Shimmer, from the Wild Wisdom Of The Faery Oracle card deck, by Lucy Cavendish

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Wild Wisdom Of The Faery Oracle card deck, by Lucy Cavendish: Shimmer

Shimmer: “Glamour, Confidence, Allure, Charisma.”

“Glamour is a faery magical ability to draw down around you, and draw forth from within you, the ability to gently shapeshift and cast a “glamour” about you. ‘Tis the ability to shake off the dust of the road after a long days travel and walk into the presence of the Faery King, standing tall and regal, with beauty as your mantle. It is not, as it is often painted, a false of untrue representation of self. It is a convergence of your higher self with your outward appearance, and is extremely powerful and positive in terms of negotiating your personal power. So when you come into the presence of this faery, in her court on her throne of stone, stand tall, and be who you are at your highest potential. Close your eyes for a moment, and see yourself being sprinkled with faery dust, from head to foot, and from within yourself, see golden light awaken and radiate out. Stand tall and strong, and walk with deliberation and care. Meet the glances of people fearlessly, and with belief in your own power and worth. Be warm, and be strong. When we do this, we come from a position of personal truth and strength, rather than from a belief in our fatigue, our “age, our infirmities, our injustices.” We come from a place that Viviane, the great Faery Queen of Avalon, would have worked with when walking into the court of Camelot to represent the Olde Ways. Know who you are, and then bring that forth: that is the true meaning of powerful glamour. When you invoke this power, all who see you will stop, share with you their attention, their respect, their time. And you, in turn will do it for those who have found that power within themselves too. The Glamour is also a wonderful art for those of us whose feelings and thoughts are there for all to see upon our faces. When we wish to remain mysterious, call upon the Glamour, draw her down and forth, and remain within your own self.

Divinatory Meanings: “You will soon be spending time with others who lead you to believe you are “less than.” Be aware that in order to counteract the egoic tendency to go into your own “faults” you may draw upon the faery power of glamour and draw around you the cloak of enchantment. This will help you protect yourself from your own tendencies to submit to fear and sometimes not handle yourself as beautifully as you are able. The faery power of glamour is yours to be called upon. It will change your appearance very so slightly – you will be more beautiful, your hair will be longer, more lustrous, your eyes will be larger and shine more and your skin will bee dewy. You will carry your body with grace and honour, and you will radiate warmth and respect for yourself and for others. When this power is upon you, all will be drawn to you, and the glamour will get you through many a tough meeting. It is very powerful for when you need to ask for something from those in perceived “authority.” Your fae appearance may also be emphasized when you call upon the Glamour.”*

– Lucy Cavendish

 You are beautiful, and powerful and perfect just the way you are. Your beauty stems from the very core of your being; who you really are on a Soul level. It is the reflection of your higher self; your Divinity. There is no reason to be self conscious or shy about your appearance as it is not only skin deep as we are taught by society, but an embodiment of all the wonders of being YOU presented to the world in all of you glory; a perfect blend of inner and outer gifts. Embrace who you are! Shine your light on the world and in doing so, you inspire others to shine theirs too.

Take a moment to pull down the Glamour all around you; the Faeries rejoice in your self acceptance and unconditional love for yourself, for this is the first key to self realization. They joyfully gift you the Glamour, their mystical protective and enhancing shield, knowing that it only magnifies what is already present; the true, perfect, beautiful YOU!


* Wild Wisdom Of The Faery Oracle card deck, by Lucy Cavendish



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