Visions, from the Oracle Of The Mermaids, by Lucy Cavendish


Daily Angel Oracle Card: Visions, from the Oracle Of The Mermaids, by Lucy Cavendish

The Mermaids Sing: “Mermaids do much of their work, their spirit work, by moonlight. Under moonlight we can see so much more of what is taking place within each other’s energetic space, and the layers of our energetic field. We can see where there are leaks, and where there is energy compounding and compacting, almost like a growth over a wound to protect it. We can see what needs to be carefully and slowly removed and worked with, because under the blue light of the moon, intensities, drainage areas, torn aspects of the energy field become clear and obvious. We often have visions of places far, far away, and we are able to extend our energy and to send it traveling to places we could not reach, not even a gulfstream, for weeks of your time. But in moments we can be by your side, wherever you are in the world, because we can travel energetically. We must return to the source, to the ocean, and we physically do not move from this space…how can you too become more able to travel, to see, to be an energetic voyager who yet has a solid home in their form?

Divination: “When you connect to the moon, you will feel more whole, connected and attuned to the cycles of the world, and the fears you may have had around certain issues will fade. You will allow yourself to see with your psychic vision, and you will speak of what you see, and it will not be considered to be freakish and unusual, or mere fantasy, it will be trusted and allowed and explored, by you and by others who you are close to. These flashes will not come when you are asleep, so they are not dreams, and they can come even when your physical eyes are open… it is a matter of adjusting to having more than one kind of vision, and accepting that this is an energetic truth. You will begin to understand and easily interpret these movies being made for you by the Divine in alliance with your spirit eye.”*

The Mermaids are helping you open your Third Eye Chakra and connect to the Angels and the Divine through your visions, dreams and intuition. Pay attention to messages, signs and synchronicities in your life right now, as these are all giving you Divine Guidance and helping you on your life’s journey. We are so quick to see “signs” as mere coincidences, yet as we raise our consciousness, we realize there are no such thing as coincidences, it is always a message from a higher source.”*

– Lucy Cavendish

If you have trouble remembering your dreams, don’t worry, as your subconscious mind will pick up what it needs to from the messages you receive in your dreams. However, a dream journal can help you to recall some of the signs and symbols you may have seen, and can be a fun way to jog your memory to recognize patterns emerging after several nights or weeks of writing.

Something I have written about before is that when it comes to signs, you will know what signs are for you. Not everyone has the same signs. I personally get a lot of white feathers… and even more of them show up for me every day since I consciously decided that I choose to see white feathers as one of my signs! I also get rainbows and angel clouds, butterflies, dragon flies, hummingbirds and wood peckers (often more than one at a time) and synchronicity in my day. What are your signs? I have heard that many people find coins. You may even have a scent or a song that resonates with you.

What is so obviously personalized to you that it couldn’t possibly be a coincidence? Coins? A song? An animal or bird? Once you establish what signs are meant just for you, you will become aware of them when you most need them. This is your angels way of sending you love and a sense of safety and security. Thank your angels when you see the signs, and you will get more and more of them. And the best part? It can be your little secret, no one else needs to know! (although I love it when you share your experiences with me!)



* Oracle Of The Mermaids, by Lucy Cavendish


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