Endurance ~ Keep Going!

endurance keep going

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Oracle Of The Mermaids, by Lucy Cavendish: Endurance ~ Keep Going!

The Mermaids Sing: “When a long journey begins, or when a quest is undertaken, be it a pilgrimage, or an ambition or a desire, or a dream that you wish to create in this Earthworld you live within, human one, there is he excitement of the beginning… the unknown still lies before you. And it is a thrill, every moment, to take another step forward. But at some stage, just as we tire, you too tire. The terrain can become unfamiliar. Issues arise, challenges greet you, and at this point, too many of you feel that this must NOT be meant for you – for you have told  yourself that if it is truly meant to be, it will be simple, it will flow, and it will be… well, easy. We are here to share that for all creatures, and in both the seen and unseen worlds, there are parts of the great journey that require our stamina, our courage and our endurance – our ability to commit, and to stay with the task and dream and promise until we have made it. Do not enter into agreements lightly – enter into them, if at all, wholeheartedly. And be prepared to develop your strength and tenacity, your courage and your honour along the way. Without what you describe as a challenge, there will be no growth. If you work through and into and with the challenges, you will emerge stronger, and more able to realize the next dream. Flee at the first sign of difficulty, and you will be what we call a shore-hugger – one who never goes deep, who only goes to the places they know. There may be nothing wrong with this. But if this card has come to you, you have sent out the request the great ocean mother to go on this great journey, to take on a mission. And the time has come for you to build up your endurance. Commit. Practice. Train! We do, although most often you will only hear tales of our beauty and vanity. How else do we live so well within the great power of the ocean? The answer for us, and for you, is that we develop our power – and we endure, when others would give in or turn away. We are stronger than that. And so are you!

Divination: “Like these mermaids, you are reaching an important stage of your journey, and it is essential that you continue. There will be times when you feel you have had enough and you wish to suddenly stop moving… to sink, rather than to swim. But the mermaids are here to ask you to continue to swim, tired through you may be, full of doubt though you may be. The second part of your strength is readying itself, and will come through, just at the point you are ready to give up. Keep going. You are strong. And you will go so much further than you currently believe you can! This is not the time to run back, or to allow the waters to take you! This is the time to continue the journey you committed to – because you are being tested, and you can pass this test. But you must keep going. Eyes forward. Intention focused. Purpose clear! Re-commit And keep going.”*

You must not let fear of failure hold you back! Don’t let anyone or anything stand in the way of your dreams, you have come too far. You have already braved the storm, the transformation that takes place when you make the decision to go ahead with the journey and step into your power to do so. Although you may feel like you have bitten off more than you can chew, all you really need to do is ask for some help. Ask your angels to support you, to help you step through the fear, doubt and exhaustion to the other side, where victory awaits. You are on the right path; believe in yourself and miracles happen. I believe in you.


* Oracle Of The Mermaids, by Lucy Cavendish


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  1. Lygia Wilson says:

    Thank you for your guidance.  I ask again for your support and assistance to push through until I reach my goal at this time.

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