Write, from the Return Of Spirit Oracle Card deck, by Cheryl Lee Harnish

Daily Angel Oracle Card, from the Return Of Spirit Oracle Card deck, by Cheryl Lee Harnish: Write

Write: “There is an expression in English about words being printed in black and white. By drawing this card, Spirit is affirming to you that you need to get your words written down on paper.

Is there something you have thought about writing? It could be poetry, a children’s book a song, a letter, a website, a channeled message, a book, or even a speech. Whatever it may be, the energy of putting your thoughts, ideas, and information into a tangible form of manifestation is here. Do not put it off any longer. If you are having doubts, that is fine. Just acknowledge them and take action anyway. It is important you do, as this is going to lead to something more.

Your creative force and expression is powerful – probably more powerful than you are aware of. What you have to say, share and bring forward to others can be very influential and appreciated. Trust yourself and the words that come to you. Be mindful not to judge whether your writing seems good enough. You just need to allow yourself to start.

If you have already begun the writing process, then it is important for you to receive this encouragement from your guides and angels, as you continue forward toward completion. You can do this. Your words are needed. You are doing great. Trust what is coming through you. Trust that you were made to do this. Just keep going. Not everyone is born with the gift or purpose to write, but you were. Now is your time to shine in doing this.

The Write card can also indicate a need to begin journaling. This could also be in the form of a diary. However, it could also be that you need to start recording the ideas, thoughts, and teachings you are receiving. There is pertinent information in your written words.”*

– Cheryl Lee Harnish

Writing is an extremely effective way of focusing your mind on what it is that you wish to manifest into your life. When we day dream about our desires, we often get a little side tracked along the way… there are so many distractions! When we write, we tend to focus ourselves on the task at hand, and it opens the flow of creative thinking. We have the option to add details here and there; bringing our ideas to life with vivid colourful descriptions and feelings. Adding photographs or pictures can add a whole other dimension!

When I really, really…. REALLY want to manifest something, this is what I do! I take pretty pieces of paper and I write everything down in point form that I want on one side of the paper, and on the other I write how grateful I am; for what I already have, and for what is coming to me… of course I write about these things as if they are already here! Then I add pictures and photos, and I put them all in my manifestation box! It’s kind of like doing a vision board, except it’s private, it’s not on display for anyone and everyone who enters your house! Every morning and evening I take out what I have placed in the box and read it, adding whatever details pop into my head. I add pics that appeal to me as well. Then I close the box, place a crystal or crystal angel on top and Thank the Angels for helping me with my manifestation. Then I go to bed, happily dreaming of all the wonderful things coming into my life as if they are already here… cuz really, they are!

Try it!


* Return Of Spirit Oracle Card deck, by Cheryl Lee Harnish


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  1. I am looking for your divine guidance and other decks of cards. I can’ find them anywhere and would like to order directly with you Please reply

    1. Hello Laurie, you can order each deck that I use by clicking on the link at the bottom of each post, which will take you to the links and you can purchase through Amazon. Blessings, Dee

  2. Susie says:

    Amazon is out, and there is no where else to get them. What do we do?

    1. Oh no! I wonder if they will reprint? I hope so!

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