Hematite ~ Manifest Light

Hematite manifest light

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Crystal Ally Oracle Card deck, by Naisha Ahsian: Hematite ~ Manifest Light

Hematite ~ Manifest Light: “In this card, Hematite gathers the light from the Universe, and manifests it upon the Earth plane. This represents “Manifest Light,” the highest ideal of humanity as we move into the age of light. Hematite has the ability to draw light energy into the most dense, most difficult energies. It’s red aura indicates its ability to draw light into the first chakra, manifesting the light body in the human form.

Hematite is a metallic, silver-gray stone that leaves a red streak when drawn across a scratch plate. Because of this red streak, the ancient Greeks felt that Hematite was the solidified blood of the Earth, and so-called it “haimatites” or “bloodlike stone”. Hematite is the cardinal stone of the Earth Connection triad (Hematite, Pyrite, and Cuprite). It represents within that triad the spiritual light behind all creation, and the unity that underlies all duality.

Hematite resonates with the energy of Manifest Light as matter. As an Ally, it aids in drawing the higher frequencies of spiritual energy onto the Earth plane, and grounding that energy into the physical body and physical matter.

Hematite works as an energy regulator, drawing upon and balancing energy where it is needed. If there is a lack of energy, its frequencies aid one in connecting with the Earth Mother and replenishing depleted stores. If there is an overabundance of energy, it will aid in the grounding of that access energy into the Earth, so that she may use it elsewhere. Hematite strengthens the energetic cord that binds us to the planet, and allows higher frequency energies to enter and flow through the body.

We know that all matter is actually energy that vibrates within a certain range of frequencies. We have come into physicality in order to experience resonance with those frequencies of energy so that we may learn from them. Part of the experiment of physicality is to manifest spiritual Light into the slower frequencies of physicality. This is the process and the goal of our spiritual growth – to bring the vibration of matter into resonance with the vibration of Spirit. to do this, we can consciously connect with the high frequency energy of the Universe, and use our bodies and minds as channels for that energy to be transmitted into the physical realm.

Hematite is the ally that is best suited to aiding us in this important work. by resonating with the energy of Hematite, we become more able to express our highest purpose here on Earth. Through Hematite’s guidance and ministration, we are reminded that we are the doorway through which the Age of Light will enter the physical plane.

The Message: “Hematite has appeared in your cards today to remind you that part of your purpose here on Earth is to bring the Light Of Spirit into the physical world through your creations, actions and words. All of the physical realm is composed of varying frequencies of Light. By focusing upon becoming a channel for that Light, you will begin to manifest it into the physical world through your creations and experiences.

Take time throughout the day to focus on expressing the light of Spirit through whatever you are doing. Connect with the Earth element and bring the Light not only into your own body, but onto the planet as well. It is through this expression of Spirit that the Age Of Light will be born into the world.

Chakra: Earth Star and Root Chakra

Affirmation: “I am a channel for the Light on the Earth Plane.”*

You are a powerful Light Worker, and you are here for a reason. Even though it may seem like an uphill battle sometimes; even though you feel that you are going against the masses; and even though it often knocks the wind out of your sails when others don’t believe in you; you must have faith in your own capabilities.  You are Divinely Guided and there is no reason to second guess your intuition; which is the place within you that you receive important messages on how to proceed. Trust in yourself Dear One, as everything will makes sense soon. You must stay the course, keep yourself on track as this path you are on is the right one, yet there are many distractions along the way. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t or should not proceed with your creative plans. You are here to shine your light; to teach joy, balance, harmony and faith to others. Shining your light brightly will allow them to shine theirs; even if they were seemingly against you to begin with.

Hold, wear or place a Hematite beneath your pillow to help you stay grounded and connected to your Divine Purpose here on the physical plane of Earth. Know in your heart that the more you share your gift, the more people you will help to raise their vibration and fill themselves with Light.


* Crystal Ally Oracle Card deck, by Naisha Ahsian




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