Manifest, from the Psychic Oracle For The Heart Oracle Card deck, by John Holland

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Psychic Oracle For The Heart Oracle Card deck, by John Holland: Manifest

Manifest ~ Key Words: “Act, create, focus, magic, clarity, intent.”

“This is a time of great power for you. The Manifest card is here to tell you that anything is possible. You have all the tools at your disposal to create whatever you desire. You have a variety of tools that can be put to good use. The ability to love unconditionally, to support, to cherish, to listen, to understand, to forgive, to be kind, to be joyrul, and even to be silly… all of these are useful tools in managing affairs of the heart. Take some time to determine what your best toolsa re so that you can use them to work your own unique brand of magic around relationships.

Before using these tools to manifest your desires, take some time to be clear on exactly what you want. A magician is always focused on his or her intent before working magic. You have the ability to manifest what you desire now, so take a moment so there is total clarity. What do you truly need and want? Is it in your highest good? Is it in the highest good of the other person? Will it harm anyone?

Magic and manifestation are powerful. When you come from a place of love, you  ill generate love. Be clear, be honest in your intent and take action to manifest your heart’s desire. You have what is takes to achieve this!


I use my power to manifest deliberately and with clear intent.”*

– John Holland

You are able to create anything you want simply by sending clear messages out into the Universe. These messages are thoughts mixed with emotions, yes, thoughts and feelings must match. The intention of the emotion behind the thought fuels the manifestation. High vibrational, positive thoughts bring positive, high vibrational outcomes, sometimes faster than you could even imagine! Low vibrational, dense and negative vibrations bring more negativity. Positive thoughts fueled by doubt, fear and lack, unfortunately create more of the same too. This is the Law Of Attraction.

What do you want? Have you really thought about it? Is it in the highest possible good of all involved? Can you see, feel, taste and touch it in your mind’s eye? Can you get super excited about it when you see it happening to someone else around you… or are you engulfed in self doubt and feelings of lack? When you feel this, turn it right around. When you see someone with the love that you yearn for, bless and release them, knowing that you also deserve this kind of love in your life. When you see someone with a material object that you feel you must have; feel happy and excited for them, knowing that you are also capable of drawing this object into your life.

Time to do some inside work! Take a few minutes every day and sit in stillness. Paint a beautiful picture in your mind of what it is that you desire; feel the joy wash over you as you receive it. This joy that you feel is your energetic body feeling the joy of what you desire in it’s Un-manifest state! It is simply a dimension away. When you focus with joy, faith and expectation, you pull it towards the manifest.

In the meantime… which could be seconds, minutes, hours, days or a little longer depending on your powers of trust and belief, immerse yourself in gratitude and joy for what you already have present in your life. Bless the abundance and watch it come back to you; threefold. This is a powerful time to hone your manifestation skills, best get to work!



* Psychic Oracle For The Heart Oracle Card deck, by John Holland



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