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Come With Me!

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from The Wild Wisdom of The Faery Oracle, by Lucy Cavendish: Follow Me

Follow Me: “Come This is you invitation to enter the realm of Faery!”

“This tall, strong faery queen beckons you forward, wearing her gossamer garments – the key to the secrets of faery. Will you follow her? Will you hesitate, remembering all the fearful stories you have heard of the fae and their kind? Will you feel her blood call to yours, and a golden thread run between you that draws you gently forward?

When the faery queen calls us, our response varies, as it is a unique response formed of our fears, our dreams, our truth and whether our wild pure heart has been ignited. If you have been in physical pain, this is an invitation to allow the suffering to pass and to fall away. The entry into faery realms will eradicate pain and ease your heartache. She is alchemy itself. Her hair is the colour of the golden gift that cones to you when transformation has taken place. Her lips are red for the blood of the wise and the white is that of the pure self. Between her hands flows energetic magic – she has the faery healer’s touch, and her energy flows between the receptor and the sending hand. If you have dreamed of this, this is your opportunity to embrace the faery self within, and to come with her into a realm where healing and beauty and joy are omnipresent.

And the truth is that there is no fearful price to be paid for the following this path. there is no extraction with which you must pay. Those tales have kept us away from our faery folk kin for so long, and again and again they ask, will you join us? Love us? Let us heal you?

The energy of the Earth, the magical energy of electromagnetic sea and sky and field and flower radiates from her. Her eyes shine with love and transforming and healing the world, as well as providing a loving example to all who encounter her. She can come to you as a vision, a startling dream, or simply manifest as the quiet strong voice within that whispers, “Come with me.” Step forward and let her show you the wonders that will be unlocked with the key of faerie. See yourself anew, and glow as she does. She is about to share her knowledge. You are ready.”

Divinatory Meanings: “Faery connections. Second sight. Being faery-touched. Experiencing rapid opening to the subtle worlds. The veils between the worlds dissolve and you can see clearly. Increase in your gift. Healing powers increase. Belief creates reality. Knowing creates truth. Egoic doubts and cynical thoughts melt away and all is magical and true. Seeing the path you can now follow. Connecting with your wild self. An urge to be in nature, to be with flowers, trees, fruits, plants and stones. Shy of people who are harsh and unmagical. A realization that there is no separation, only a refusal to believe creates inability to see.”*

This is a call to follow your dreams; stepping outside of your comfort zone with faith and trust that you are safe, guided and protected. This is part of your transformation, and fear must not hold you back any longer. Bless and release any fear. doubt, person or situation which is blocking you or holding you back. This is your time, and there are wonders waiting for you; miracles around every corner, abundance beyond your wildest dreams, and people who will love and support you. Use your intuition and follow your heart. The faery queen will lead you in the direction of your dreams. This is an exciting, exhilarating and magical time, embrace it and get ready for the ride of your life!



* The Wild Wisdom of The Faery Oracle, by Lucy Cavendish


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  1. Ruth Ann Syrell-Rock says:

    In gratitude, thank you ! Namaste.


  3. gabygregory says:

    Awesome thanks

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