Far, Far Away

far, far away
Far, Far, away, from the Wild Wisdom Of The Faery Oracle, by Lucy Cavendish

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Wild Wisdom Of The Faery Oracle, by Lucy Cavendish: Far, Far Away

Far, Far Away: “Creative Daydreaming.”

“Those who do not understand, who do not dream awake, will say you are being disruptive. Unruly. That you do not care.

But you know the truth. That as a dreamer, you have no choice. The dreams come and find you. And that is a good thing – a blessing, not a curse.

Pay attention, they say. They look crass, and think you are lazy. Distracted. Not paying attention. But you ARE paying attention, aren’t you? You might be imagining the future. You might be spending time in a glade outside, or battling frost-giants, or creating the world’s most incredible movie. You might be inventing a machine that can fly between dimensions, and you might be wondering whether it is time to make up with a friend you have had a foolish argument with.

So, you see, you are paying attention. Just not to them!

And this work you do, when you are far, far away, as this lovely faery is, is important and good work. Lots of clever things have been done in this faery time of far, far away. Scientists have dreamed of formulae that explain how matter moves throughout the Universe. Philosophers have conjured up Socrates, who tells them of his daemon who sneezed once for yes and twice for no! And while everyone wants you to pay attention, especially the adults and the teachers and the bankers and the news people who all want you to put your lovely mind and attention on something other than what you are meant to be creating, we, the faery, think you should pay attention to your dreams!

And they would like you to feel insecure. So much so that you wold like to stand under a waterfall after being around them, just to clear the fog of fear that surrounds them. You need to be far, far away so your imagination can do its work. So you can make up that story. See that painting. Fall in love with the way that boy’s hair falls into his dark blue eyes. Don’t mistake the truth for the facts they want to tell you and fill you up with.

Stay far, far away some of the time. The world will be richer, stranger, happier and more magical for it. Remember, some of your far far away moments bring you messages from the future…

Divinatory Meanings: “A tendency to daydream will be with you at this time and this daydream will allow you to create, receive messages, send messages and understand far more than you believe at present. Far, far away; others may say you have a lack of focus; that you feel disconnected. Allowing yourself to be distracted by ego. Easily bored. Short attention span. Needing physical involvement to learn; too much sitting still. While daydreaming is beautiful and enriching, it is important to ground these imaginings with endeavor and with craft. Bring in the earth element and surprise everyone with the beauty of your creations!”*

– Lucy Cavendish

I am definitely a dreamer, so this card really resonates with me! Although I work to be present; I am also very prone to being far, far away! Over the years I have learned to make these travels as positive and high vibrational as possible, as when you dreaming, you are working with the Law Of Attraction, whether you know it or not! When you are prone to dreaming about all the wonderful things that are coming your way, your hopes, dreams and desires in a positive and tangible way; you are drawing them every nearer to you. When you are focusing on what you don’t have, the worst possible scenario, or the things that drag you down, cause doubt or “prepare you for the worst” you are also manifesting this reality. Which sounds better to you??

Use your dream time, both waking and sleeping as a tool for positive manifestation. How do you do this? You take inventory of your thoughts; swiftly and gently removing all that do not serve your higher purpose. When you find yourself worrying or complaining or fussing over what could happen; turn it right around and focus on the best possible outcome for all involved. Dream it up in glorious HD/3D detail! See it, feel it, smell it, touch it and most importantly know with conviction that the Universe will provide.

You are a master manifestor; everything around you was brought to you through your thoughts and emotions. Now that you know this, what will you manifest next?



* Wild Wisdom Of The Faery Oracle, by Lucy Cavendish



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