OM, from the Universal Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Universal Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno: OM

OM: “Eternal love moves the Ocean through the spirit of creation. A world of light and eternal sound scattered throughout the heavens, moved by a will beyond its own. The Planets and Stars, entwined within eternity.”
“If we were to trace creation back to its source it would lead to a single point of light. A tiny point, smaller than we can imagine. Yet, from within that point stems all of creation – the entire Universe. This point of light also exists inside your heart and inside the hear of every living thing. It emanates a sound; a singular note, which resonates the Eternal Truth. The Om card has appeared in your reading today to remind you of the unlimited power, knowledge and creativity that can be accessed through sound. If you are feeling out of balance and powerless at the moment, it may be because all too often you give you power away. Know that it is not possible for anyone to take your power unless you allow it.

You have lost touch with the power within you. Sit quietly and meditate on the eternal sound emanating from your Soul. Feel its vibration flow through all the energy centers in your body. There are seven main energy centers or Chakras:

Crown Center – On top of your head

Third Eye – The point between your eyebrows

Throat Center – At the base of your throat

Heart Center – At the center of your chest

Solar Plexus – At the base of your sternum/top of your stomach

Sacral Center – A couple of inches below your belly button

Root/Base Center – At the base of your spine.

Focus on each energy center one at a time. Feel it being healed and balanced by the vibration of the eternal sound. Feel yourself reclaiming your power as you align with the sacred sound of the Universe. You cannot control what others say or how they choose to behave, but you have total control over how you react and what you will allow.

Stand strong in your own truth. Positively affirm and reclaim your power through the vibration of the eternal sound.”*

– Toni Carmine Salerno

The theme over the last few days is reclaiming your own personal power, and there is no better way to do this than a combination of meditation, sound vibration, breathing and focusing on aligning your Chakras. If all this is totally new to you, I would suggest setting aside a few minutes every day and starting with one at a time, eventually working up to the combination of all healing practices. These are not “one off” healing modalities, but rituals that can be incorporated daily or at least weekly to keep your energy flowing positively. Repetition of all of these steps will also raise your vibration, which over time will lead to a raise in your consciousness. It is that vital to your well-being; the perfect connection of body, mind and spirit.

Chanting OM is very powerful and liberating. It is the sound of the beginning of the Universe; the original healing and creative power. Harnessing this power is understanding the incredible healing power of sound vibration on our physical existence. Although you can listen to Tibetan Monks or recorded music, for the biggest impact; chant OM yourself to feel the resonance, there really is no replacement for actually getting up the courage and just doing it! If this just doesn’t feel possible, get some music, I recommend Jonathan Goldman’s Ultimate OM… and OM right along with it! You seriously won’t believe the difference it will make; moving you through old stuck patterns of awareness and on to higher planes of consciousness.




* Universal Wisdom Oracle Card deck, by Toni Carmine Salerno


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  1. elviranj says:

    I really appreciate your Archangel Oracle blog. I have been feeling out of balance and loss of vitality in life recently so decided to pull out my oracle deck. I asked for a message that will help me through this trying time. The cars that appeared was the OM card. Then I googled it for more information and then I saw your written post about this card. Your interpretation is spot on about protecting ourselves from being powerless through mediation. Thanks!

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