Lady Luna’s Magic

Lady Luna's Magic
Lady Luna’s Magic, from the Oracle Of The Dragonfae, by Lucy Cavendish

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Oracle Of The Dragonfae, by Lucy Cavendish: Lady Luna’s Magic

Lady Luna’s Magic: “Synchronize with lunar time and energy.”

Lady Luna Speaks: “You know that I shine upon this Earth and that we belong to each other. Yet you have disconnected, for all your knowledge, when only a few moments spent beneath my rays would cleanse your entire energy field, assisting you in shining your light at the full moon. And with my dark time, you may go within and find the secrets you have kept hidden from yourself and look at them without blame or fear. So I ask you now, as my moon Dragonfae fly about me, sending the energy ever turning, to connect with me, Lady Luna. When you do connect, you will be more complete and the yearning and sense of hopelessness that I feel from you from time to time will ease, be soothed and finally, dissolve. Take my healing powers and light as yours: as they are. Reflect upon me and I will reflect upon you, and your dreams and visions will gain in strength, clarity and power, all the while keeping you safe and grounded. My light has shone over the Dragonfae, the magical world, the beings you call humans and all those of the animal and plant kingdom, the minerals, the dreams, and the flowers are all mine, and I am theirs. My light ran through the veins of your ancestors, and they understood me better than you, for all your knowledge, sometimes do now. Please, let us be friends and companions once again. Do not be afraid o my light and my night time self, for you are the same as me and we are both older than time itself.

About Lady Luna: “The moon is a Goddess in her own right. Her magic is unique and otherworldly, and is shared and distributed amongst every single being on the planet. She has many names and guises including the dark crone self, from whom we must not run, but whose hand we may take and be led into the secret chambers of our own hearts. She is also known as Arianrhod, Aine, Selene, Artemis, Diana and the Triple Goddess. Her domain is that of dreams, starlight, magic and the in-between places. She is neither black now white; she is silver and radiant. Her messages and work are constant and yet ever-changing. Our emotional well being, our need for water and our love and dreams are all assisted by Lady Luna. She is compassionate, loving and is a regulator of all our energies and our emotions. We shut ourselves away from her when we use electric light, when we draw the curtains on the moon and when we pollute the skies to such a degree that the Earth can no longer be bathed in her light.”

Divinatory Meanings: “Moon cycles are to be worked with at this time. Others feeling that your new magical behaviours and practices are “lunacy”, understanding your night time self, receiving messages from crystals (or which the moon is composed) and discovering far more about your true and hidden self. Discover how moonlight affects you and work in tandem with her beautiful cycles. Introducing others to her work. Beginning projects at new moon, working towards completion at full. Going within when she is waning and going to dark.”

Working With Lady Luna: “Learn your moon sign: this will give you many clues as to who you are at the core of your being, who you are under the layers and layers of (unmagical) conditioning that can rub away and erode our natural intuitive abilities and magical gifts.”*

– Lucy Cavendish

Connecting with the Moon means connecting to your inner wisdom and the Divine Feminine through your intuition. When we lose this connection, by spending too much time indoors, or by being unaware of the cycles of the Moon and how we are affected by these cycles; we suffer. The Moon controls the tides, both on the Earth and within all life on Earth. She is powerful, yet gentle and wise. Although we make a big deal of the full Moon, when she is at her most spectacular, she is powerful each and every day in her cycles around our planet.

Moonlight heals, cleanses, and reconnects us to ourselves. It helps to balance our energies and create peace and harmony in our lives. Putting your crystals under the Moon, particularly when she is full, helps to cleanse and recharge them too; transmuting any negative energies that may have been absorbed by the crystal and super charging it’s innate healing powers. It also helps to clear the crystals under the moon prior to programming, creating a high vibrational “clean slate” to put forward your intention. For the good of all of course!

Take a few minutes every night before you go to sleep to connect with the energy of the Moon Goddess by stepping outside and gazing up at her. Don’t worry if you cannot see her on any particular reason, your intention will still help you to connect, although of course it is optimal to view her in her various stages. Bless her and invite her energy into your life. Connect with the Divine Feminine. Strengthen your intuitive powers. Delve into your inner wisdom.



* Oracle Of The Dragonfae, by Lucy Cavendish


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