Maitreya ~ Wisdom Of The Ages

Maitreya wisdom of the ages
Maitreya ~ Wisdom Of The Ages, from the Blue Angel Oracle Card Deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno

Daily Angel Oracle Cards, from the Blue Angel Oracle Card Deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno: Maitreya ~ Wisdom Of The Ages

Maitreya ~ Wisdom Of The Ages: “You have been on the Earth Many times before  and you shall return many times to come. From each lifetime you keep the most precious experiences, the ones that have made you the beautiful soul you are. You have witnessed humanity’s unfolding and have experienced all there is. Your mother in this life may have been your daughter in another. You may one day be your child’s child. You have experienced poverty and wealth, happiness and sadness, sickness, health and yet through it all you have essentially stayed the same. Life is an endless cycle and you are your soul’s endless enfoldment. Millions of Earth years have passed and many more millions will come. What will the future be like? What shall it bring? Perhaps we will all see things from a different perspective. Perhaps we can start now. Friends and enemies, black or white, of one faith or no faith. is not everyone and everything worth loving? Are we not all, in essence, part of the same family?”*

– Toni Carmine Salerno

What if we were here primarily to experience love from every possible aspect. What if… we were here to see love in every living thing on this planet. No judgement. No hate. No separation. Only unconditional love. Only acceptance. Only bright white love and light. Abundance. Miracles. Infinite possibility.

And what if… we kept getting off track. What if we kept getting distracted by fear, doubt, insecurity, lack and materialism. What if we kept having to come back to experience this physical plane over and over and over again in different roles, with the same beloved souls. Just to learn love. Love. Something we remember when we are born; something we exude continually in the first few years of our short lives; but something that is slowly taken away from us and replaced by the lower vibrational frequencies of fear and doubt.

What if, starting today, we decided to try something totally different? What if, starting right now, we decided to open our hearts and base our whole self worth on how much love and light we are capable of giving and receiving? What if we didn’t care how big our bank account was, or whether we need to lose twenty pounds, or that we would like a new car or a bigger house…. and we decided that healing this planet and it’s inhabitants was our main priority?

Sending love to Mother Earth; Lady Gaia; and every single one of her creations, including our fellow humans. Sending healing and light. Seeing the beauty. Seeing the glory. Sending gratitude. Breathing it all in. Experiencing it in every moment. Seeing; feeling; listening and knowing with all of your heart that you are more than capable of making a difference. Of healing; of creating; of loving beyond measure.

Starting now.


* Blue Angel Oracle Card Deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno


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