Archangel Gabriel ~ Communication

Archangel Gabriel communication

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Ask An Angel Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno: Archangel Gabriel ~ Communication

Archangel Gabriel ~ Communication: To communicate is to create a bridge between a thought, feeling or concept that exists in energy and deliver it to another party, be it to God, yourself or a loved one. Communication is that deliverance. We are constantly communicating through our body language, words, clothes and choices. We communicate what we feel, believe and expect.

How we communicate with ourselves determines most of what we experience in life. If we tell ourselves we are not good enough or worth of love, joy and abundance, we are not likely to experience those things. If we tell ourselves life is unfair or cruel, we are most likely to attract those experiences. What you tell yourself determines how you will act and operate in the world. This directly affects all your relationships in how you respond and communicate with those around you , even if it is just through your actions and body language.

It is time to start paying attention to what you are saying to yourself right now. Is your internal dialogue conducive to all the things you want for yourself? Do you give yourself love, support, confidence and permission to be who you are and express yourself freely? Do you allow others to do the same? What is your body language saying about you? What does what you wear express? How well do you listen? How do y0ou communicate with those around you? Are you comfortable with setting firm boundaries, with saying no?

It is time to really reflect on how and what you are communicating at the moment and ultimately, what you are communicating to yourself. It may be that there is some sort of block in your relationship with another that requires clear communication in order for harmony and balance to be restored. By interrupting and eliminating the self-talk that is detrimental to yourself, you can start to make the changes that are necessary to live the full and healthy life you deserve.”*

Your internal dialogue greatly determines not only your state of mind, but also your reality! If you are caught up in a vortex of negative thoughts, things have a tendency to keep going wrong around you; thus creating more stuff to feel angry, upset or anxious about. When you can turn your thoughts around, to positive, the very same happens; you create high vibrational energy and become a magnet to positive people and experiences. It’s easy to be critical, judgmental and down on ourselves if we are stuck in the past, expecting things to keep going wrong if they have before, but you can disengage yourself from this expectation and consciously decide to aim for the best. This is how you use the Law Of Attraction to pull your dreams and desires close to you.

Be vigilant about your thoughts; watch them to see where they are taking you! When you find yourself thinking something low vibrational, you have a few seconds to change it to something positive. If you have trouble changing the thought, add “I’m in the process of…” to activate the possibility. For example, if you are trying to become debt free, but constantly thinking how much in debt you are, you are holding that debt to you energetically. When you say “I’m debt free” that is great but doesn’t always feel true if you have been struggling with debt for some time. If you say “I am in the process of becoming debt free” it opens you up to all the possibilities of becoming dept free and the Universe will start to provide you with ways to eliminate your debt. Even better is to say “I am in the process of becoming financially free” which gives you even more opportunity and side steps the whole debt issue, which is ideal vibrationally.

Give it a try and see your thoughts literally recreate your reality! And don’t forget to ask Archangel Gabriel to support you and guide you in changing your thoughts, one by one. Want to supercharge those thoughts for imminent success? Add a plenty of excitement, exuberance, expectation, anticipation and gratitude. Now you’ve got it!



* Ask An Angel Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno



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