. Misusing your intention by willfully misleading yourself or others about what it is you wish to create throws a monkey wrench in the entire manifestation machine. It becomes much more difficult to trust yourself or the Universe to manifest that which is good and joyful.

Golden Topaz aids one whose intentions have become obscured, to clear away the debris and reveal the true purpose of your manifestations. By resonating with this Ally, you learn the power of intent.

The Message: “When Golden Topaz enters your reading, you are being told to take a close look at the way you use your intentions to create your reality. Golden Topaz carries the Golden ray. Divine Truth and its illumination will reveal to you where you need to place your attention in order to create the reality you want. Golden Topaz is asking you to look at where you may be misusing your intention, either willfully or unconsciously.

We can willfully misuse our intention by attempting to mislead others about our motives and wishes. When we do this, we shut out the Divine Light of creation, resulting in confused and unpleasant manifestation. Unconscious misuse of intention occurs when we have deep feeling of unworthiness and a lack of self love. When this is the situation, we create experiences that prove our own self-abusive attitudes.

Either of these situations can be rectified and healed by invoking the energy of Golden Topaz, and learning the true motivations behind your actions and creations. When you become clear in your intent, your reality will reflect the Golden ray of Diivne Truth and your true joy will become manifest. Allow Golden Topaz to aid you in your process of self discovery.

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Affirmation: I intend to manifest joy.”*

It is time to be crystal clear about your intentions and how they are creating every aspect of your reality. When you see yourself as the true creator of your own reality, as you are, you begin to comprehend the impact that your intentions have on what you are drawing to you or repelling from you. Intention is a skill that can be honed over time, just as any skill. It requires mindfulness, control and management of your thoughts and ultimately, acute self awareness. You simply cannot continue to feel sorry for yourself; angry; resentful; stuck; out of control; a victim; or live in a state of lack any longer. Your thoughts must be focused only on the positive results that you wish to turn into your future reality. Think of creating a fine dish, you would want only the top, highest quality ingredients, as every compromise you made would bring down the flavour and quality of the dish! You simply cannot create steak and lobster with a can of spam! (I laugh as I type this as I am a vegetarian, but that seemed the most apt description and gets the point across~!)

Keeping a clear focus on what you desire to create, with the intention of the highest good for all concerned, breathe life into your dreams by focusing on the joy, love, connection and healing they will create in the world. See the positive impact on everyone concerned. See the love, see the miracles, see the abundance. Then step into it through intention, and watch your dreams manifest into reality. Anything is possible when you know it is.



*Crystal Ally Oracle Card deck, by Naisha Ahsian



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