Beauty’s Truth

Beauty's Truth

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Wild Wisdom Of The Faery Oracle, by Lucy Cavendish: Beauty’s Truth

Beauty’s Truth: “Beauty, Physical pleasure, Sensuality.”
Faery women themselves despise the fine qualities of their men. Perhaps, after a thousand-year acquaintance they desire novelty. But more likely, faeries love mortal men and women because, overflowing with love and rejoicing in all beauty, they have the immortal strength to embrace all that is beautiful of both races. Beauty is a form of power. There is no doubt. Beauty has tremendous value in our cultures, and yet we see it as a gift given to the lucky few. In truth, all of us have beauty, within and without. It shines forth from within and impregnate our energetic body with light that draws loving thoughts, admiration, lovers and friends. Beauty is not the narrowly defined version sold to us culturally, and insisted upon by the fashion world. It is a fluid and changing thing, different for each being, and each being has beauty, for you were born with this quality. It is your belief in your own beauty that leads to you allowing this gift to work its magic in your world.

When this faery makes her oh-so-casual appearance, understand that you too have innate beauty. That your beauty exists inside of you, and now your duty is to see it, feel it and radiate it out. The world will be a better place for you believing in your beauty. There’s no being on the planet who cannot radiate loveliness, who cannot connect with their inner beauty, and then radiate it out into the world. Can you not see how beautiful the world would be if you believed I your own? Nature does not work this way. The sunflower does not despair for not being a rose. Let go of the criticisms you have you have about your appearance, and the unloving thoughts you have maintained on your beauty. See it, know it, and shine it out. Recognize its presence within you, and then it will cover you in a mantle of beauty that is beyond that of the world of forms. It is ensouled beauty, and you possess it, as naturally and as casually as this beautiful faery; as naturally as a rose, a sunflower, a rainbow and moonlight. Acknowledge it and others will respond to beauty’s presence within you.

Divinatory Meanings. “‘Tis time to harness and radiate your own beauty, and to realize that by acknowledging your own unique attractiveness, your own beautiful qualities, you begin to BE beauty. Your job now is to embody beauty. If this feels daunting, know that this is not vanity nor is it an attempt to fit in. It is simply coming out from hiding. The world will benefit and you will be kinder, sweeter and more generous when you believe in your own beauty.

If you are struggling with the truth of your beauty, sit before a mirror on a Friday night and focus within on love. See this love radiate out from within, and begin to glow. And as you do, watch your beauty grow. The Faeries do this, and there is not one who is not divine to look upon. Having beauty will not make you weak, vulnerable, vain or foolish. All these are cliches, and you do not believe in the lie anymore, do you? Faeries have no judgement regarding types of beauty. They are loving and kind and those who keep these same values are beautiful in turn. Do not deny yourself this form of self-love for it has much power, magic and healing within it.”*

I am part way through Evolation Hot Yoga teacher Training, check out my yoga blog here: Yoga Story: Hot Yoga Teacher Training Blog…. and let me tell you, it helps your perception of your own beauty to stand in front of a mirror 3+ hrs a day looking at yourself; somewhat scantily clad and sweating buckets. I actually had quite an aversion to looking closely at myself in the mirror from the neck down, really it was more of a hair and makeup thing. I couldn’t really get past the major changes two kids had made on a body that I have never really appreciated or fully accepted due to it’s extra bits of padding here and there, a few varicose veins and some stuff that isn’t quite where I would like it to be, you know, some gravitational issues. But, much to my surprise, my perception is changing.

I can look in the mirror, and see…. ME, like the real me, not just the “I wish I had a better body, wish I was thinner and younger and my legs were longer” me, but the actual, unique and authentic me. It’s not about ego; in fact, it’s kind of the reverse. It’s just a simple acceptance. It’s a decision to take in the whole package, inside and out, and starting from a right now perspective.

Consider it….. What if… this is it? What if… I accepted this healthy, not perfect, but strong and capable body; starting right now. What if I didn’t have to wait til I lost 10 or 20 lbs to be… happy, peaceful, joyful, in harmony. What if I just decided that it was OK to start now. What if, during the class, just as it got challenging, I caught my own eye and sent a little extra love and encouragement instead of only looking for what needs improvement. What if I teach my kids to see themselves this way too? From the inside out? What if we all teach our kids to see themselves this way, despite the media’s silly ideals of synthetic and unattainable beauty? What if we did the best we have, which what we’ve got, where we are right now? I realize that not everyone reading this is going to be in perfect health, but some self love and acceptance could help to kick start your healing process; it definitely cannot hurt.

The truth is, you are beautiful; I am giving you permission to see it. No one is as hard on us as we are on ourselves. In order to find true peace, unconditional love, and Divine connection, we must see the Divine in ourselves. We must see that we are made up of stardust, the little piece of the Universe; the integral part of All That Is. I Am a part of that, and so are you. We all are. Take a moment to celebrate your beauty, dig deeply inside and decide, right from this moment forward to shine your light, no judgement. Start your life now; with love and acceptance. Discover your own self worth. It will change everything.



* Wild Wisdom Of The Faery Oracle, by Lucy Cavendish



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