Wave Of Power

wave of power
Wave Of Power, from the Oracle Of The Mermaids, by Lucy Cavendish


Daily Angel Oracle Card: Wave Of Power, from the Oracle Of The Mermaids, by Lucy Cavendish

Wave Of Power: “A surge of power, upswing in energy, exhilarating movement.”

The Mermaids Sing: “There are times we, as you say, go with the flow. There are times when we drift, and allow the great Mother to direct us. And there are times when we paddle hard, using all our strength, and ride along with the strength of a great ocean wave, merging with its power and might, being carried forward. When we catch these waves of power, we feel so inspired, so alive, so thoroughly exhilarated and triumphant that we feel we can do and be anything. This is when we begin to work with the power, and use our own potential as well as the force of the ware, and when we do this we can travel vast distances, maintain balance, scream with sheer joy at life, and know we can set a direction that is in harmony with the great source of natural energy. When you receive this card, know that a great and powerful wave of energy is gathering¬† – you must feel it out, find it, move towards it, find the space to take off, and then paddle with all your strength so as to be gathered up by the wave as an ally! This will take courage. No hesitation! No allowing the wave to toss you, to turn you and to drag you under. This is not time for inertia, or “what will be will be”. This is a time to set the course, gather your strength, and working with it – riding it, graceful and powerful. When you have caught it, rise to your feet, as you humans can, or reach out your arms and direct where the energy gathering behind you will take you. It IS your choice. This great energy must not be wasted! This is the time you have waited for! Do not let it pass you by – paddle! Swim! And take off into your glorious, self-determined life!

Divination: “It is time for you to seek out and optimize the power of natural cycles, as a great wave of power is gathering, and instead of being a voyeur as it passes by, watching and observing, as you have so often done, you can now catch this wave, rise up high, and find yourself traveling and moving at a great pace through the many changes you have long sought to make. This is a time of triumph, of harnessing and directing, of asserting your will, and knowing what it is you want. The power is gathering. It will be here soon. Decide now what it is you want – for you can move in the direction of dreams, and succeed, at this amazing, impressive time! Rise up! Because you too have power – and you too are a part of this great cycle. It is a glorious time to participate, and be at the forefront! Feel the force within you match the power that approaches you – together, when fused, there can be a great time of progress and magic!*

– Lucy Cavendish

This card is telling you that your leap of faith is imminent, there is no longer time to hold back or you may miss the wave! The Universe supports you one hundred percent, but you must take the plunge to show your own commitment to your future and your life’s path. When you proceed with confidence, faith and trust, the Divine more than meets you half way, it speeds you along at warp speed towards your dreams and desires.

This card definitely reminds me of surfing, but it also reminds me of skipping in a group when I was a kid. As you stand in line, waiting your turn, you feel the rush of anticipation, knowing that you must time your entry just right. You watch the other two kids turning the rope and try to get in sync with them. As you get closer to the front of the line, you feel that rush of excitement knowing that soon you will make your jump! Then it’s time and there is no hesitation, you tune in to the timing and jump, a perfect entry, jumping the rope perfectly while singing the rhyme you feel jubilant, you succeeded and the next time it’s your turn, it will be even easier.

It’s your turn. You have been waiting patiently for the Universe to make a move, and now it’s time to feel the full strength and support behind your dreams. Your angels are cheering you on. The Divine is guiding you. Undertake to do it joyfully, as this is a milestone to your future success. Success beyond your wildest dreams starts with the first jump.

Go for it! The Universe is there to catch you, set to propel you on the most amazing journey of Light and Love.


* Oracle Of The Mermaids, by Lucy Cavendish


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