Morgan le Fey ~ Healing

Morgan le Fey ~ Healing
Morgan le Fey ~ Healing, from The Oracle Of The Dragonfae, by Lucy Cavendish


Daily Angel Oracle Card: Morgan le Fey ~ Healing, from The Oracle Of The Dragonfae, by Lucy Cavendish

Morgan Speaks: “Even when others cry out against you, even when there are loud, aggressive voices proclaiming that you are not magical, the truth is that you are magical, have always been magical, will always be magical. I urge you to allow me to protect you, with the sword from the lake of Avalon itself. I will not hurt a soul, but I will carve through the bonds and the chords their criticism has created, and I will heal you of the hurt their cruel voices and harsh words have caused.

See, behind me are the tender things of emotions, the Dragonfae of water, the feeling beings who have long allowed me to be their protector, who have dwelt peaceably for a time in these sheltering waters of Avalon, before again going out into the world. Take some time for your own self, dear one, and retreat and allow to nurture you. Your magic is strong and powerful, but the wounds have at times been deep. Let these beings soothe you, and allow yourself to feel your truth again. You are whole, perfect, and complete. Swim in the silken waters, feeling your truth, and know that soon you will experience a homecoming. You are never alone. And I will always be at your side, whenever you have need of me. You are orphan, outcast, wanderer no more. I now assign the Morgens, the priestesses of Avalon, and the sacred swan and the Dragonfae to be at your side, evermore. Evermore.”

Divinatory Meaning: “A time of needing shelter, longing to return to a home that is of the soul. Wishing for another to take up your cause, to give you strength to recover before moving forward again. You will meet a person who believes in you. They may not literally take up arms, but they tell you the truth about what they see in you (the sword, when raised by a Dragofae, is nearly always about truth and justice as well as protection and honour…) You will find that this person’s belief and friendship gives you the courage to go on, in a way that frees you, and inspires others, too.

Be open at this time to new friendships, even if your temperament may urge you to hide away. You are coming home, to the truth of your soul and of your talents and skills. Working hard will be a part of this, and Morgan’s energy will assist you by providing a haven in which you may rest and grow your energy till it is time to come forth once again. She will ensure that you have this rest and this time to come forth once again. She will ensure that you have this rest and this time, but be sure to be ready when she calls, for the journey is yours, and the outcome in in your hands entirely. She will protect you in times of need along the way, so call on her when you are fatigued, feeling unwell, or run down due to emotional stress.”*

– Lucy Cavendish

You are feeling a little vulnerable and need a break from your emotions right now. You need to recharge your batteries, and also rebuild your confidence and inner strength. You have worked hard on keeping your vibration high, on speaking your truth, and standing your ground, but it’s time to admit, that you are feeling a little heavy in the heart right now due to the seeming enormity of this task; there is just too much contradiction. You are wavering; you are doubting; you are fading a little; yet you know that you must go on. This is a gentle reprieve; it is a rest, and you are safe and taken care of. Your prayer for support; to meet like minded people who love and understand you; has been heard.

Morgan understands you. She will protect you; gently removing the cords that are draining your energy and your self esteem. She is with you while you rest, while you gather your strength, and she is sending you the people that you need right now. Give yourself some space from those who refuse to see your light; who put you down or who won’t accept you for who you really are and make room for the people who are coming to help you. You will know them when they arrive.

You are stronger than you think, you just need some time: to align your Chakras, heal your auric field, rest and clear your head. You will know when you are ready to take on the next level of consciouness. Look inward for your strength and courage; you are a wealth of Universal wisdom. And don’t forget that your angels are always with you, helping you and sending you love and light.

Breathe. Align. Receive. And get ready.


* The Oracle Of The Dragonfae, by Lucy Cavendish



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