Yearning, from the Oracle Of The Mermaids, by Lucy Cavendish

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Oracle Of The Mermaids, by Lucy Cavendish: Yearning

Yearning: “Longing for someone, undesired separation, pining.”

The Mermaids sing: “So often we too have yearned for so many people, places, things, experiences that are not to be ours. To be Mermaid is to dive in, to immerse, to swim deeply, and to not understand what it must be to be so indifferent to Life. So yes, as with the Little Mermaid of your stories, there have been foolish things done, exchanges made, and pain endured when we have fallen in love with a life of a place that we cannot truly experience in our current form. To be mermaid is to FEEL without the judgement and logic you so often apply, we are of water born, and in water, in the psyche, in emotions and in love with feeling every aspect of our potential. And sometimes that has brought us pain. And sometimes we know this pining and longing can kill us, and you too. Which is why we come to you now. We know you too are feeling this pain, this yearning that is a kind of stretching of the soul til it feels it might break free from you and go in search of what you desire… but we are here to also tell you that the feeling you are experiencing will pass – that you can expect a breakthrough, where your capacity to feel and to love and to heal and to adore is growing stronger and stronger. And as you feel this, it is possible you may wonder about your connection to reality and to what you call sanity. Yearning is deep, is painful, is what takes place when two souls who have deeply merged their fates and their destinies are separated, and do not know when they will be together again. It is natural. Creatures of the sea and of the forest do this. And so do you. The pain will pass. And if it is destiny that your yearning will bring you close again, it will be so. Know this feeling. We comfort you. Know its beauty, or now it not at all.

Divinatory Meaning: “Yearning for someone you may not even have met, yearning and pining for someone who you love and for the moment are separated from. You may be feeling a great gulf or distance open up between you and someone you love – this may be a physical distance or a distance due to beliefs and lifestyles, yearning for a connection and a closeness that seems to be evading you at the moment, a longing for the one you love to be by your side, not being able to bear another day of separation. Making choices that will enable you to be together. Feeling that destiny and fate are entwining your emotions. and psyche with those of another soul… and that it is inevitable that you will be together. A feeling of “meant to be.” But until that can be so, a feeling of being star-crossed. Circumstances can be changed, if both beings are willing. Longing to be with someone, even beyond this lifetime, and feeling discontent until it is so.”*

– Lucy Cavendish

You may be feeling right now that something is “missing” from your life. You may be feeling pulled in a direction that doesn’t seem harmonious to all involved, yet you don’t feel that you have control over your feelings at this time. This is not so; you always have control and must take responsibility for your emotions at this time, as hard as that might be. What is it that you are looking for, and is it really something that you can find in another? Or is it something that you need to search for deeply within your own psyche? Even if you have come across your twin flame, at the most inopportune time, you must still take responsibility for your reaction to this predicament.

Trust in Divine Timing, there is a lesson here. Patience and time go hand in hand while you rise above the turmoil of the physical experience. We are all one, in knowing that, you can free yourself from the attachments that will take away your peace and harmony. All in due time Dear One; that which is connected to your heart and soul will come to you; but you must always remember to let the winds of Heaven dance between you. Do not try to control the situation, keep your perspective cosmic and wide; have Faith that the Universe will provide in ways you cannot imagine. Breathe through your Heart Chakra knowing that this is part of the human condition, which you chose to experience in this lifetime. Release all suffering and instead send and receive love.





* Oracle Of The Mermaids, by Lucy Cavendish


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