Daily Angel Oracle Card, from The Crystal Ally Cards, By Naisha Ahsian: Fire

Fire: “The Element of Fire is an intensely powerful Ally to call upon when total and extreme cleansing and change are called for. Fire dwells within the heart of the Earth, and its mighty force is displayed in its ability to turn solid rock into molten lava. Its powers of destruction feed the cycle of rebirth and life, as exampled in the legends of the Phoenix.

The legend of the Phoenix tells of a great bird of incredible beauty that was said to live 500 years. At the end of its life the Phoenix would burst into flames and be consumed. From its own ashes the spirit of the Phoenix would fashion a new body, and be reborn into another life cycle with the beauty and purity of youth restored. This legend speaks of Fire’s power of transformation.

Transformation is the changing of form, appearance, or structure. In the legend of the Phoenix, the power of fire changes the form of the old bird into ashes, and then to the form of a young bird once again. Through the cleansing and purifying force of Fire, the ancient Phoenix is restored to its youthful purity and beauty.

The powers of transformation and transmutation make Fire a vital force to invoke for those who are in need of drastic and profound change in a situation. This change is not easily bought, however, and one can expect to learn significant lessons about life. The saying “trial by fire” is not just a phrase, but is an aspect of the spiritual quest that is considered crucial to the acquirement of mastery of the physical plane and the process of manifestation.

The Elemental force of Fire is embodied by us in our second and third Chakras, located two inches below and two inches above the navel. These centers are the seat of our creative force, sexual energy and will. These Chakras are often overlooked or misunderstood in our culture as being centers of “base” energies that are not “spiritual”. In fact, these energy centers contain powerful forces that are an integral part of our personal power. Our own will to create and pro-create is an echo within us of the creative force of the Universe. Each of our creations can be an offering of thanks to the Universe that bore us, and a representation of the Light that we strive to bring to this physical realm.

Through invoking and facing the creative force of the Fire within, we can purify our energy, transform our bodies and minds, and transmute our creations into higher and more beautiful expressions of the Light. The polarity of the creative force is destruction, which is also an important aspect of the energy of Fire. Utilizing Fire’s power of destruction, we can dis-create those aspects of our lives which no longer serve us, and from the ashes we can form new and more joyful creations.

The message: “The Element of Fire has appeared as a signal for you to prepare for a transformation! You are being initiated in a “trial by Fire” that will create drastic change in your experience of the physical world. Before the creation of the new can begin, however, the destruction of the old must take place. Fire is directing you to seek deep within, to find the outmoded aspects of your life, and then offer them up tot he dragon within, to be transmuted into new and more beautiful creations.

Old habits, possessions, beliefs, and creations that no longer serve you are to be swept away in the flames of your own creative force. From the ashes of these outmoded creations, new and more powerful creations will emerge. By offering those things that are no longer needed to the flame of creations, you are making room in your life for the gifts the Universe is offering to you.

This transformation and transmutation of spirit will be intense. It is through Fire that we become purified and renewed. Attempting to hold onto those things in your life that no longer serve you will only create difficulty. Release them readily, and you will find them replaced with the “gold and jewels” of spiritual growth and abundant physical creations.

One way to aid in this release is through a candle ritual. Carve symbols for those things that you want to release or transmute into the sides of a candle. Light the flame and meditate upon releasing these things to the flame of fire that will transmute them. Allow the candle to burn until all of the symbols have been melted and transmuted into heat and light. Focus upon releasing them to the Universe, where the creative force will utilize the energy to create new and better forms for you.”*

It’s time for a major transformation; starting from the inside and working out to every aspect of your life that is old and outmoded. There is no way of fighting this change, meet it with the intention to flow with grace and ease. Do not fear this transformation; as the outcome will put you on your Divine path. Step into your power and know that you are being Divinely Guided. You cannot lose when you choose higher vibration over lower; higher consciousness over stagnancy, and raise yourself to new, previously unimaginable territory. Yes, there may be a few growing pains and sometimes it is difficult to say goodbye to that which no longer serves you, but you must bless and release; placing your heart with trust in the hands of the Divine.

I love the idea of letting the fire of the candle take the symbols of the old, transmuting it into the new, and I highly recommend that you join me in this ritual… especially during the New Moon! Let us rejoice and welcome change, transmuting negative to positive, setting free those who hold us back and blessing everything new that is coming to us now.


I accept change in my life with ease and grace. I am unconditionally loved, accepted, and fully supported during my transformation and forever after by the Divine.


* The Crystal Ally Cards, By Naisha Ahsian


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