Daily Angel Oracle Card , from the Angel Dreams Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue and Melissa Virtue: Unicorn

Unicorn: “Innocence, Trust, honesty.”

This card is reminding you to be honest with yourself and others. Check in to see if your intentions are pure and your decisions are for the highest good of all concerned. The unicorn is a magical creature who emanates innocence, trust, and integrity; the combined energy of both the elemental and the spiritual worlds. The unicorn’s horn is known to be a pure essence, with the ability to help you heal.

This card reminds you to trust the flow of your journey right now. Keep a balance between bucking convention and yielding to it freely.

Additional meanings for this card: Honour and respect others, yourself, and the earth.

You can neutralize the poison of gossip through honesty. You have the ability to help others heal themselves. Try to see the innocence in the people around you.”*

The message of the Unicorn is unconditional love. It is not for us to judge whether one is worthy of our love or not, it is up to us to love regardless. When you make a conscious decision to love unconditionally, you become a vessel for Universal love; healing yourself, others and the Earth. When you become a vessel for Divine love, it flows to you and through you, expanding your capacity for light and love, raising your vibration and purifying your spirit. This in turn strengthensĀ  your awareness of the connection between all things, and in that, your connection to all things; plants, animals, minerals, Gaia and the Divine. When this connection is fully comprehended, you can release past karma and raise to a higher level of consciousness.

To release yourself from karma, and stop the cycle repeating itself, you must detach from the drama of every day life. Let go of criticizing, judging and blaming, let go of feeling like a victim and of feelings of lack, fear and doubt. All of these dense, low vibrational emotions keep you on the hamster wheel of low vibrational energies. There is no competition if there is total trust in Universal abundance; lack wouldn’t exist in this dimension. There is nothing holding you to the past if the lessons are learned, and the memories have been blessed and released; the silver lining acknowledged. There is no reason to withhold in a state of abundance; there is always more than enough for everyone and you can cheer each other on to victory and success! It’s the difference between the freeway at rush hour and exploring the countryside with the top down; can you feel the difference in the energy?

I realize that many people thrive in the competitive world, under pressure and having to produce… but that is learned and perceived behaviour. It’s survival mode and it isn’t healthy, no matter how you justify it. That does not mean that they aren’t great at what they do, or that they shouldn’t do it if it is their passion. It means that they could shift their perception of what is important, and live from the heart.

No more stress? No more overwhelm? No more judgement, fear or doubt? Trade it all in for harmony, grace and unconditional love? Sounds blissful doesn’t it? It is possible if you believe it is.


* Angel Dreams Oracle Card deck, by Doreen Virtue and Melissa Virtue




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